How to configure picture settings – Philips Android Smart TV [2017]

How to configure picture settings – Philips Android Smart TV [2017]

to make simple picture adjustments
between the different types of content and programs you watch
there are several picture styles for you to choose from let’s take a look at how
it works start by pressing the Settings button on your remote control and select picture style there are several styles to choose from
let’s look at what each is used for HDR personal allows you to set your own
personalized smart pictures setting via the quick picture settings HDR vivid this is the ideal setting for daytime viewing HDR natural just as it sounds
this gives you the most natural picture and color reproduction HDR movie – as it sounds the most suitable setting for watching movies not so strange really you should test each picture profile to see the difference for yourself with the quick picture setting you can set your picture with a few simple steps press the setting button on your remote control and select all settings go to picture and then quick picture setting and press ok follow the steps to set up the brightness contrast color and sharpness to your liking you can see the difference from the video or picture on the screen

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  1. How to setup the image for a Philips PFS6402? It has a blur in the background, no matter the settings I make. It's a full HD TV and I only have the issue with the cable transmission, not on YT or if I connect it to a laptop. Thanks.

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