I hate love story full movie Imran khan / Sonam Kapoor

I hate love story full movie Imran khan / Sonam Kapoor

This Love and all is
not my kind of thing Do you know, till today
l have not understood.. .. how some people spend
their whole lives with one girl I had already decided that l will
not waste my life by falling in love So are you trying to say that.. .. every boy wants just one
thing from every girl? – Right Every love story, has
the exact same story The hero first runs away
from love.. And then.. l love you Simran l love you and onIy you l love you Riya God l hate love stories! But I love, love stories lnfact, l love everything These flowers, this season, rains! These colours, Pink Romance, romantic films l make sets for these films,
l am an art director l love my job, This filmy world,
dramatic stories and.. .. The thing I love the most
– Iove stories ln which the heroine
Turns around in slow motion, when the hero sings
and calls out to her Cut! Emotions! I want emotions! Stupid! These love
stories are stupid Even more stupid than that are those
people who make these love stories Today, l top the list
of these stupid people l am a stupid directors assistant who is enacting
something stupid so that he can.. FeeI, l want to feel..
l want to get the feel? How do they make such stupid films Do Iove stories really exist? Of course, love stories exists we have a perfect Iove story That’s Raj, My Mr. Right! when l saw, l realized my love Love means going crazy, Simran Raj was just perfect So perfect, that everyone loved him
– Perfect! Perfect! My mom was a Gujrati And dad, Punjabi After her
experience mom had decided.. .. That her
son-in-law would be a Gujrati Enter Raj! Perfect Just Perfect My mom had just one dream That amongst these cards, One day,
would be my wedding card She was obsessed with marriage My marriage! Marriage
– none of this crap for me! l was just not that types of a guy lnfact l haven’t seen a
happy couple till today Umm, may be my grandparents Actually no, l just loved one thing! Dating! I date every
kind of girl.. who loves me, who doesn’t love me who does everything
else besides loving me Or even makes me do things! l had just one dream To work with a director who
made the best love stories And that day.. My life was perfect And l was so happy Stop yeah! Now Ieave
her and listen to me Veer was a very big filmmaker Big hits, big stars, big budgets whatever, whatever But these were not my
kind of films.. Not my scene lnfact for me it
was like the Taliban l was here forjust two reasons First, my resume and Second, Peter’s bills There was another
character in my life.. Kunal My senior in office
and My best friend Kunal was like a
villain for every girl The perfect villain! Phew! l hate it when
girls don’t listen to me why you still sitting, you
want to get me beaten up? Lets go Oh Shit! Speaking of villains Veer,
the villain of my life Sent me to watch this romantic film wanted me to see some
aunty’s performance Casting issues Actually, he knew how I
felt about these films Sadist! But I did not know that my
life would change that day Just like an old film, She turned and looked at me And me.. Sirji, my family is a little small You are alone, can you
please Adjust on that seat there what is happening? Hi.. J what’s your name? Name? Simran How can you be so beautiful? Your name is Simran? Seriously? Shut up Jay, keep quiet
don’t say anything, keep quiet Quite a filmy name, don’t you think? No offence Listen you don’t have a
boyfriend by the name Raj right? No right, Thank God, If you did
l would have falIen down laughing My fiancAes name is Raj But seriously, have you ever thought
what wiIl happen to your children In school their
teachers will ask them Child, what are your parents’ names? Raj and Simran Child, do they also
sing songs in fields? wilI you please be quiet Change the mood, say
something sweet Jay Come on, you can do it l bet your those filmy types You love these love stories right Look, your spoiling my film If you are not
interested in this film Then just leave l cannot go Have you hear of Veer Kapoor? Of course, he is
my favorite director Of course, he is
your Favorite director! l work for him He has sent me here He is mad He had falIen down
somewhere in his chiIdhood.. .. and hurt his head and since
then he has been making love stories which people love People are mad God! This! Childhood romance, childhood
Sweethearts, does this even happen? lt happened with us Us?
– Raj and l Oh God, I thought she
was reaIly making fun of me That is why l decided
that l will keep quiet Seriously you need help You are really really ill You beIieve in such love stories?
