Hudson Valley Region, New York, a picture-perfect holiday destination

Hudson Valley Region, New York, a picture-perfect holiday destination

The Hudson Valley region in Upstate New York
covers 10 picture-perfect counties steeped in history, natural beauty and culture. Here,
you’ll find a world-class all-season destination just waiting to be discovered.
Hello, I’m Victoria. This is an easy-to-reach, sophisticated, yet affordable destination.
Join me to experience a sampling of what this magnificent part of the world has to offer.
A perfect starting point for our tour is the picturesque, riverside village of Cold Spring,
located just 50 miles north of New York City. Bordered by the Hudson Highlands, this destination
offers a diverse mix of boutique shops, restaurants and art galleries situated on idyllic tree-lined
streets. Next, we’ll head 40 miles north to Mohonk
Mountain House, an iconic Victorian-era luxury resort built on the edge of a pristine glacial
lake, surrounded by thousands of acres of unspoiled countryside. Family owned and operated since 1869, there’s
no shortage of ways to reconnect with nature here. You can be as active as you like, or
simply sit back and relax with a spa treatment. One-hour north of Mohonk, you’ll reach Olana
State Historic Site, the 250-acre historic estate and former family home of famed mid-19th
Century landscape artist, Frederic Edwin Church. In 1844, a year after he arrived in the Hudson
Valley, Frederic Church first started drawing and sketching here, on the land that was to
become Olana. With these unobstructed views as inspiration, Church’s work flourished.
The Eastern-inspired mansion is filled with original sketches, studies and paintings by
the artist, and the richly decorated interior of the house remains as it was when Church
was in residence. Last stop! The New York State Museum in Albany.
Dating back to 1836, the museum explores New York State’s natural and geological development,
as well as its cultural diversity. It offers more than 10 new exhibitions each year on
a wide range of subjects, as well as long-standing favourites.
As you can see, the Hudson Valley offers visitors a plethora of things to do and see. Be sure
to include this breath-taking region on your next US-bound holiday!

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  1. ayudenme a casarme con diana morales martines porque ya estoy grande tengo 47 años y sangre en el ejercito mexicano etc y nunca me e casado porque cuide chivos en san miguel oaxaca y soy de alla y estoy lisiado etc ayudenme para que un dia seayo de alla de newyork y ganeyo vien lado de todos los muchachos etc

  2. To those of you who Adore this area as much as I do and have grown up here I need to relay a horrifying statistic. The Journal News in Westchester County stated that there are an estimate 92,000 ILLEGALS in the Hudson Valley. 2019. Sickening and risks our safety. George (useless) Latimer not only does nothing about this but supports them.
    Just a cheery FYI. We need to have people in local govt who will keep us safe and STOP allowing illegals to Suck our money from us.

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