How To Take a Polaroid Picture [SANTORINI, GREECE]  feat. ONESTEP 2 ORIGINAL CAMERA

How To Take a Polaroid Picture [SANTORINI, GREECE] feat. ONESTEP 2 ORIGINAL CAMERA

Oie, my name is Sabrina Araujo, and I’m here
in Santorini, Greece, with my Polaroid Camera. And I’m gonna take a picture of my beautiful
view right now, and show you how the film develops. So I will be taking a picture of that view
right there. So just a little disclaimer, after you take
a picture with your Polaroid, it’s really important for you to hide that film while
it’s being developed from any source of light. But for the purposes of this video I will
have to have my film somewhat exposed to some sort of light so that you guys can see it
developing, so, it might not develop to it’s fullest potential, but, we’ll see what it
looks like. But always make sure that when you take a
picture with your Polaroid or any instant film camera, hide it from any light. So because the light is hitting my subject
directly, I’m keeping my exposure right at the middle. So, regular exposure. Moment of truth, guys. (polaroid developing from camera) Let’s go, let’s go! At this moment, you would want to hide it
from direct sunlight. ♫ Chet Faker cover Sonia Dada ‘(Lover) You Don’t Treat Me No Good ♫ Here is the final result of our Polaroid shot. So that’s it, that’s the final result. I absolutely love the picture, and if you
like the picture too and you enjoyed this video, please show your support; like and
subscribe! Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see
you next time! (blows kiss) TCHAU! ♫ ♫ ♫

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  1. Superb video. I would love to learn from your video. Looking forward to see more videos from your channel. Stay connected ✌

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