How to Take Your Own Pictures! 📸

How to Take Your Own Pictures! 📸

Hey, it’s your girl ally welcome
back to my channel! so today I’m in Los Angeles with my friend – Toshiko! so we
are doing a really fun collaboration Toshiko is a really amazing stylist
and blogger from well San Francisco we met so her blog Itsnotheritsme
so what you don’t know is Toshiko takes a lot of her own photos by herself so
she really goes to show that you don’t need to have an Instagram boyfriend or a
husband or a friend like she is a one-woman show and she’s the perfect
person to show you guys how to take your own photos at home by yourself you know
if you only have a phone or DSLR whatever type of photography you like to
do she has so many tips and tricks for you guys she can show you all the way so
we’re just heading over to – she goes living room and then she’s going to set
this up is this usually where you like to take pictures I got my tripod on
Amazon so it’s super affordable very okay I want to see you set it up so –
chica how many times it does it usually take for you to get the right shot it
can go for like fifty to a hundred photos oh wow yeah for me to tell what
she looks like until I jump in front of the camera so
that’s true so at the beginning it’s like a lot of back and forth and then
after I have like the position set up then it’s easier than is more like my
posing so this has become my new best friend because before I use this I used
to just set it on timer and then just go back and forth and that takes like three
times longer so this is pretty good also an Amazon no sponsor
see so this is just like a test because I have no idea what I look like right
now so so yes even someone who’s done this for a really long time
first try does not work Wow but the focus is off so I have to focus on that
instead of that but I’m getting the framing you make it look so effortless yeah you
got your poses down center all right so now it’s my turn to see if
I could take my own photos over here in this corner because usually I do have
some help when it comes to taking pictures and I’m not a pro at using a
tripod or remote but let’s give it a try I think I could do it you can good look
so easy well see it feels kind of awkward
because where are we gonna put this remote and I’m scared it’s gonna be in
the shot I feel like you’re pretty close to the mirror yeah
Oh shouldn’t have done that too soon too soon am I supposed to look out it actually
looks pretty good okay how did I do actually was really good but thank
because I already have everything set up I know you make it so easy since Paul has a really hit California
yet why not try to fake some cute fall group pictures with some fake leaves and
your remote so we have our tripod set up right here
on the street and then we’re just going to sit on the stair ball here I think
the one biggest fear about this is what if someone steals your stop or takes
your camera so definitely be careful when you’re doing this and be aware of
your surroundings show you guys a behind the scenes of how we take Toshiro helping me out when it comes to take the overhead food
shots IV is always important to accessorize and today I’m gonna have a
sleeper doc to bring my matches and rings and I just feel like I’m missing a
little something something definitely remember to accessorize the
next time you come to a good French pop yes and you’ve reached the end of this
video thank you so much for watching and thank you to my friend Toshi Co for
being part of this video isn’t she just so awesome and taking it a try no really
it’s just so good she’s definitely perfected her skill so
be sure to check out where she goes Instagram it will be linked down below
so what did you think of this whole process what I do every day do you have
any tips for people who want to take their own photos I think you just have
to do it multiple times oh yeah I mean I still do it multiple times so like nail
about one shot you want so trial and error and just keep trying so you’re
happy with myself oh that’s such good though it really is so heartwarming
because I think most people feel like oh you can only take it one time you know
you’ll get the perfect shot and honestly if you don’t try you’ll never get it
right so just put yourself out there well thanks so much for watching and
we’ll see you next time bye

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  1. You guys asked for more photography tips and poses! What are you excited about for Fall?

    Show Toshiko some love on her Instagram

  2. I need tips on the confidence to take photos alone, I get really embarassed when people are around and end up giving up. And im talking about photos with my phone, no tripod and all lol . I get easily embarassed 🙈

  3. If you shoot with a Sony there’s an app for your phone, play memories, it works just like the remote but you can see yourself on your phone instead of having to wing it and do multiple test shots. Give it a try Sony users!

  4. What's the song that plays when the video start? As usual, you did amazing Ally! Sending loads of love your way. ❤

  5. I do exactly this but is always out of focus or I don’t get the angles. Also I feel so alone & awkward taking my own photos but hey! You gotta do it for the ig content

  6. Couldnt be able to apply those tips in Vietnam bc before having any photo taken, ur camera is already gone. Anw, nice trick n thank u so muchh

  7. Its really a great idea to do ,, bt a frnd can make really easier to get that perfect look in you ,, like if frnds tells us ,, like its a good picture then you'll feel more confident to post on instagram

  8. hey! i have a canon eos 1300d camera and i wanted to get one of those self timers so i can take my photos at home but when i clicked on the link they didnt have it for my specific camera! do you know of any others i could look at for mine?
    thank you! xx

  9. As some one who takes 90% of her own photos, it definitely takes some practice, but will get easier as you learn what does and doesn't work for you. I agree with all of these tips.

  10. omg this is life changing considering i have like two friends who take shittiest disfigured pictures and a boyfriend who takes blur pictures

  11. To make it simple: If you’re alone and got no one to take photos of you… trust me, you’ll definitely figure it out on your own and perfect that skill!

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