How to create circle shape profile picture in photoshop

How to create circle shape profile picture in photoshop

hello guys before my next video on
wireless flash I just come with small bonus video How
to crop round select the picture to crop use a ellipse tool from SHAPE Menu Select the path from the properties menu draw the circle that you want to crop
but careful if you will draw normally maybe its shape will not round
so draw with Hold + shift key will give proper and round shape after drawing round, make selection by clicking and keep feather value 0 go to select menu select
inverse then go to edit menu and click on clear, now picture crop to round now time to crop in ratio crop the picture by crop tool now you can save for the web in PNG format clicking ctrl + Alt + Shift + S you can also change the color by creating new layer below the crop image by selecting layer and use Shift
+ function 5 select your color that is all for today
we will meet on our Monday premiere on wireless flash communication till then
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  1. Mostly I upload advance features of photoshop, if you love to see simple tricks and tips Kindly comment.

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