How To Take Hot Instagram Pictures

How To Take Hot Instagram Pictures

today’s event was so great yeah also I can’t wait to take my Spanx off ooh look for a change cute a picture of me well should I be doing can I get you a Starbucks cup nah that’s all orchestrated pretending to read a book I don’t feel like I’d be reading in this outfit you know what if I just like I’m stepping out of my car yeah but you just have to move it on the Sun the Sun is this way so I like Park that way oh good a little more good a little more good a little more too much stop someone go move those garbage cans come when to switch here hold on and it’s a switch I know but I was posing for a long time with the awkward stop moving part remark takes forever to focus wait Bend that right leg it looks kind of weird it’s not focusing good my face and you supposed touch your face yeah I know how phone works and it’s not working right now hold on why you so close let go it’s telling me to move closer oh my god I feel like her face needs were like yeah well side of she’s welded or the back runs well that I can’t do both down down little more blue less stop it you look too much like your posing she’ll go away look more natural but keep your back straight yeah like don’t slouch but look relaxed how’s this you’re a little shiny oh my god thank you so much I love you this is important when you’re doing great how’s my hair stop moving and talking hold on make sure you get full-body ankles okay you can prop it it’s not the same I feel like you should show a little more cleavage really is that looking a little too much to my game right I’m gonna yeah yeah that’s good you should take some with your glasses on no but now I can see myself in the reflection okay we can Photoshop it I’m going to tag me okay I think we have a lot of options let me see that one’s nice oh that was my favorite did you get it one more you know this first ones pretty decent actually wait wait yeah okay when you just bounce the colors smooth my skin posted [Music] she’s so effortless don’t go in there before you go anywhere make sure give this video a big thumbs up check on my last video over there it’s about when people have a crush on you my second blog channels right there make sure you comment below right now because super 60 is starting which means I’m responding and subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday one love superwoman that is a wrap and Zoop

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  1. Today's video is legit me EVERY time I need to take an Insta photo. Is this you, too?! BTW… New video means #SuperSixty. Replying to your comments for the next HOUR. Come type nice things and I'll type nice things back and all that good ish.

  2. Lilly you are amazing, funny and beautiful and I absolutely love your channel I think you’re one of the best you tubers ever ❤️❤️😘😘 and you are truly a BO$$

  3. Instagram logic: "I woke up like this"
    But realistically: "Yo, I took 2 hours to do my makeup, 4 hours for my hair and 1 hour doing the actual photo. You think I'd let you see my morning face?"

  4. Ok so her friend (the guy taking the pic) is me and then my extra friend is the one with the light shade (thing idk)

    And then my one aesthetic Instagram page one is Lilly and then my other really nice friend trying to make everything better is the blonde hair girl

    (Sorry I don’t know her friends names)

  5. It’s midnight… And I have school tomorrow. But c’mon just one more video it’s only 3 mins! Proceeds to watch 10 more videos

  6. Did any on else.realize that the licence plate looked like it said don't stalk
    DNT equals dont and STLK equals stalk😊😉

  7. i just can't do this ish and people around me are just never gonna do so much of effort for me never i will be doing for them but they are never ever gonna do that huhhh i hate this

  8. I can never take a perfect Instagram picture of myself it’s always my food that looks good in instagram pictures

  9. Fjjtcbbjvxhsj dy
    Fbvjggvndcyehdjusbf hkjbbvirdobsobx কাতারি হ্যাঁ কেয়া কার রাহে কি করছো খাওয়া হয়ে গেছে আজকে বাজার আছে ঈদের বাজার যাবে ঘুরতে তোমাদের ঢাকা থাকো আমি গেলাম পারে

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