How to Create a Profile Picture Frame Campaign in Facebook (NEW METHOD 2017!!)

How to Create a Profile Picture Frame Campaign in Facebook (NEW METHOD 2017!!)

Hello guys welcome to team plutoine video and Today I’m going to show you how to create a profile picture frame campaign in Facebook. In one of my previous videos I have shown you a method for making this kind of campaign using a site called Today I’m going to show you another method using another website. So first you have to look at this.. first you have to log in to your Facebook account, then you have to log in to action sprout; a site called and then you have to create an overlay size is 450 by 450 pixels then you have to share the campaign link in the Facebook or whatever wherever you want to share. So first you have to log it your facebook account As you can see I am already logged in so I am going to log into the site that I am gonna show you now so type You can see here a log in faceook button. Click here and it’s logged in! now you have to create new overlay and You can see here at first in top they give you a Share Link and This link is your campaign link. Open this link in a new tab and you can see my profile picture just appeared here as I am already logged into my facebook account and What you have to do? you have to Choose your image overlay and it’s size is 450 by 450 pixels as I have said You can choose header image for this page but it is not mandatory. So you can just ignore it. You have to choose a overlay and First you have to make it and you have to ensure that your image overlay’s background is transparent I already have made my overlay, so I’m gonna just choose it and make sure your overlay opacity is 100 and here you can fill up this boxes for sharing purpose and what is Share info? you can see over here and the info just appeared. The Share info is what people see when you share your overlay with supporters in a facebook post. I’m just ignoring it right now. You just click save and then just refresh this page as you can see If I click here ‘Update Profile Picture’, my facebook profile picture will be updated on facebook but I’m not gonna do that. You can just copy this link and share it on facebook and that’s how You can do it with actionsprout So if you guys liked this video, then please hit the like button and share the video. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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