How To Transfer Pictures From PC To iPhone [2018]

How To Transfer Pictures From PC To iPhone [2018]

Hello Friends! Welcome back to AppleFrendly. Today you’ll learn how to transfer pictures
from PC or Mac to iPhone. And if this your first time here, consider
subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already. So without any further ado, let’s get started! Before proceeding, I would request to backup
up your iPhone so that if anything goes wrong, you won’t lose any of your important data. And with that being said launch iTunes on
your Computer/ Mac. Connect iPhone to iTunes using lightning connector
and select this little iPhone icon. Now select this PHOTOS option on the side
bar. Now here you have to mark this checkbox SYNC
PHOTOS. Now you have to select the location from where
you want to transfer Photos to iPhone. So, select this dropdown. Here, depending on your computer, like the
Windows or the Mac, you should find different options. If you’re a Mac user, you can sync Photos
directly from the PHOTOS app. And these 2 options are common for both the
Windows and the Mac users. I’m gonna select the common method which will
work for both the Windows as well as Mac users. So, you have to select this CHOOSE FOLDER
option. This should bring up the browser window. This is the browser window for the Mac. Windows users will have a little different
layout. The point is, you have to browse for the Photos
you want to add to iPhone. So, here are the Photos I want to add to iPhone. Now you need to understand that you can not
add photos to iPhone by selecting them. As you can see here, it doesn’t allow me select
these photos. You always have to select the Folder which
contains all these photos that you want to add to iPhone. So, I’m gonna go back, and select the folder and hit OPEN Windows users will have to select SELECT FOLDER
button instead of this OPEN button. And now here, make sure that this ALL FOLDERS
options is selected. And if the folder that you’ve selected has
videos in addition to photos, make sure checkbox is marked. INCLUDE VIDEOS This will transfer photos as well as the videos
to iPhone from the folder that you’ve selected on your computer. Now, on the bottom right corner, hit this
DONE option. This should give you a pop-up. You have to select APPLY And it should give you a warning saying that
the photos from the old photo library or the folder will be replaced by the new photos. As you’re watching this video, most probably
it should be your first time syncing the photos using iTunes. So, there shouldn’t be any issue of old photo
Library. And don’t worry, this will not affect the
Photos that are already on your iPhone which you might have added from your camera, third
party apps, etc. So, simply go ahead and select REMOVE AND SYNC Now you should see your iPhone syncing with
iTunes. Disconnect your iPhone, once the syncing is
over. Now, lets head over to iPhone and see if we’ve
transferred the photos correctly or not. So, when you launch the PHOTOS app on your iPhone, you should find all the photos under the Folder name same as on your computer. You can do different stuff with these
photos like editing, sharing etc. But you can not delete them on your iPhone. Yeah, you heard me correct. You can not delete these photos on your iPhone. So, when you just want to manage the photos,
like you want to add more photos or remove some of them, you need to head back to your
computer, add or delete the photos in the same folder that you had synced to iPhone
earlier and again sync this folder back to iPhone using iTunes & the same method as I
showed you earlier. And when you want to completely remove these
photos from iPhone, simply head over to iTunes and unmark this checkbox SYNC PHOTOS Select REMOVE PHOTOS tap DONE on the bottom right corner and finally select APPLY This will remove all the photos and folders
from your iPhone that you had synced earlier. So, that’s how easy it is to transfer pictures
from PC or Mac to iPhone. And that’s all for today! Was this video helpful? Do let me know down in the comments below. And if this video helped, share it with your
friends and loved ones! I’ll see you soon in my next video. Till then, take good care of yourself and
Thank you so much for watching!

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  2. Idk even have that option. And I updated to latest iTunes version. Why does Apple always Mac shit so difficult

  3. bhai mere i tune me to photos pe click krne k bad top me sync photos ka option hi nahi dikha rha he ……kyo aisa ???

  4. So…you need both icloud and itunes? Should specify that at the start of the video mate. You know that we could do this without itunes if we have icloud.

  5. what's the proper manner to transfer huge amount of photos with ability to remove them from iphone? (without backup & restore)

  6. Hi AppleFrendly, I have a question. I want to add one album of pictures from my PC to my Iphone. I already have existing photos in my phone. The thing is, if I do this tutorial that you are teaching, are my existing photos will be deleted or removed and my the photos that will only remain are the photos that I transferred from my PC to my Iphone? Because I don’t want to lose my existing pictures and videos in my phone. Hoping for your reply and help. Thank you and more power!

  7. Thank you man. I was looking for a video where it showed how I could transfer my pictures from my PC manually and almost every single video says use iCloud or a third party app. ( I don’t wanna use the freaking iCloud, I want to do it with iTunes) Thanks for the tutorial, very well made. 👍🏼

  8. Friends, if this video helped, please write THANK YOU ❤️down in the comments below, as a token of appreciation. This will keep me motivating! 😊
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  9. Thanks for the video. The fact that we have to watch a video to figure out how to do something that is so simple with any other device is nuts. My current iPhone will be my last.

  10. I want to copy photos from my PC to my iPhone. So, as your video shows, I connected my iPhone to my PC, launched iTunes, selected iPhone icon, selected Photos. But there is no option to sync. Instead, I see only a message that reads: iPhone can access photos in iCloud. Photos can be downloaded to your device via Wi-Fi or cellular. (I have no photos in iCloud. I don't want photos in iCloud. All I want to do is to copy photos from my PC to iPhone.) I'm frustrated.

  11. i cant tell you how long ive been struggling with my photos stuck on my computer without a way to move them over. thank you for such an easy guide.

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