How to Get the BEST Picture Quality on your TV! (Upscaling TV Hacks)

How to Get the BEST Picture Quality on your TV! (Upscaling TV Hacks)

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  1. I ordered this based on Matt's recommendation. I've been impressed and very pleased so far.. Now, if I could just win a giveaway my life would be complete😝

  2. Hi Matt. I cut the cable and have the Mohu Leaf. I do get pixels quality picture. Would this product help stop this from happening?

  3. the facial complextion on my 2010 computer is pixel perfect accept when the video has been prerendered before encoding.thats because p actually equals np so 6 color problems like video decoding isn't a problem at all. im using linux mint btw.

  4. So my first question is, does it have the HDMI certification logo on the box. If it doesn't, then it hasn't been officially certified as a true HDMI cable.

  5. Go with the new standard HDMI 2.1 I didn't look at this cable but I very much doubt it can handle the bandwidth to support 4k her 4:4:4

  6. A cable is a conductor it does not have a function or program to "clean up" at the most it is an insulated conductor you bunch of jews

  7. Wait so if I get a 1920×1080 cable to connect my laptop to my 1300×700 monitor my monitor screen resolution will go up to 1920×1080?

  8. I have to call BS on that thumbnail. Standard is not that blurry. "Premium" looks like my basic amazon high speed hdmi. Only tests that made a difference is on gaming and low quality upscaling. And not that much of difference for the price.

  9. You got conned bro. 12 buck or 50 there's no difference in a HDMI cable unless it's a version is 2.2, whch is backwards compatible to have the bandwidth headroom needed for 4k 60fps, either way a cable should cost no more than 20 bucks. 😂Fail.

  10. I think you need a better microphone cause even though you look like a news caster Your microphone output sounds like It need's help… Overall great video👍

  11. Lmao. When it comes to this cable. They basically put in a SD DVD. Then switched to Blu ray and said it was the cable. Sorry i bought this cable and it does not upscale movies at all. They did however refund my purchase.

  12. I just bought a hdmi high speed cable for 10 bucks to see if the picture of my ps4 would look cleaner on my 4K tv, it does, plus you need to have it in hdmi 1 on the tv it makes a big difference.

  13. When You said Over Priced cables don't do anything. Then You show Us a Cable that Is better but cheaper I was going for about $20 at best. But $40 that's $10 bucks for every K Up scaling In 4K. And thank God that Someone has come on Here and Said. "There Is NO Proper4K Content to be had Yet" I keep telling People that So You bought Your 4K TV does Not mean You are getting It. Then they Say well I bought a 4K Blu-Ray so I Am. NOOOOOOOOOO You are not It Is 4K Mastered not 4K Like a MP3 file Mastered In Flac or Wave. To get a Full Film In 4k You would Need a Server with 1000TB or more. When Sony put out the First 4K TV's It came with a 2TB Hard Drive with 10Mins of Pure 4K Film so You could see what It looks like when they get around to solving the Size Problem. The only other way was to watch 4K TV Broadcasts. Nice Video Thanks.

  14. I bought the cable but you don't really going to get a better quality picture,so if you watching a show that was recorded in 720p,this cable don't going to improve the image,so this cable don't upscale the picture and cost $65 dollars for nothing

  15. No HDMI cable can improve picture quality. It either works or it doesn't. The CHIP in a cable is in no way capable of upscaling anything. Stop peddling this nonsense.

  16. Total garbage. digital Cables are digital. its ON or OFF.. theres nothing else that can take place, you always get perfect picture or nothing.

  17. My upscaling on the Samsung KU9500 IS BAD, FUZZY!! I'll try this amplified Marseilles to SEE if it works. Thank You!!

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