How To Dress For Your Body Type To Show Your Best Assets

My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to my channel. This whole video is about dressing
for your body shape so stay tuned. In my online finishing school,
we talk so much about transformation. We focus on looking
elegant, looking expensive, but also to look a feminine. And did you know to achieve all of that, easiest way to do so is to dress
according to your own body shape? First, let’s talk about how to measure
your body shapes. So when we measure, we want to see how wide our
shoulders are, how wide our waist is, and then how wide our hips are. And then, we basically draw a line from our shoulders
down to our hips to see which one is bigger than the other or are they both
aligned and where is our waist placed? Let’s start with the hourglass,
which is a very common body type. I think a lot of women have hourglass, but I do want to say that there
are two types of hourglasses. So we have the neat hourglass, which is somebody who is
more slim or more average body shape. And then, you have the full hourglass, which is oftentimes the curvy
or the plus-size woman. Hourglasses always gain weight all over
the body so they tend not to gain in just one particular place. Their body is truly an asset for them.
And how you determine if you are an hourglass is If you can draw a straight line from your
shoulder down to your hip and then you have the waist that goes inside.
It’s pretty defined. I am personally a neat hourglass, The hourglass have the best
body to enhance the silhouette. And when we dress ourselves, we want to either enhance or
camouflage or sometimes both. But in this case, hourglasses should
really focus on showcasing their natural curvy silhouettes, instead of hiding it, which is actually a very common mistake
a lot of hourglass ladies do and that’s including myself. Hourglasses must avoid wearing layers, wearing boxy jackets, wearing
things that are oversize, making them look more bulky, making them look more disproportional. Like there is this current trend of
oversize right now where people maybe will be wearing a pair of leggings,
which is a very tight silhouette, and then they wear something very
volumous on their upper body, making them look very disproportional. Since the hourglass tend to have
a very curvy hip, very wide hip, low rise trousers are a
no go. And oftentimes, it can be quite uncomfortable for
the hourglass to wear. Instead, pick mid-rise or high rise because that
will enhance the silhouette and also define the waist. So what
should the hourglass be wearing? All clothes that are fitted,
everything that showcases the waist. We do want to enhance the waist.
If there is a nice belt on a coat, we want to definitely have a belted coat.
We want to have maybe a wrap dress, where you can tie yourself
here in the waist. We also want to wear things that really
put emphasis on the waist. I mean, look what I’m wearing today. This is a perfect top for an
hourglass because number one, I can enhance my waist by
just pulling this together. It also gives us a little detail here and
just also gives you more of an optical illusion of a waist. Hourglass should
always think waist, waist, waist, fitted clothing, natural feminine shape. I also want to give a big thumbs up for
the pencil skirt because that one really showcases the hourglass
silhouette. Lastly, some celebrities that you
can take inspiration from that are hourglass. We have, for instance, Sarah Jessica Parker.
We have Monica Bellucci, Tyra Banks, Sophia Vergara,
and Chanel Eamon. The second body shape is the
rectangle and even with the rectangle, we have two variations to it. The first one is called the lean column
and the second one is just called rectangle or can also be called square. And the lean column is the
skinny, tall, straight body shape. The rectangle has no waist
definition whatsoever, they’re very much straight. They might have just a little
bit of waist definition, but truly not enough to
qualify as an hourglass. The general rule for the rectangle is
to create an optical illusion of a curve and to camouflage, the fact
that she doesn’t have a waist. But there are certain clothing when you
put that on and let’s say it’s a belt in the waist and then you really
show that there is no waist there. So instead of creating an optical
illusion of having a waist by having, let’s say that belt there,
you have instead, highlighted it. It really made it obvious
that there is no waist there, that you are very much straight. Also things like tucking your top in and
high rise trousers or you clearly see that there is no waist definition.
So what should the rectangle be wearing? Definitely wear stiff materials,
which is very much advised actually. Create some form of
straight lines in clothing, so anything where the waist is not too
defined where everything is just going in a straight line. Common dresses
like that are the sheet dresses, very good for the rectangle body shape. There are also dresses data or clothes
in general tops that have like a waist illusion or it could be that
actually, let’s say if it’s a jacket, the jacket has created like
a waist definition by itself, the way it’s structured. So you can also have like
pea plum tops that are like that. They have kind of created
a shape of a waist. The importance is that we want to
make sure people think there is a waist, even though there’s not. Also, the really good thing about being
a rectangle is that rectangle, they are probably the body shape
that look the best in trousers. They’re made for trousers and actually, they are probably the only body shape
who can truly pull off the skinny jeans, maybe not the square body shape.
I would say more the lean column, the more tall one, the skinny one, the one whom looks more like a
Gwyneth Paltrow or a model type of body. Last advice to the rectangle, do focus on wearing as much
feminine clothing as possible, as the body may be a little
bit more androgynous, a little bit more masculine
because of the lack of waist. Femininity can be in all kinds of
different ways. It can be, for instance, by adding some floral. It can be
by adding some ruffles, some bows, some more cute outfits or
some more seductive outfits. So celebrities that have a rectangle
body shape. So for the lean column, I already gave you the
example of Gwyneth Paltrow. I think she’s a really good example.
