How to put a picture in a circle shape using Photoshop

How to put a picture in a circle shape using Photoshop

hello everyone welcome to my photoshop
tutorial this tutorial will guide you how to put a picture in a circle shape let’s start, 1st open a photo that you want
to put in your circle shape then unlock it is now locked you can see there double click on it click ok now it’s
unlocked then choose elipse tool for the circle
shape you can choose rectangle tool for square shape shape or anything you can see there so for circle you need to choose elipse tool so im going to
choose elipse tool then hold your keyboard shift button and drag with your mouse the area
want to here is then right click on your mouse choose make
selection keep it 0 feather radious ok now go to select Choose inverse now go to your layer 0 and now go edit
and select clear you got your circle shape then if you want to use this circle shape to
other picture or other background you need to do is select layer elipse 1 to
and delete it then click on select and click deselect open file new you can choose any size you wish to click OK then click on move tool then hold your keyboard ctrl button and drag
with your mouse to – new background you can see that now you can save it that’s it now thanks for watching don’t
forget to subscribe me bye

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  1. How can I position the circle after I make it. I am trying to cut out a circle that is already in a circular shape, getting it positioned just right in one drag is impossible.

  2. i feel bad 80k peoples watched and just few of them subscribed to u even tho this video helped in their project

  3. Is there a way to batch process this? I really don't want to buy an atn file. I need to circle crop a 100 photos. any ideas?

  4. You can do the same thing by using the 'Elliptical Marquee tool' and dragging it over the image while holding down the 'shift key'. After positioning the circle, to REFINE the size and area of the circle, go to SELECT – "Transform Selection" and apply the change.

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  6. Works good, but how can I save the original image to change shape in future or change image in the same circle if I need?

  7. I did everything up to 2mins 35 sec.. When I put the white new page to the side it disappears as soon as I click out of it… I can't drag my circle onto it… help please..

  8. Can someone tell my why photoshop removed there fill tool and circle tool and everything pepole needs?

  9. dang none of it is working, when I use elipse tool it cuts out the image. any idea of what I'm doing wrong?

  10. The only issue is at the end when you move the picture to a new tab there’s white rectangle background, which ruins the whole point. The edges are supposed to be circle

  11. This is perfect! Thank you! After saving it, how do i make sure to still have that transparent back ground?

  12. Thanks a lot but at the end I don't understand how I can make the new picture in fullbild so I can work on it. Is anyone able to help me maybe? ^^'

  13. Hi, I know it's to late for this, but Idc. So can you help me? When I'm doing this: 1:03 then my background is black, so what I have to do?

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