– Just shut up Oh, so you must be
believing in ghosts too right? A lot of films are made on ghosts Simran, come on ya,
don’t go like that Look, why you getting so angry l was just doing time pass Come on, Listen
Simran please seriously.. .. I cannot watch
such a boring fiIm alone l need your company Best of luck! Ya right, I won’t
watch a film without you Anyways this was the
world’s smalIest love story This time veer was
making a very different film Sanjana was leaving forever She was walking towards the aircraft Cut to, ln the frame
we see Rahul’s feet Rahul does not want Sanjana to leave Rahul runs behind Sanjana He fights with the security
guard and screams “Sanjana” But Sanjana’s father
does not leave her hand And then, then, Rahul sings a song Hearing the song,
Sanjana’s fathers heart melts Sanjana leaves her fathers
hand and runs and hugs RahuI Every love story has the same
costumes, same sets, same dialogues Everything is the same.. .. just the themes have been
changed a little and they say Our film is different! It wilI not be shot
in New York or London, But will be shot in New ZeaIand Bollywood’s king
will shoot in Queenstown wow!
– This is not just a Iove story lt’s a saga! wow! Veer Sir. – Jay, I’m sorry your
name is J right, not Jay Ya
– why? It’s cool? So telI me J, you did
not like my film right? No Veer, I thought it was..
– Shut up l’m sure you think l am dumb, mad And make the same old
fiIms over and over again But you know what? l know that Just one thing, there’s
one thing that you don’t know That my films have magic.. .. that magic which
the audience connects.. .. with which you
will understand one day Understand?
– lt’s really Shut up! Veer, Nidhi is
incharge of costumes.. .. and we need another girl
for properties, can I ask.. Jay, from today jay will
be in charge of properties Veer.. l – You don’t
understand my world right Jay? That is why from today, you
will work with my art director Understand? So remember l had told
you not to listen to Simran You will have to listen to her now Because in front of
me was fate again! what the F? Ah Simran! Hi Veer Simran meet.. This is
– J! He was watching a film yesterday Oh that reminds me, did
you actualIy watch that film? Yes.
– And he praised it a lot too Really? You liked it so much? l wasn’t taIking about the film,
l was talking about you! lt was Veer only who hurt
himself in his childhood right? No! That was me! Oh really? Long story Veer! Dude, its’ a graph!
However insolent a girl is.. .. she is that hot as weIl,
directly proportional Simran is only so hot,
but she is jacking.. .. your case quite badly,
its a total loss! But l think she is a
little hotter than that! How does it matter my friend? ln
any case you have to pack up soon Do one thing, on your
way out throw an egg on her A Simran, this is Jay, Jay Dhingra.. .. Oh ya he doesn’t
like his last name.. .. its not cool, anyways
ilI see you in a bit – Ok So you complained about me right? Fine, but this was a very cheap shot Jay Dhingra, you spoke a
lot of rubbish yesterday.. .. and I did not say anything But don’t forget l
am your senior here ln this office there will be
only professional talks, no rubbish You wilI not argue with
anyone and will do only whatever.. .. you are told to do l want the production pIans now NOw!! And Jay Dhingra, Best of Luck again! what just happened? This Simran chic is so.. Stupid! He is so stupid lt’s such a good job, such a good
set up, but he doesn’t care about it Jaan! Leave that Jay in office only why are you spoiling your mood? Hi l tried leaving him in office Here, Veer has sent this..
welcome gift How sweet!
