How To Find The Best Movie Theater Seats

How To Find The Best Movie Theater Seats

Hello everyone last Tuesday I actually went
and saw X-Men Days of Future Past finally and it was really good but I’m not talking
really about that movie. When I was sitting there in the movie theater because my friend
and I we were really early so we were just sitting there we got the perfect ideal spots
and I was just kind of sitting there observing the people as they showed up to the movie
showing and it was kind of interesting because I’ve kind of broken it down to a science to
find the best seat in the entire theater and that’s usually about 4 rows down from the
top in the very middle. Anywhere else kind of sucks. If you go to the very front you
end up craning your neck backwards in order to try to see the whole screen and if you’re
at the very top you end up looking downwards towards the screen. However if you’re in the
middle like 4 seats or 4 rows from the top and right in the middle you’re just in the
perfect ideal position for the best movie going experience, and as I was sitting there
I noticed some people would sit on the edge of rows and they would sit at the very front
and I really don’t understand why. It’s the craziest thing because those spots suck. Like
I can understand if you were going to a movie premier and you didn’t show up early enough
to get really good seats if you just settled to just sitting on a side aisle row kind of
thing. Then okay that makes sense, because at least you’re still seeing the movie. But
if you’re showing up and there’s tons of free space why would you sit on an aisle seat?
I don’t understand why people would do that. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Yeah it’s
just boggling my mind, let me know if you know why people do that because it makes no
sense to me, and as a tip to all of you. The best spot I’ve found in the entire theater
is 4 rows from the top and like the middle seat. That spot is perfect. You can go a little
bit higher if that spot is taken but I wouldn’t go any lower because you start tilting your
head backwards and the very top is okay I’ll settle for it. Like I don’t mind it sitting
up there, but I would much rather prefer sitting in the fourth row in the middle. That pretty
much is all I really wanted to talk about in this video and if you may have noticed
on Friday I actually released a video entering a contest to be Cineplex’s pre show host. If
you don’t know how Cineplex is they are Canada’s largest entertainment company, and essentially
what that means is that they own a lot of movie theaters across Canada. I think they
own the most movie theaters across Canada, and they decided to setup a contest to find
the next person who’s going to host what’s called the pre show. Which is when you walk
into the theater there’s kinda advertisements playing and just movie trivia and stuff like
that. That is referred to as the pre show and they’re looking for a host for that and
they’re holding a contest. So if you live in Canada I will link to the contest below
because it is open to anyone you just have to submit a video and you could be Cineplex’s
next pre show host. But yes that’s all I really wanted to say for this video. Thank you for
watching. I will see you guys all next week. Don’t forget to have an epically awesome day.

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  1. i really like sitting in the middle at the top because then i don't have to worry about people kicking the chair from behind. i think people like isle seats because they don't have to worry about sitting behind someone tall. they can tilt their head to see around them without disturbing the people around them. other than that, i have no idea why someone would buy a seat that isn't centred.

  2. I am one of those people that picks a seat next to the isle because I don't want to deal with having to squeeze to the middle seats. Also because I am short and sometimes isle seats will be lucky enough to not have a seat in front of me. But like you, I don't like sitting down front because of the same reason… so my preference is about the same distance down as you.

  3. I go three rows from the back in the middle. The sound quality there is really good and you get a good view.

  4. The best seat for me is the bottom seats why well if there know one there you litteraly get all the space you want to be comfortable like 2 arm rests, etc.. and once you are your neck doesnt really hurt and aslo you see the screen way bigger and just feel the sound. if there are people down there i just go to the railing seat cause u have a railing for leg rest

  5. Some sitting on the aisles might have to need to dash to the restroom at times … weak bladder, getting over illness, etc.

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