How to Make a 2×2 Picture – Perfect ID Photos at Home!

How to Make a 2×2 Picture – Perfect ID Photos at Home!

Need a proper photo for your passport or visa? Want to get the best result at a reasonable price? Watch this video lesson and learn how to easily
prepare a 2×2 inches photo at home using Photo Passport Maker. Launch the program and drag the photo you
want to edit to the working area. Choose the desired document on the ID type tab. In this case, we’ll pick US passport. The software will automatically crop your image. Take a look at the Settings menu to make sure
the proper width and length are used. If needed, adjust the frame by moving the
lines so that the full face is in focus. The red lines outline the head, and the yellow
one marks the level of the eyes. Read the list of requirements at the bottom right and check whether your photo meets them all. For example, your photo for US passport should
be taken within the last 6 months and depict the whole face with a neutral expression. If everything is OK, click Next. The Crop tab gives you the opportunity to crop or slightly rotate the image with your own hands. However, the smart face recognition module
works fine for most faces and you don’t need to manually change the image frame. Move to the Edit tab to fix lighting issues
or change the background of your photo. Make all the necessary tweaking but be careful
– your picture must look natural. Once you’re satisfied with the result, apply
the changes and switch to the Print tab. Here you can set the paper size and number
of photos you want to get. Use print markup to cut out your 2×2 inches photos. The program will also show you what type of
paper to use – glossy or matte. Click Print Photos and get your ID pictures. Get started with Passport Photo Maker and
make all of your ID photos perfect!

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  1. this is totally shit. you download the program and crop your photo only to find out it will not let you save the image unless you buy the full version. WASTE OF MY TIME

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