HUMAN Extended version VOL.1

HUMAN Extended version VOL.1

Pape – Senegal Samantha – USA Prasad – India Peter – Papua New Guinea Zongying – China Wahid – France Roula – Jordan Paeman – Afghanistan Devi – India Prity – India Pakistan Leonard – USA Kenya Rachel – USA Daniel – Mexico Petronila – Dominican Republic Guerlio – Haiti Petronila – Dominican Republic Raul – Cuba Juan-Vicente – Dominican Republic Pasiona – Peru Camille – France Sunao – Japan Saul-Morgana – Mexico Aicha – Senegal Jason – Canada Jorge – Brazil Jacqueline – France Jorge – Brazil Philippe – France Abeer – Lebanon Peter – South Africa Linath – South Africa Peter – South Africa Nar – Burma Nepal Pakistan Maria – Italy Pilar – Spain Aida – Senegal Carolyn – England Sabira – Kazakhstan Walaa – Lebanon Alexandra – USA Walaa – Lebanon Fatmeh – Lebanon Priscilla – France Lisa – Papua New Guinea Milia – Peru Maryline – France Brahima – Burkina Faso Frezno – USA Setou – Burkina Faso Fernanda – Brazil Neeta – India Frezno – USA Arsene – Burkina Faso Yu – China Rasmata – Burkina Faso Cynthia – Rwanda Myo Su – Burma Fanny – France Cynthia – Rwanda Kadia – Senegal Therese – USA Sandra – Peru Kadia – Senegal Crispina – The Philippines Donesia – Australia Maria – Italy Sandrine – France Donesia – Australia Wendy – USA Kumiko – Japan Jalal – Lebanon Donesia – Australia Mongolia Madagascar Bolivia Pakistan Mostafa – Bangladesh Vanessa – Brazil Prasad – India Mostafa – Bangladesh Yujian – China Yu-Qian – China Jean-Marc – France Altynai – Kazakhstan Prasad – India Yu-Qian – China Leon – France Crisanto – Mexico Jonathan – France Galyna – France Kaye – Thailand Donato – Mexico Claudia – Mexico Donato – Mexico Constantinos – Greece Philippe – France Constantinos – Greece Dominican Republic Atman – Haiti Liliana – Russia Haiyan – China Robert – Canada Peter – Australia Robert – Canada Danielle-Marianne – France Robert – Canada Tatyana – Russia Lalmati – India Geeta – India Lalmati – India Amadou – Senegal Zica – Brazil Eric – France Jean-Pierre – France Stefan – France Jean-Pierre – France Stephen – Australia Gregory – France Stephen – Australia Devi – India Mohammed – Bangladesh Haiti Jose – Uruguay USA Juana – Mexico Israel – Mexico Roslin – USA

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  1. Would be interesting to see the Humans making this film speak about an aspect of their own lives on camera in the same way they've had others do…

  2. This is soo beautiful , it brought me to tears we are so different and yet so unique.. Great piece of art.

  3. The black man who thought love was supposed to hurt, never knew love. Then when he talked about receiving love for the first time, he felt that pain. I saw it in his eyes. Love is painful to an imperfect soul. Love gave him access to his guilt.

  4. I lived in a Ymca for 2 years. People when hearing this, felt sorry for me. For me it was the best experience in my life because this particular Ymca had over 500 rooms and half were rented out to an international business, 4 students in a room.. I met 100s of people every couple weeks as some went and some go…..

    This video was my life for 2 years. I feel so rich for the experience.

  5. Simply astonishing! Such a wisdom and depth coming from simple, sometimes illiterate people you would disregard as stupid at a first glance. They put the high societies of this world to shame.

  6. Nothing is going to change. Europe is being flooded with migrants right now and Europeans are hating them because they themselves have nothing. STOP CHINESE AND EUROPEAN CORRUPTION IN AFRICA. Only then, things will have a chance!

  7. A good friend sent me the link to this movie. I watched vol. 1, 2 and 3 on two evenings. I wonder why I had not heard about this before as I watch you tube movies a lot. This warrants much more marketing and PR. I'm in awe at the work and effort involved by Mr. Bertrand and the whole team. I rarely sit down for so long to watch anything on tv with my full attention, I had to this time, I did not want to miss a word or a comment, nor a face, nor any of the stunning scenes of our world, nor the beautiful music. I was mesmerised completely. Sometimes I smiled, sometimes I was near tears, sometimes I was full of admiration and a few times I laughed. I saw and felt a lot of pain and suffering, much love and a lot of wisdom. But never hate. This should be shown in movie theatres and also to all students above the age of 15, I think its too much for the younger ones to understand. It is not possible to watch this and be untouched. Thank you.

