How To Fix HDMI Display and Sound Problems in Windows | HP Computers | HP

How To Fix HDMI Display and Sound Problems in Windows | HP Computers | HP

Fix your computer when it is connected to
a monitor with an HDMI cable, but the screen display or sound does not work correctly. Disconnect and then reconnect the HDMI cable to reset the connection. Disconnect the HDMI cable from the computer and television. Compare the HDMI connector to the HDMI port. The connector on the cable must match the port. Connect the HDMI cable to the ports on the computer and television. Set the input source on the television to
match the port the HDMI cable is connected to, and then check the display and sound again. If the display or sound still does not work
correctly, continue to the next step. On your computer, configure the sound settings for the HDMI sound output. Select Start, type Sound Settings, and then select it from the results. Select Sound Control Panel. Select the connected monitor, and then select Set Default. Select Properties, and then select the Levels tab. Set the monitor volume to at least seventy-five, and then select OK. If changing the sound settings and volume do not resolve the problem, continue to the next step. Run the Windows troubleshooter to automatically diagnose and fix the issue. Select Start, type Audio Troubleshooter, and then select Find and fix problems with playing sound from the results. In the Playing Audio window, select Next. If your computer has multiple HDMI outputs connected, select the connection to troubleshoot, and then select Next. Read and respond to the on-screen prompts to troubleshoot the HDMI connection. If the troubleshooter completes but does not resolve the issue, select Close, and then continue to the next step. Reset the computer to attempt to resolve display or sound issues on HDMI connections. Shut down the computer, and then disconnect any cables, including the power cable. If using a laptop that has a removeable battery, slide the battery release latch, and then remove the battery. Press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds, and then reconnect the power adapter to the laptop and a wall outlet. Do not reinstall the battery or any other
previously connected devices. Press the Power button to turn on the computer. If the sound and audio display, the issue
is resolved. If you previously removed a battery, turn
off the computer, reinstall the battery, and then turn the laptop back on. If resetting the computer did not resolve
the problem, continue to the next step. Update the display and sound drivers in Device Manager. Connect your computer to the Internet for
best results. Select Start, type Device Manager, and then select it from the results. Expand Sound, video and game controllers, and then right-click the High Definition Audio device. Select Update Driver, and then select Search automatically for updated driver software. Windows searches the computer and Internet for an updated driver, and then installs one if available. Restart the computer, and then check the HDMI connection again.

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  1. We want to connect our Z2 workstation to HP Z43 via HDMI but no picture. How can I solve this without having another screen onsite?

  2. Can someone please help me out on this.. a month ago I broke my laptop screen and now I connect it with my TV through HDMI. Then I reset the windows a day ago and now the screen shows but the sound is coming from the laptop not the TV. And I have tried everything but have had no success. So can someone please help me?

  3. Hey there. Hopefully you can hape me with my problem.

    My HP Pavilion Laptop has stopped detecting my TV via HDMI altogether. It worked fine for months until a game I was playing crashed and now it wont detect it. My Laptop works fine with other TVs so I suspected issue was with the TV I was using however the TV works fine when I connect other devices.
    I've tried:
    – Leaving the unplugged for a while and restarting my laptop.
    – Changing the resolution on my laptop screen.
    – Cleaning the HDMI ports
    – Using other HDMI cables and ports.
    – Reinstalling my graphics driver
    – Rebooting from a previous date
    Still Will not detect my TV. Its as if they've had a falling out and won't talk to eachother any more. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  4. im trying to connect my ps4 to my hp all in one ps4 but there is no button to change to the hdmi or anythimg plzzzzzz help

  5. Theres a hdmi on my older hp G50 laptop. But nothing shows on screen.
    (Its running windows vista , if that helps)

  6. It doesn’t show the hdmi option in the list of devices even though that’s what the display is playing on

  7. i want my sound to go through my external speakers on my desk, not my tv. any other tv or monitor i connect lets me do that this vizio is the only device that shows when connected through hdmi. maybe i should connect through dvi or vga and see what happens, thanks for the video.

  8. what if i connect with the pc itself and don`t have other screen and bought your screen waht i supposed to do

  9. what about after instaling vga and rebooting,the monitor wont detect the "Hdmi"? btw i use the Hp 24F

  10. i have the same laptop you are showing in this vid thanks a lot for help i was so worried nd no vid guided me so clearly thanks a lot i subscribed you only for this reason thnks again

  11. i need the help of the comment section
    my hdmi works fine with audio like watching utube or music or movies
    it just wont play my games audio through it when i play games the sound comes from my laptop
    any solution ????

  12. Awesome instructions , I followed it step by step & paused the video as I did each step.. I also reminded the video if needed . IT WORKED ‼️ THANK YOU

  13. My monitor is plugged into my laptop and the projecting works fine, but when I open the sound panel to set it as default it will not appear.

  14. My pc has everything plugged in and fit in.and we just moved to a nee house and im setting it up buy my monitor says input signal error .what do i do?

  15. I have tried all the ways;but didn't succeed. I am using HP pavailion laptop running on windows 10. I am looking to get a 5.1 channel surround system from the laptop, So I bought a HDMI audio extractor device from amazon.The HDMI output from the laptop is connected to this HDMI audio extractor which support 5.1 channel analogue output. My requirement is to connect this audio extractor to my 5.1 channel music system. But laptop is detecting only 2 channel stereo output instead of 5.1 channel.And hence it plays only 2channel output from the music system. Please help me to sort out this problem.

  16. I often spend my time because the HDMI adapter does not work. To make matters worse, you have customized the adapter's video driver, so it is impossible to update

  17. Retarded video, u said fixed display and audio and u only fix and explain how to fix audio, i have no display and have audio when i connect laptop to tv using hdmi, and u clickbait people with title and then resolve the easiest thing and not the other thing from the title

  18. I have a possible solution in case none of these steps worked for people (like me). It may be a driver issue. Here is a run down of my issue and how I solved it.
    I have a brand new computer and so I am still installing all of the apps and drivers that I need. The day before this issue started, I attempted to install my printer driver. I got it from the official website which automatically detected the correct operating software, but the driver still had trouble auto-detecting the printer. It was late so I gave up after 2 attempts. As I said before, the following day the monitor connected by HDMI no longer worked. I have a dual-monitor setup and my second monitor is connected by an analog cable so I switched the cables to see if the problem was in the monitor or in the cable. When I switch the cables, the problem switched monitors. So it was definitely the HDMI. I then tried using a different HDMI cable to see if it was the cable or the port. The problem persisted even with a completely different cable. Oftentimes, if your computer is acting up it could be a driver issue so I looked at all of my drivers and saw that my HD driver was out of date so I updated that. That didn't work.
    It wasn't until my husband came home and we were talking about something completely unrelated. I think there was something I needed to print and I just casually mentioned that I can't print anything at the moment because I was unable to install my printer drivers. Then I swear it was like a light-bulb turned on. So, I JUST uninstalled the drivers for the printer and it worked! I have no idea why but it worked. Uninstalling my malfunctioning printer drivers solved the issue of my monitor not getting a signal through the HDMI cable. Weird.

  19. 2:40 – to setup HDMI audio – let's start to disassemble PC. – I don't see any reason why it should to do so. How can that affect HDMI sound connection????

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