How to Run an Independent Film Theater : Projectors: How to Run a Movie Theater

How to Run an Independent Film Theater : Projectors: How to Run a Movie Theater

Hello! My name is Nancy Adler and on behalf
of Expert Village, today I’m going to tell you how to operate a cinema, a movie cinema.
Tonight’s Saturday night and it’s getting late so it’s getting close to show time. We’re
going to go upstairs and see the projection booth. Tonight is kind of an important because
it’s the busiest night of the week. Also, we’re playing a brand new film that opened
only last night, Friday night was the first night. It’s 3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe
and Christian Bale. Excellent film, so we’re going to go upstairs and check out the projectors.
We’re in the projection booth now, and this is the projector right here. Right here we
have the projector on top, the sound head on the bottom, the lens. This is actually
a scope lens. That sometimes has to be changed. Films are shot at different ratio, so you
may have a flat lens or a scope lens. Inside here is the bulb, which projects the light
on the screen. This is 1,000 watt bulb, so you have to be very careful. You never want
to touch it or look directly into it. It gets very hot and you have to let it cool down.
The projector is a Century and the sound head is also a Century. Right here, the bottom
of this is the rectifier. This really is the power that generates the projector and throws
the light on the screen.

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  1. @101HeyNow She forgot to tell people not to drop those bulbs either. A manager at work did once and I only prayed he lost his leg or something.

  2. Unless your light source is round like a light *bulb* please refrain from using that term. It's a lamp. or, if you're really old fashioned, it's a carbon arc!

  3. This is an ok video, but I wonder why EV allows such low end productions to pass through for their video final uploads.  The guest/host is way too nervous not knowing what to say and the lighting is quite dim….don't get me started on the audio.

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