How to Overlay Videos in iMovie (Picture in Picture)

How to Overlay Videos in iMovie (Picture in Picture)

If you want to learn how to overlay videos
in iMovie to get that really cool picture in picture effect then this video is for you.
Stay tuned. It’s probably a lot easier than you think.
So to make a picture in picture video or a video overlay what you want to do is have
some video already in the timeline and then select some video from your library to drag
on top of it so we have this aerial footage here in the timeline and we also have this
video of clouds up here. We’re going to take that cloud video, drag it on top of so above
the aerial video and let go. So we see without us doing anything else the
video just appears over top so what we need to do is select that clip so that is yellow
around the edges and go up to this button here and will click that and just down below
that button we should see where it says cut away now picture in picture. We click on that
and there we go. We have the picture in picture effect so we can see now that if we play at
the beginning that video of the sky is playing over top of the video looking down from the
sky so that actually looks pretty good as is but what if we want to adjust a picture
a picture clip something like the position or the size?
We can do that by going back to this button here and once we click notice that the picture
in picture video or picture of the sky here has some handles on the edges. So we can click
on those to resize the video and we can also reposition the video so we can drag it down
to the bottom left or some other location and notice as you move you get these really
handy yellow guidelines. So if you want it perfectly center on horizontal
or vertical or both you could do that as well. So in addition to position and scale you’ll
notice we have the ability to change the effect that is applied when the clip comes in will
leave it to dissolve for now but feel free to play with that. You can also add different
kinds of borders as well as a shadow. So now that we look out at our picture in picture
as well as how to adjust the settings of the scale and some of the borders and backgrounds
of the picture in picture want we look at how we can animate it.
So to do that let’s start at the beginning of our picture in picture clip. We’ll have
a play for a few seconds then we’ll stop the playback by hitting the spacebar and we’ll
go back up to the settings here for video overlay settings and look at this little controller
here. So when we hit add keyframe which is this button here it’s going to add a keyframe
at this point in the playback. So we’re going to add another keyframe just a little bit
later something like that and at that keyframe we’re going to change the position and scale
so the size of the picture in picture and have a look with this looks like now.
So you can see that we animated that picture a picture on our video so that it moved from
being in the center and very large to down to the bottom left and a little smaller. Those
are some of the basics of picture in picture video but what about overlaying text or a
logo. How can you do that and IMovie? Well luckily the picture in picture feature can
be hacked in a way that we can get this feature as well.
Let’s have a look at how we do that. So we’ve pulled this Bam logo down off of Google. We’re
just going to drop that on top. So now we can see this enormous Bam logo right in the
middle of our video, let’s tweak it a little though. We’ll go over to that same area we
did for picture in picture video overlay settings and we change that picture in picture just
like before and we can see it gets much, much smaller. We’re going to just drag it into
the middle, get it centered. Now that we have that centered the crop doesn’t look quite
right so we can actually click on this little cropped button and click fit and now we should
see, there we go we’ve got the whole logo now.
What we want to do though is extend it a little bit in the timeline, give ourselves a bit
more room to play with and we want this Bam logo to be bigger so we’re going to resize
it now. There we go. Now we have that nice big Bam but we probably don’t want it to start
so big. We want it to get bigger. So we’ve already made it the size we want it to be
let’s play with those keyframes again. So again to do the keyframes you select the clip,
click on this button. You’ll have your keyframe option here
Now before we add the keyframe we want to make sure our playhead is where we want it
and for the effect we are after here I want it pretty close the beginning. I’m going to
add a keyframe and I’m also going to add one right at the very beginning and the one of
the very beginning we want to make this really small because we want it to sort of go BAM.
I want it to go from a very small to very big so a really small Bam logo down the center
there to a very big one. Let’s check it out and see if I got the
result. Bam. So that’s pretty cool but what if we want to be a bit more dynamic well what
we can do is we can add another keyframe just right at the end and for that one we can have
it shrink back down to be small again. Let’s have a look at that. So you can see the logo
moves a little more smoothly now almost reminiscent of the Ken Burns effect and you could of course
have it also move directionally down into one of the corners for a logo or something
like that. So that’s it guys thanks for tuning in. If
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  1. Great video! Very helpful and easy to understand. I just started making videos and I’ve been wanting to learn this.

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