How to Take a Picture or Video on Your Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 3 | AT&T Wireless

Take a Picture or Video: Take a Picture. From the Home screen,
select the Camera App. Alternately, you can also access
the camera from the Lock screen by swiping the Camera icon up. You can also access the camera by quickly pressing
the Home button twice. To cycle through the
camera’s flash options, select the Flash icon. To switch between
the rear-facing camera and the front-facing camera, select the Switch Camera icon. You can also switch cameras
by swiping up or down. Select the Enhancement icon to
access selfie functionalities. Swipe left or right
to take a picture with different camera modes. To take a picture,
select the Capture icon. To take a screenshot, press and hold the Volume Down and Power Lock buttons
simultaneously. Take a Video. To take a video, from the Camera App,
select the Record icon. To capture a still picture
while recording a video, select the Capture icon. Select the Pause icon
to pause recording. Select the Record icon
to continue recording. Select the Stop icon
to stop recording. Videos will automatically
be saved to your Gallery. Access, Edit, & Share
a Picture or Video. To view, edit, and share
pictures or videos, from the Home screen,
select the Gallery App. Select the desired
content to view. To edit a picture or video, select the Edit icon,
then follow the prompts to edit. To share a picture or video, select the Share icon, then follow the
prompts to share.

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