We also have a Miranda Kerr, Cameron Diaz. Cameron Diaz
is a good good, good example. And then we have Jennifer Hudson,
Kate Upton, and for the plus size, we have a Queen Latifa. So body shape number three and we
have reached the oval or the circle. For those of you who are
unfamiliar with my lingo, you can also refer to the
apple shaped body type. It’s basically the woman who puts on
all her weight around her waist. Now, I do need to give you a little bit of
an information is that there’s a lot of women out there who think that they are
the oval body shape, when in reality, they’re actually hourglasses or
maybe a rectangle. And actually, majority of ladies who are
true ovals are older ladies, ladies who have passed the menopause. Because that’s when the body starts
putting on everything around the mid area and create that fullness that really
defines somebody as being a circle. So the general for the oval is that you
need to have a very straight clothing line. You almost want your clothes to
hang from the shoulders all the way down. You want to definitely camouflage your
mid area because that’s the most volumous part and it’s maybe not the
most flattering. Of course, where you should be avoiding is
anything that is fitted bodycon dresses, bells that go in your mid section. Anything that the hourglass would
normally wear, you should be avoiding. When you put the accent on the stomach,
you really put it in the focus. Another thing that a lot of actually,
oval ladies do is that they end up wearing boxy clothes, boxy jackets as a result to try and
come to camouflage there’s stomach area. But oftentimes, they make themselves
look even bigger this way, which is also not a good way to go. What they should be wearing
instead are a line dresses, straight line dresses, tunics, things that go from a top down. A bit of layering is good too. Having some unstructured clothing that
goes in very simple straight lines. Now, some celebrity ovals.
We have a Queen Elizabeth, well obviously because of her age.
We also have Keeley Price, Octavia Spencer and
Chandra Wilson . Ladies, I do have a free cheat sheet where
you can find out more how you can make yourself to look expensive
and elegant. Visit. and download this free cheat sheet. It’s absolutely free of charge,
so visit We have two more body shapes and
they are actually the total opposite of each other, so listen carefully. Number four, we have the triangle. And the triangle, it’s also known as the pear shaped body
where you have a more narrow shoulders and you have hips as the
widest part of your body. The weight gain oftentimes happens
mainly around the hip area, the thigh area, and the thighs and hips are usually the
more prominent areas of the person’s body. The person can have a
fuller chest or be a flat-chested, but they are somehow more
narrow on the upper body. Triangles can be easily
confused with hourglass, so it’s really important to
properly measure yourself. The mission with a triangle is to
really create an optical illusion. We want to balance the proportions out
since the lower body has such a dominant effect, so what we want to do is to actually
minimize the effect of the lower body. We want to perhaps, wear darker
clothing on the lower body, maybe dark trousers,
instead of light trousers. We want to add emphasis on the upper body. We want to maybe add more prints on
the upper body, more light colors, more accessories, maybe a little
bit of volume is fine too. Puff Shoulder is a very popular trend
right now. That definitely creates volume, but even the trend with the oversize cardigans and tops and so on, the triangle can definitely wear that
because they need to add volume on their upper body. One thing that the triangle
should definitely avoid is to emphasize on the hip. It can be, for instance, jackets that finish on the hip or it can
be wearing cross body bags that stay on the hip area. What you do is that you widen yourself
even more and you draw the attention of the eye that way. Triangles might also find it difficult
to find dresses that fit them. I do recommend to focus
on investing in separates. And like I said, skip
those light trousers. Do go for darker skirts,
darker trousers, and of course, do the opposite on your upper body.
Celebrity triangles, we have the gorgeous, Julia Roberts. We have Lady Gaga, Kate Winslet, and Helena Bonham Carter.
Now the last body shape ladies, the inverted triangle.
And as you might notice, it is a total opposite
of the triangle. So here, we have the one who has the shoulders as
their widest part of their silhouette. The hips are usually more narrow and
the waist is kind of there but not too defined. A typical example would be imagining
a woman who is a professional swimmer. So here, as with the previous example, we also want to create
the optical illusion. We want to add more emphasize on the
lower body and we want to kind of draw the attention away from the upper body, and camouflage perhaps certain
wideness in the shoulder area. So for that reason, it’s really important
to avoid any form of accessories, bright colors on the upper body, patterns that really
just draw the attention. On the lower body, you want to
avoid the dark trousers and instead, you want to wear more light trousers,
maybe trousers with pattern. You can definitely wear wide skirts. Skirts that kind of go out this way and
add a bit of volume because you want to add volume on your lower body. I think palazzo trousers are perfect
for the very triangle and please, please, please, any inverted triangles out there who
are wearing these trendy puff shoulders, throw them in the bin now because
they just make you look wider. Celebrity invertef triangle examples.
We have Naomi Campbell. We have Charlize Theron, we have
Grace Kelly, we have Madonna, Angela Basit, and we have
Kendall Jenner. Ladies, this was short and sweet, but I do hope that you have a better
understanding now, how to dress for your body shape. Join if you want to dig deeper into your
physical and personal transformation to become a more refined woman.
Ladies, I’m not done here. You have to watch my video, Five Fashion Rules Every Lady Should
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