How to Learn English with Movies (New Technique)

How to Learn English with Movies (New Technique)

Hello everybody. I have a question for you. How do you learn English with movies? When some people try to learn English with
movies, they use subtitles. The problem is that when you’re watching a
movie with subtitles, you aren’t practicing your listening skills. Instead, you’re practicing your reading skills. This is not what you want. Listening is much more difficult than reading. So when you learn English, you should do more
listening than reading. This is why some people watch movies twice. They watch a movie with subtitles first, then
they watch the same movie again without the subtitles to practice listening. Now, this is an effective way to improve
your listening, but I think it’s really boring to watch movies twice. So personally, I never use this approach. It’s not for me. So today, I want to share with you a new approach. This approach is pretty effective in improving
your listening and vocabulary. And with this approach, you don’t have to
watch movies twice. Are you ready to learn about this approach? Here’s what it is: watching movies with “delayed”
subtitles To use this approach, you need a movie player
that can delay subtitles. Now, before you watch a movie, turn on the
English subtitles and then delay the subtitles for about 2 seconds. This will make the subtitles appear 2 seconds
later than usual. Let me show you a movie clip so that you know
what it’s like to watch a movie with delayed subtitles. So what you need to do when watching a movie
this way? Well, it’s simple. First of all, when you hear an actor speaks,
try to listen with full attention. Don’t worry that you may not understand. You can read the subtitles later when they
appear. Now, if you can understand the actor, then
don’t look at the subtitles. Read the subtitles only if you don’t understand. If the actor is talking really fast, if you
feel like you need more time to read, you can pause the movie before you read the subtitles. Now let me show you another movie clip. This time, try not to read the subtitles unless
you don’t understand. Are you ready? Here we go. How did you do? Were you able to understand the clip without
reading the subtitles? If you had to read the subtitles, that’s OK. For most English students, movies are really
difficult to understand. In fact, even native speakers have trouble
understanding movies sometimes. So in the beginning, you might have to read
subtitles almost all the time. That’s OK. Listening is a very difficult skill to improve. So make sure you practice a lot and do it
regularly. And over time, your listening and your vocabulary
will get better. All right. That was an overview of how to learn English
with movies. If you want to start using this technique,
there’s some additional information you might need to know first. So if you want to learn more, click here to
go to my website to learn more.

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  1. Hi there. Before you ask any question, make sure you check out this article first:
    You might be able to find the answer to your question on that page 🙂

  2. My ploblem is i almost understand whole what you said in video but my writing skill is very bad. Proof is i am writing this sentences but don't know 'is it grammatical?'

  3. OMG I actually thinking about use this technic on my favourite film (Flipped) when start a video…and 2 minutes later is there scene from Flipped? Really? 😂😂😍

  4. … But how can i do that on my phone? Please show me how to watch movie with delayed subtitles or where can i watch that? Thank you so much!!

  5. Thanks very much for the advice you give us to learn and improve english …you're the best 😍😍😍😍

  6. Bro How we can find like this movie. I only use YouTube so that's why how should I search from YouTube

  7. Sir! Your mini course is very interesting. You are great sir. Your 500 conversation for beginners is very helpful. You are really great sir. I have received 2 lesson so far. I'm waiting for next lesson. Thank you soooo much sir 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Semoga saya lancar bahasa Inggris agar saya bisa belajar ataupun sekedar berkunjung ke luar negeri. Aamiin

  9. You know what?
    Although I can’t understand movies without subtitles, I can understand this video by listening 😀

  10. Your vedio is very good but we want to watch movies on mobile phones how we can delay subtitles on phones 🤔🤔

  11. Blz mas, e pra quem nao sabe merda alguma de ingles? Como vão evoluir as pessoas? vão memorizar o audio e nao vão saber como agrupar as silabas na cabeça! quando nós somos crianças temos o adulto para nos corrigir em cada palavra que falamos. E os dialogos do nosso cotidiano quando criança baseia-se em relacionar aquilo que ouvimos com o que vemos sendo assim faltou dizer no video que inicantes devem assistir seus filmes e videos com legendas sim! Até ver que ja acimila cada palavra de cada fala dos dialogos!.isso pra quem quer aprender inglês em pouco tempo e precisa saber muito sobre o escrito

  12. A legenda vai funcionar como um adulto que esta te dizendo o que significa te dando uma ajuda a acimilar o que vê com o que ouvi!

  13. To delay subtitles in mobile phone while watching movies two apps can be used.
    1. VLC media player mobile
    2. MX player

    MX player settings :-
    Open the movie with the subtitles.
    Select the three dots at the tip right corner
    Select subtitles-> subtitles synchronisation
    Then delay the speed. I suggest to delay atleast by 5 seconds.

  14. Help me please some say that watching and listening alone is not enough Is this true and must speak and repeat

  15. Guys , to training your listen skills you have to know a lot of english first , then you can understand what the prople say in the movie .

    But in the beginning you need with subtitles , or you won't understand with and without .

    I recommend for you , training your listening with small texts with audio , just then you'll see movies without subtitles ..

    I hope you understand me guys .. cuz I'm basic in english , thanks a lot .

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