How to Take a Picture or Video on Your ZTE Axon M | AT&T Wireless

Take a Picture or Video: Take a Picture. From the home screen,
select the Camera app. Alternately, you can access the
camera from the lock screen by selecting and holding
the Camera icon. To use the camera
as a rear-facing camera, you will have to turn the phone
to the other screen. When the device is closed, the default camera
is the rear camera mode. You will be prompted to
turn the device around. When the device is opened, the default camera
is the front camera mode. You will have
to close the device and manually select
the Switch Camera icon to switch to rear camera mode. To switch between the
front and the rear camera, select the
Switch Camera icon, and then turn the phone
to the other screen. To take a picture in
manual mode, swipe left. To access additional modes, select the Menu icon
then select the desired mode. To zoom in or out, drag two fingers
together or apart. Alternately, you can use
the Volume Up or Down buttons. To take a picture,
select the Capture icon. To take a screenshot, press and hold
the Volume Down and Power/Lock button
simultaneously. Alternately, you
can take a screenshot by pinching three fingers
together on the screen. Take a Video. To take a video,
from the camera app, swipe right to the Video tab. To record a video,
select the Record icon. To take a picture
while recording a video, select the Capture icon. Select the Pause icon
to pause recording. Select the Record icon
to resume recording. Select the Stop icon
to stop recording. Videos will automatically
be saved to your Photos app. Access, Edit, & Share
a Picture or Video. To view, edit, and
share pictures or videos, from the home screen,
select the Gallery app. Select the desired
content to view. To share a picture or video, select the Share icon,
then follow the prompts. To edit a picture or video, select the Menu icon.
Then select “Edit”. Follow the prompts to edit
the picture or video as desired. [♪AT&T jingle♪]

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