How to Crop Pictures in Word

How to Crop Pictures in Word

So one of the things you can do when you
put a photo into Word is you can crop it you don’t need to do it before you
actually put it into word so let’s just put a picture in here this is going to
Insert tab and choose pictures and let’s just find something here and let’s go
for this one and insert that. So here’s my picture I want to crop it down now I
can do this a couple ways one you can see that when I’ve clicked on the
picture this toolbar comes up here this tipped and you can see it’s got crop
over here you can also right-click and you’ll see it says crop now when you do
this on a Mac the crop is actually part of the menu here so just click on crop
and you’ll see if I scroll up you get these handles these little bars here so
you got an angle one there a line one here and one here too and you’ll see
them on each of the corners and the sides so I can just click and drag that
so you still see the original picture as you do that so let’s bring that down to
here and when you’re done you just simply press ENTER and then you’ve got it
you’ve got your crops picture so if I click on it and click on right click and
choose crop again you’ll see the original picture is still here so if I
change my mind I can actually go back up so no point do you actually lose the
picture there so there you are that’s just very simply
how you can crop but let me just click on the picture and when you do this
whether you’re on a PC or a Mac it goes into this picture tools format tab here
so I’m just going to click on formats and you’ve got crop here so one of the
things you can do is if I click on this drop down here you’ll see it says crop
to shape so you can do you could do silly things like uh me like to spot
maybe not as silly but there’s my isosceles triangle as a choice and if I
choose that crop to shape again maybe I can choose a shape like this it’s all
whatever you fancy but there are some things that actually I think are very
popular such as at the top e you can have
rounded corners and that can look quite nice you could also have maybe just like
that way you’ve just got on opposite corners you’ve got the rounded corners
but not on the other opposite corners and if I want to I could just get rid of
it just by going back to rectangle here but you can see there are all sorts of
shapes here including this smiley face let’s just undo controls it on a PC new
command z on a Mac so that’s one of the things that you could do so I’m just
going to go back and choose the rounded corners because I quite like those so
the other thing is is you could choose what aspect ratio you want as well and
if you go down here you’ll see it says aspect ratio and you can have it say one
to one in which case it would make it square like that and then you could
still adjust the crop which gets rid of the one to one aspect ratio you could
also go here and choose maybe two by three or you could choose something else
such as landscape 3 by 2 this is doing it the other way around but you can then
change the size of it and maybe make this shape that you want when you’re
done you just press Enter and there you go so there are just two other options
here one of them is the fill now what that’s going to do is it’s actually
going to get rid of the crop as I’ve kind of got it and make as much of the
picture fill in that area and you’ll see it if I just click on fill it’s done
that so it’s managed to kind of take it and put it into there let’s just undo
that and the other option is fit so this will if I click on that it basically
does something similar it makes the whole picture fit in that frame so
you’ve got fill and you’ve also got fits so those are
two other options that you can use and again once you’re done you just press
Enter so those here you can crop your pictures
using words only the Windows PC or a Mac

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  1. Thanks so much!! I’ve been trying to find it for 30 mins for a project and all I had to do was right click!😅

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