Human Form – Korean Body Horror Film //

Human Form – Korean Body Horror Film //

Was malst du? Kannst du es Mama zeigen? Menschliche Form -Entschuldigung
-Warum bist du zu spät? Der Lehrer hat uns später gehen lassen. Lass uns gehen. -Inhyung?
-Ja? -Hast du es deinen Eltern gesagt?
-Nein -Lass mich das Notizbuch sehen
jetzt? -Ja
-Warum? -Weil mir langweilig ist
-Aber du hast es schon gesehen -Gib es mir
-Hör auf! (Krankenschwester) ‘Inhyung Chung’ Du möchtest dass wir dich zu dem machen? Ich fürchte es wird nicht möglich sein. Warum nicht? diese Zeichnungen sind nicht anders als du selbst. Miss, Ich denke sie sind bei und Falsch. Unser Service kostet ein wenig mehr als du bezahlen kannst. Wie viel denn genau? … um so auszusehen wie du. hey Ich habe bemerkt dass seine Hand verbunden ist. Weißt du, was ihm passiert ist? Ich habe gehört dass sein Hund in gebissen hat… er hat eine Infektion bekommen also kommt er für ein paar Tage nicht zur Arbeit. Der Hund ist so schön. Der verrückte Mann, warum würde jemand einem Hund eine Schönheitsbehandlung geben? Jeder tut dies heutzutage. Sie machen es mit ihrem eigenem Geld. Ich brauche auch eine OP. Was für eine OP? -Gesicht
-Was ist falsch mit deinem Gesicht? Du verarschst mich oder? Ich muss es noch vor den Jahrbuch Fotos machen. Du bist nur ein Kind. Es besteht keine Eile. Du hast deine vor den Jahbuch Fotos gehabt. -Das wird nicht diskutiert
-Warum nicht? -Fang nicht nochmal an
-Kann ich nicht? Mach es mit deinem eigenen Geld Uh, ich bin so erschöpft… was ist los? Was ist das Problem? Du hast meinen Anruf nicht geantwortet. Also was denkst du? Seltsam oder nicht? (Forschungsteilnehmer für Schönheits OPs Gesucht) Was ist das genau? oh, das sind nur Formalitäten. Jeder Unterschreibt das… Unterschreib einfach hier. Miss? Können sie mich hören? Können sie ihre Augen öffnen? Verdammt. ich bin in Schwierigkeiten.

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  2. Now I’ve learned plastic surgery is very dangerous and very risky too. That’s why I’m never doing it. 😊

  3. Noooohhhhhh please I wanna see her face!! She was actually beautiful. That goes to show how deeply the desire for unattainable beauty is run rampant in today's world.

  4. They look horribly ugly as fuck😰😰😰😰 thats why plastic surgery isnt always the answer😑😑😑😑

  5. Koreans are beautiful even without having plastic surgery , it's just that their government is a bit racists that's why they need to do some Lazer treatment on their skin
    By the way lots of love to favorite country Korea from India 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘😘

  6. That girl is so pretty though, she’s so much more pretty than the creepy interpretation of the “korean beauty standard”

  7. Well, in the first place, if society isn’t promoting such stringent beauty standards, then its people won’t strive to reach that so called “beauty” under the knife. Plastic surgery has become the mainstream. Therefore, anything less is not considered beautiful.

  8. Грустно что нельзя было быть индивидуальностью,а следовать за стандартами общества

  9. I mean you can do plastic surgery if you want but…

    There’s a line between plastic and just normal surgery👏👏👏

  10. Wth! Most Koreans in my opinion are beautiful WITHOUT that stupid surgery. Why would they ruin themselves to look like coraline?

    Moral of this: You are BeYOUtiful the way you are, don't let low self esteem get to you or you'll end up like the clown faces in this video. Peace ✌

  11. She died during the surgery, the doctor sent someone else as her and her family didn’t recognize her because they all look the same now.

  12. It's a sad and scary issue. Dolls are toys but some people want to look like dolls these days. Thank you for sharing a nice video. May I share it thru my channel?

  13. If I lucked like that girl before I'd be happy as fuck I'd be preety like her who wants to be sharp like a knife and the eyes are to creepy I'd rather luck like her before

  14. It’s sad how everyone knows about unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards and disagrees with it but nothing ever changes…

  15. My opinion is that, she's dead. The surgery didn't turn out well, it took a tragic turn instead.
    In a dreamlike state, her mom appeared impressed and approving (the anaesthesia kicked in, so was her hope, still positive) but later she had a horrified look on her face and slowly backed away from her daughter (the girl's separated from her beloved family – she was dying, hope's shattered) the surgeon's panicky voice overlayed the scene (even though she had signed the disclaimer, but we could hear him say "I'm in trouble", implies that the surgeon has no credential, it's a shady illegal practice and a huge crime, he could be charged with manslaughter…major red flags, the ad isn't heavily-advertised, the surgery came for free – she's a test subject @ "target practice", the surgeon oversimplified the complex procedure, the paper is just to lend credibility to the whole thing) and we could see that she was lying motionless bleeding profusely and abandoned, eventually the heart monitor stopped beeping.
    The end scene is when her consciousness re-lives her biggest fear in a state of limbo (purgatory realm/another dimension = NOT promoting any religious ideologies, what I meant is the repetitive suspended state 😒), where she still wants to feel validated, yet she's invisible, unacknowledged and she only receives a look of pity/stone-cold expression from her family members. The silent scene is indicative that she can no longer reach them (they were chatty at the dining table in the earlier scene).
    This is not to dismiss/ridicule other people's theories, this short film is such a thought-provoking, well-made piece of art and understand the subjectivity, it's open to interpretations.

  16. it wasnt horror ant the ending sucked. I didnt explain anything and we didnt get to see the girls altered face. Was it even her? The family literally had no reaction. I do like the message behind it though.

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