How video games inspired Jon Batiste, bandleader for Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

How video games inspired Jon Batiste, bandleader for Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

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  1. I was not expecting to listen to Mr. Batiste play music from Final Fantasy VII and X this morning, or Street Fighter and Zelda. Amazing. I have no musical talent but I love the musics and stories he is drawing from in videogames. Very cool!

  2. Somewhat surprised me, but then it all makes a lot of sense. Video games and movies are the most common early exposure to 'classical' music, these days. Funny too, the Japanese video game composers all went through the "European" school of symphonic music and sheet music composition. It all comes back … and around.

  3. He's a good musician it's too bad he's wasting his talents on a shity libtard globalist ran corporate out-of-touch Elite show like The Colbert Report. It's only popular because YouTube Always pushing it in it's trending category but really everyone hates the show its total garbage. All the late night shows are now garbage. But especially The Colbert Report extremely hypocritical and libtard infested.

  4. This explains those Zelda lead-in songs for interviews during the Late Show! So it IS Batiste, awesome! And man, is he ever AMAZING on the piano or what? And such a nuanced, sophisticated view of music and its relationship with other media, not many artists have that kind of worldly way of thinking about compositions, color me impressed.

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