Huluween Film Fest: The Dunes • Now Streaming on Hulu

Huluween Film Fest: The Dunes • Now Streaming on Hulu

(haunting music) (ocean waves crashing) (someone running) (grunts) (breathing heavily) – Close your eyes and hold out your hand. – No way. Not falling for that one again. I said I was fast, not easy. – Best two outta three? – You’re dead. You’re dead! (sinister music) (girl screams) – Aubrey! – I lost my necklace. – Oh. – I love that necklace. It’s my favorite. – Okay, well, what does it look like? – Oh, you don’t know what my
favorite necklace looks like? – Um, I … – It’s a Hamsa. – Okay, I … – A hand … with an eye in the palm. My grandmother got it for me. – Oh, right. It’s suppose to ward of evil spirits. – Help me look for it. – All right, well listen. Why don’t we just come back tomorrow with my dad’s metal detector. We may find lot’s of other people’s most favorite lost things. Aubrey. (sighs) (sinister music) (metal crashing)
– Whoa! So sorry! (nervous laugh) I didn’t see you there. – You should not be here. Didn’t you see the sign I made? You should not be here. But you are. And not alone. (laughing wickedly) (increasingly spooky music) – You’re right. Let’s just go now and come back tomorrow. Or never. That woman seems really pissed off. – What woman? – That woman. (sinister music) She was right there. You didn’t see her? – No, but I had my head down. Maybe she went for a swim. – She wasn’t dressed to swim. (sighs) It’s later than I thought it was. I want to be right on time when we meet your parents tonight. (door opening) – All right. Get in the car and lock all the doors. I’ll be right back. – Where are you going? – I gotta pee. (door shutting) (sinister music) (lock clicks) (sighing) – I gotta find that necklace, or my grandmother’s gonna kill me. (sounding startled) – I didn’t mean to startle you again. – I’m just waiting for my boyfriend. He should be back any minute
and then we’re leaving. – I found something out here. Perhaps it belongs to you. – Did you find my necklace? It’s a gold chain with a pendant, a hand that has an eye in the palm. (laughs) (door opening) Let me see. – Close your eyes. (increasingly sinister music) (music intensifies) (screaming hysterically) (intense music) (laughing wickedly) (screaming) (intense music) (drumming)

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  1. Loved it!!!! Great short but would love for Hulu work with the writer for a full length film. This one is the best!!!

  2. This was a quickie and pretty good. Loved the music which set the tone in all scenes. Acting a tad forced in moments, but they were good. Would like to see a few more from this gal….best wishes.

  3. These are great and I really appreciate the return to John Carpenter-y synth soundtracks and scoring everyone is up to these days! Yay for synths!

  4. Worst trailer ever. Why highlight such awful dialog, and acting/directing? Also, i can see a necklace pendant under her shirt. Noticed it before it was even a plot point. Correction, terrible short, not trailer.

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