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  1. when he opened the camera and grabbed the film my head fell on my desk and i cried a bit…. every photographer knows the pain

  2. This isn’t even my family and it’s made me smile so much. I only wish I had something like this to be able to remember my nan. Photos are great but a moving image, a video, film…that’s just magica.

  3. Not sure why you didn't open it sooner. I would have tinkered and opened it up right after receiving it, oh well whats done is done.

  4. Dang, I'm watching this during my break, in our office and I'm just crying at my area desk while everybody else around me was busy with work. This is a treasure My Dearests!

  5. Cool rescue! I've been able to digitize a few old audio tapes before hey turned to dust but no videos as of yet. Love the DIY homespun science!

  6. '64 was a GREAT year! Among many other amazing things that happened that year, including this footage, it's the year of my birth.

  7. I honestly thought this was some horror story tape thing, where he finds dusty old tapes in his attic, and plays then and it’s something like someone hanging themselves or whatever. But instead it’s just his mum and her siblings by the globe thingy

  8. 1:20 that's 16mm film… it's much wider and has perforations on both sides of the frame. 8mm only has one perf.

  9. I'm pretty sure those test run results were "far from perfect" because he shot it on negative film and tried to project it like you would with positives

  10. Being someone who develops film for a living I can say there are many elments which are total BS.
    Since he said it could only be developed in B&W I can assume it was Kodachrome in the camera. His goal of saving lost memories was honorable.
    Film is available for his camera but would not be able to be home developed because the film must be cut in the lab in such a way it would be impossible to do at home. Furthermore there are special tanks made for developing 8mm film and the one he has was NOT that tank! Developing chemicals are very available from many places so again that was all BS. Using coffee to develop film is a real thing but from what I hear the results are not as good as using normal developing chemicals. If anyone else has one of these cameras you should check out the film photography project.

  11. I feel as though the footage shown strikes a chord within all of us because, in a subconscious sort of way, we connect it to our childhood, to our past, to our memories and to that deep-rooted feeling that once a moment in time is gone, it's gone forever. Everything in this life must have an end. There's a feeling of complete joy and happiness in the moment we get to see in the footage, all of them together as a family at one of the peaks of their childhood caught on film, then the reality that that exact moment in time will never exist again. The clock never stops ticking, time touches everything, we grow out of our innocence, wonder and naive curiosity of the world that we possess in our childhood, everything slowly loses its magic and along with it, we grow ever so slowly apart from the family we began our journeys on this earth with. I believe that we all know this truth and so we relate to images of the past as they connect us to our own. It is a bittersweet comforting acceptance of reality that we all share.
    Spend as much time as you can with those you love, and never lose the magic.

  12. 8mm film for the funsaver is available. Fomapan 2×8 R100 that you can drop into most 8mm cameras. If it is a cartridge type you can still buy NOS or used cartridges, usually with Kodachrome in them, open the cartridge up and put your new roll of film in it. There are plenty of companies still developing 8mm film both B&W and old/expired Ektachrome. Kodachrome can only be processed as black and white, I wouldn't do it unless it was or could be something important.

  13. Buzz feed makes badass videos when they aren't pushing politics and stuff awesome video guys 🙂 also it is really sweet that he went through that kind of effort especially since his grandpa got to see it again

  14. This inspired me to buy Super 8 Film and get it developed.

    That Film now contains the last images of my grandma.

  15. it's obviously been digitized, I would do some serious tweaking in a video editing program. I'm sure the end result would be much improved…

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