  8. Love is a very important word. But what humans cannot understand is that no one have the power to love anyone without God. Because God is love and it is only in God's kingdom that love exist. You cannot love anyone outside of the kingdom of God. You cannot do it. Because outside God's kingdom lies the kingdom of Darkness ruled by Satan. And in Satan's kingdom you can only find wickedness, death and destruction. Love does not exist in that kingdom. In Satan's kingdom is suffering, bondage, dark forces that hates love. Satan himself have no place in his kingdom for love. There is no peace or love in that kingdom. Satan's kingdom is a kingdom of sickness and disease. It is a kingdom of decadence, hopelessness, confusion, lifelessness, demonic spirits of wickedness; afflictions, depression, physical and spiritual pain and suffering. It is a dark and dead kingdom. No one can find life in that kingdom. And all who have separated themselves from God live in that kingdom. Not too long ago, God told me that must of mankind live in Darkness and they think they are living a life–they live in darkness separated from God. As you can see, there is no life in Darkness where you will be, the moment you separate yourself from God. Only in God's kingdom that life exist. That is why life is useless without God. It is a waste of time. That is why love is useless outside the kingdom of God. One day you tell someone I love you so much, but later you are killing that same person you said you loved yesterday. It is totally useless without God. God is so merciful that those of you who are living in Satan's Dark kingdom, can run away from him and come back to God and be forgiven, and be restored back to life. But don't wait too long, because, if you die before you come back to God, Satan will have the opportunity to take your soul to hell with him, and it will be too late for you. I am a servant of God, and I know the truth and the secret of life. Apostle R.A.

  9. Oh my goodness, I thought this was going to be an interesting, objective look into humanity. While there is visually appealing graphics (and very beautiful musical vocals), I found the content to be quite boring and biased. I decided to end it at 33 minutes in as I felt it was quite a waste of precious time. The video is primarily about people who do not want to be in a monogamous long-term relationship, because, well, that's just ucky, because life just isn't fair. At 33 minutes in it seemed more that this was more a flick with an agenda (to inform that marriage is bad women are victims) than anything. BORING!

  10. Poverty starts in the spirit. Poverty is when a person is disconnected from God and they live in a world ruled by Satan called Darkness. It is a kingdom of poverty and sickness, disease, death and wickedness. There is no life in that kingdom. There is no life in Satan's kingdom but poverty. God is the giver of life, and all good life comes from God and God alone. Poverty is not the lack of money, because money cannot buy you life, but the lack of God in your life. I am an Apostle and a servant of God, and I know the truth and the secret of Life itself. Apostle R.A.

  11. 1:19:09 scared the crap out of me. I don’t know if it was the ominous music or the strange, artificial looking offices or what… but that place looks like a nightmare. I would never want to live there or exist in that bee hive. (I believe its NYC) I want to continue living where I can stand out in the country at night and watch the full moon rise up from the horizon and watch the sun go all the down and set on the horizon.

  12. human LIFE is enigmatic and so diferent in diferent places
    love is what all we have in comon but unfortunally we dont understand love Completly

  13. Easily, One of the best Documentaries that pierces through to the edges of the world; portraying a side of us, the humankind, nuances of the World we live in, that ever so rarely has been brought to this kind of subtle spotlight.

  14. 11:37 you have…God loves you far more than you know…And he sees you believes in you even though you dont believe he can save you…

  15. Can you just feel the pain in his eyes at 01:07:14
    In the name of this filthy world we all live in, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart for your terrible loss Amadou.
    Man I can feel your pain. Terrible just terrible.

  16. Truly Profound! I know people who've suffered these exact same things…and yet, some of us take these things out on ourselves rather than the next person….BUT YES…Love is the ultimate healer (3:57 – 6:51). Seek The Most High, the Creator of the Universe & ask for forgiveness.

  17. My grandfather told me at one occasion: You can't make yourself happy – it is impossible – but you can make someone else happy.

  18. thank you for sharing this movie… my experience has taught me that most people never keep their word or really help anyone…. the human connection is lost. All I have learned from my fellow human beings is… well, let's say they've been working very hard and with great persistence in killing the good, giving spirit in me…and others. Mankind is wicked!!!… because we chose to be… and we agree maybe here at a great distance, but I have not met real people that really extend help… we take but never really give back!
    I am an artist and this is my contribution to maintaining beauty in this world:

  19. The real color of the lost tribes of Israel meaning Cain seed of the offspring of Ismael descended into the son of Esau.

