Hunter Hunted (A short horror film)

Hunter Hunted (A short horror film)

A mysterious murder took place in Hauz Khas Village, one of the happening places of South Delhi 25 year old, Mayank Kapoor, alias Mack Kapoor, was fighting against the wrongs and the subsequent upheaval caused by the Indian Government. He firmly believed that anarchy could only be combated by anarchy. According to his friends, around 12:50, he left for Aurubindo market on foot, after leaving the Ragage pub. ..His body was found the next day, hanging upside down from a tree in Deer Park. Commenting on this mysterious killing The Chief Minister of Delhi offered condolence. The Delhi state has cautioned the youth of the city not to venture out late in the night. ..and not to interfere in the working of the government.

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  1. This is the creepiest shit ever! For the idiots trying to find a meaning, not every story a lesson. Its just meant to be enjoyed. Great short!

  2. Pieces of work brought me here ! Amazing and creepy guys ! I donno unless it gets a second part this movie looks incomplete.. it would be more creepy if in the end we saw the man with knife deed hanging on …Get a patreon !

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