Hey, everyone welcome back to my channel today. I’m going to be showing you the art of posing Which is like a life skill these days by the end of this video you guys are going to know how to comfortably and confidently Pose for photos and hopefully you get some cute pics The first thing you got to do is get comfortable with your own skin before you can take a good photo you need to be Confident with yourself and how your body looks so get to know yourself Take pictures in your room dance around get comfortable standing in different positions, and that will set you up for success one of the easiest and most simple ways that you can make yourself look really great in photos is taking care of your posture and Making sure that you’re standing up straight. It doesn’t help that we’re always on our cell phones We’re leaning forward and trust me when you take photos like this it just doesn’t look engaged And it doesn’t look good pull your shoulders back and engage your core And this is going to make you look longer and leaner and also more confident in photos By using this tip and just adding it into your everyday poses They’re going to look stronger and the photos that you take are going to come out much better Look in the mirror and assess your body figure out what you love about it And what you want to feature in your photos if you’re taking a full body photo I find that I like to face the camera straight on the splatter is my waist the most and I like to create visual interest with My legs while I’m standing one of my signature Poses is to put one foot in front of the other and tighten up my knees so that they almost come together This creates curves out of nowhere this looks incredible you pop a hip out and that will make your waistline look a little bit slimmer Figure out what you want to do with your hands. It’s one of the most common issues No idea what to do with your hands and that can feel really awkward so figure out what it is that you want to Convey? Do you want to look casual? Do you want to look powerful confident? I love this pose when I want to feel casual and confident at the same time This is called the peanut or it looks like you’re cracking open a peanut shell This is something you can do at the drop of a hat and it always looks great every time One of the best things about taking photos is getting natural shots that look really engaged and candid that’s very popular right now So what I like to do is create movement while I’m taking the photo ask somebody to take that photo right as you turn around And you’ll capture that engagement and that natural movement which looks awesome and Do not be afraid to play around with your hands do different things that feel really unusual because half the time you’re going to find That the movement you’re trying might take a couple shots before you get what you want But who cares if you take a bad photo sometimes it takes like 50 battle ins to get the good one? Posing with your feet side by side as opposed to leaping towards the camera is a lot more flattering and you’ll notice how you hold The camera is everything if you go to take a picture of something right now notice how you’re holding the camera It’s guaranteed that most people will hold the camera tilting down and that makes their head look bigger legs look shorter and that’s not as desirable, so Alignment camera could be parallel with your body and ask people who are taking your photo to do the same it will lengthen your legs And it’ll make your body look more proportionate And then you can always pay attention to the little details like creating little angles in your clothing I like to make my shorts kind of create a little C Curve because that makes my legs look longer just pay attention in the mirror Take a look and see how you can flatter your body It’s all about optimizing what you already have pick your best features and bank on them And there is my take on how to pose if you guys enjoyed this video Let me know if you want to see more videos with this social media theme because I’m thinking of making a playlist out of these kinds of videos So let me know what you want to see and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed Maybe I’ll make another one. I love you guys

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  1. I literally cannot imagine asking someone to take a picture of me, it'd feel so odd? Especially tryna act all serious and sultry lol, remind me never to be an Instagrammer 🙃

  2. Yes but I can't smile on command. I can literally only be straight faced or grimacing. My mouth physically cannot tip up or down only straight. My face muscles don't work lmao that's the problem.

  3. Bro I can’t bend one of my knees because I dislocated it and now I have a torn ligament and 2 pulled tendons what do I expect me to do with that?

  4. I was about to say my body looks like hers and then I remembered how curvy she was and decided to contemplate some more life decisions

  5. I thought it was really helpfull i just shed about 40lb and wanted to know how to pose using my new body

  6. iv been watching your vids for days and I love every single one. everyone I click on a can't believe you managed to make a vid out of it but I learn so much after every one! theres no clickbait and it all positive and I love it!

  7. I love the video but when i started ready comments, i cant help myself laughing hard🤣🤣🤣🤣many funny comments 😝🤣

  8. Wen it's time for pictures I start sweating like hell which spoils my hair nd makes me look more dumb 😌

  9. Her: dancing while taking photos

    Me: starts to dance

    Brother: oh sht, mom we need to call
    help Zeyanne is being

    Me: WTF? get out of my room!

    Bro: mom it's getting worse!

    If I knew he'd react like this😂 also great tips it really helped me than so much.

  10. Idk why but I always feel like the person who’s taking my picture, even if it’s my family or friends, and the people who are watching me pose are just judging me so I just stand there and smile

  11. I know how to pose ! Its just tge people who take pictures of me never positon the phone right. And sometimes i use a timer but that takes too much time so i dont take pictures that much anytime

  12. Thank the heavens for this lady. ONE OF THE VERY FEW VLOGGERS/INFLUENCER WHO HAS NOT ANNOYED ME EVER. calm and sincere tone of voice. No sugarcoating and just a genuine person who wanta to help.

  13. حلوة وضعيات التصوير 😊
    بس آخر شي الشورت يا عيبو 🙈🙊

  14. Everybody is talking about their body isn't right , their face isn't right. Stop thinking about this. Everyone tells me I'm beautiful, even I also think the same only when I'm alone in front of the mirror(not praising my beauty, just trying to explain the fact). But when someone takes my photos they aren't good. Out of 100 , there's always only 1 or 2pics that I like nd they aren't even the best pics(in my thought). Now I know the fact is I'm not confident in posing for photos, I don't feel confident in front of camera. So my pics never look good. But now I'm gradually gaining confident (I think). All thanks to Alexandra and another YouTuber Amber Scholl. I adore these 2 queens.😊 Thanks a lot for helping girls like me.

  15. i try to do all of these but every single time i pose my parents wont take the photo unless i’m standing still and smiling smh🤦‍♀️

  16. No one can take a photo of me. All are so so impatient and but i can take good photo of them but why cant them… 😑

  17. “the first thing you wanna do is get comfortable in your own skin”
    me: loudly and disgustingly burps out CC’s chips at the screen

  18. Don't know if anyone will read this but here's a fun game you can play so that your friends and you will take equally good and bad photos of each other!

    Basically the whole thing is that you take a photo of them with your phone and they take a photo of you on their phone. After every few shots of one another, show each other the pics and if both(or more idk) of you are content with the pics taken just send it to them via whatever method yall gunna use. And if you're not satisfied or they aren't just take more shots til you both are. Its kind of a if you make me look good I'll make you look equally as good or better! Plus ya training urself on them shots lmao

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