  20. Greetings: Did you say the "L" word Amor "LOVE" is not for As< Amor No es para nosotros. es un truco, is a trick, No creas nada lo que te diga, todo es un embuste, by: you doings is what counts , Lo que cuentas es lo que to hace. Estos humanos te engana. These Human beings, lie.

  21. 3 years later, i find this through youtube recommendation….. WHY did this not go viral before? why are people not talking about this???

  22. I love other cultures, enjoy and celebrate with them and their cultures… but it doesn't seem i'm aloud to love my own ???

  23. I don’t like how the depicted the black man as first filled with hate then he is giving love after he has murdered a mother and a child. I have a problem with the beginning. The black man is hated by everyone because of white supremacy and they show him in distress and the first scene of this film. The film maker must be a racist. I will not watch anymore……. the problems of the world is not the black man but the white man and all of his stolen powers.

  24. Hmmmm….. I wonder who sponsored this well-crafted movie?….. The left!
    Wake up people! There's an evil agenda behind this whole video. Don't let them emotionally extort you into believing what they want you to believe.

    @ND eat shit and Die..

  26. more anti-male propaganda from the sounds of it, the world needs less misandry not more, you poisonous cancers

  27. Der Vollbärtige hat es verstanden. Ohne die beiden Worte, Bitte und Danke verkommt hier alles. Und da es sich nun einmal um Hurerei handelt, den Dienst eines anderen Wesens zu kaufen, hat er auch mit dem Geld absolut recht. Man kann auch teilen, ohne gleich der Meinung zu sein, zu kurz zu kommen.

  28. Whom ever is responsible for this upload………Thank You so Much. I needed this …….thank you so much for the message.

  29. This movie is absolutely amazing. I think everyone should have seen it. Change begins with the individual. Think before you act!

  30. "We are hard-pressed in every way, but not cramped beyond movement; we are perplexed, but not absolutely with no way out." 2 Corinthians 4:8
    Everyday, we as a humans face a multitude of burdens that bring us to our knees. What comforts me personally, what has all the answers to all these complicated circumstances, is the Bible, the word inspired by God. It's often overlooked, but once read closely the principles and truths bring an extraordinary amount of relief. I hope this can bring comfort for the many others who have stories and experiences that hurt.

  31. All of their stories, so brief but profound, and there are so many more off-camera, in life, in the world. But love is what is left when all this ends, love is all there is. I do feel we are coming to a place in time where we have an oppertunity to really grow, but I think greed may win. The woman in Italy said men have an easy time, maybe in privilaged places yes, and that is the problem, Italy is full of playboys, many latin countries are like that, they are over mothered no backbone. Me are supposed to protect, but they are causing more harm by being babies. North Europe are not so playboy and babyish bt they are spoiled and selfish too. Women now try to look like porn stars.. We need to wake up. I wish everyone would see this movie.

  32. We are in 2019, 4 years have passed and we have not changed anything yet. FORGIVES US.

    🇮🇹 Siamo nel 2019, sono passati 4 anni e non abbiamo cambiato ancora niente. PERDONATECI

  33. 50:10 I have no words for what this makes me feel.
    54:28 My soul aches with her.
    1:16:25 Wisdom and my call to action

  34. Every single one was hard to see 😔my heart 💔it’s 6 am and I feel tremendous sadness 🥺🤧yet appreciation for what I have 🙏🏻blessed , wish I could just travel ✈️the world and help ppl 🦋this would make me the happiest person 🎈🎈swear just helping 👏🏻even if little✌🏼

  35. kids from the western white hemisphere should do one year volontering in a land with this poorness – we white society would change our mind in one generation. If you watched this you will never more ask, why THEY wanted to come to 'us'.

  36. this project make me feel only a pity and disgust. it is clear that we have no different from animals in senselessness of our behavior and complete biological determination, but these people, the creators of the film, commentators, do not even WANT to get rid of it, to grow it up, to reflect at least once about their motives and values! Oh, truly vanitus vanitatum

  37. This, indeed is epic! Watching it over and over againg… I want to bring her back, but I cannot… Love her so much… Please, could you embed all languages subtitles with a choosing option? The whole world must watch it… May be the lights in the tunnel for many will finally appear…

  38. "Turn on the Closed Captions (CC) to know the countries where the images were filmed and the first name of the interviewees." Why is that info not included with the English text of the translations?
    46:00 real human centipede.

  39. 1:11:07
    the government doesnt care about you, also your fathers didnt care about you, that is why they bring you to the world even if they were poor as $hit. but you arent screaming to your father dont you?

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