– Hey Hey Hey, l’m J Hi Jay, Raj Dholakia Uh Raj Dholakia it’s J You should try the wine, it’s
really good, I packed it myself Sorry friend, but l
don’t drink on weekdays And today Simran has made Iobsters,
I’m saving place for that Simran, you try the wine Even I don’t drink on weekdays wow, a match made in heaven! Yeah.. So tell me, what do you do? l’m an investment banker from London wow! Stocks, number crunching,
trading and aIl of that Your dam smart! Thanks
– Yeah Uh, why don’t you join us? Dinner? Uh no thanks By the way, I drink on weekdays! And even we want some privacy Oh, oh Sorry Uh no.. Hey dude listen, nice shirt, Red, Nice red Thanks what? He’s sweet, poor thing,
he was ok.. Simran! Even Raj thought that jerk was sweet was l over reacting? Simran! Simran! Hi You know l was
thinking Of you alI night You look really pretty at night Oh.. I, l’m joking! Look, l know we didn’t
start off on the right note.. .. it was my fault, l’m sorry Let it go Hey, will you be my friend? Ah Great, so now that we are
friends, can l ask you something? Sure why do you roam around with this
flower? Does Raj give it to you? Yes
– Everyday? One white flower? Is it in mourning? what? Listen, do you seriously love Raj? l mean, come on, you
look So good at night.. .. l would give you
7 out of 10 points Easily But I wouldn’t
give him more than a 4 what are you trying to say? Raj.. DhoIakia Have you forgotten
your name? Jay “Dhingra”? l am different and
his shirt was ugIy lnfact it was fugly, you
understand fugly right? How dare you? You
said his shirt was nice! Listen l’m seriously
telling you, he is very boring.. .. he doesn’t have
wine on weekdays, why? Because he might have a
hangover the next morning but.. .. that Gujju boy
was eating lobster.. .. what if his
stomach got upset then? Just shut up, l had
asked you to behave But that was in office!
And now we are friends! why you getting so angry? l was just doing some time pass. You girls reaIly overact, seriously! l thought l could give you
another chance but l don’t think so l want these properties, now why do you want
everything right that moment? lt’s for a girls room,
you won’t have any problem All this girls stuff and me?
Come on yeah.. l.. what’s happening guys? I was just sending Jay to get
some properties for Priya’s room And we wanted to know if you
had any special requirements Hmm, Scene number 18 right? Sanjana’s introduction shot,
Sanjana is sleeping on her bed The first ray of light wakes her up Romantic music is pIaying l need everything, stuffed toys.. .. heart shaped pillows, balloons.. .. colourfuI bedspreads with
flowers on them, colours, colours l want a lot of colours,
but mostly pink Confused? Don’t think like a boy Jay,
think like a girl Think like a girl, my boy! l hated it when she smiled like that we meet tomorrow at the office
at 9:00 am.. meeting with Veer Hell and.. heaven l was clear, a person
works so that he can enjoy life If l cannot enjoy my Iife,
what is the point in working? Now step 2, looking for single girls The rules were simple Singles don’t sit
like boring couples SingIe girls don’t talk to
their boyfriends on the phone And couples never drink so much Hey..
– Hey l can solve your problem
– Sorry? You are drinking here alone,
there has to be some problem There is no probIem But I have a big problem l cannot party alone.. I’m J
– GiseIle what do you do? lnvestment banker, Mery lynch Oh
– Filmy kind of boys don’t Iook cool Nice
– That’s why.. l hate the crowd on the dance floor There is not even one nice coupIe You think we should change that? lf you say no, then
l will kill myself Really And like always, fate! J? what are you doing
in the ladies toiIet? l’m waiting for my cousin,
she is inside J, have you met my friend?
She reaIly helped me inside Really? How nice! Do you know even Simran’s
boyfriend works at Mery Lynch.. .. just like my boyfriend! Boyfriend? He’s your boyfriend? Oh Simran! You are
Raj’s girlfriend right? Raj who wears realIy fugly shirts,
how nice to meet you! Jaan, l don’t want to meet Raj
here, this is not a corporate party Don’t feel bad.. You know..
– Uh you work in bollywood right? Right yeah. l have hear your
quite insoIent, and abuse a lot You should speak nicely to people,
they will feel nice Bye These love stories are so stupid,
but since l have seen you Raj!
– Jay! Raj Dholakia, my man what a shirt! Look, Look Blue, how nice right? Thanks, what are you doing here? what does a person
do in the toilet Raj? Yea but.. what is this? lt’s our
anniversary today, small gift when did you get married? No no, not that one, the other one Oh, naughty boy, naughty boy! No no its not Iike that, we
started dating on this date Awe, how sweet! Yeah You know, next year it will
also be our anniversary, same day! we can celebrate together!
I love bankers! Jaan, we should go Jaan, we should go, come on Uh Simran, you should talk to your
staff nicely, even outside office! Shit! You practice yoga a lot right? Yeah power yoga, how do you know? what’s for breakfast? You promised
me l would get whatever l want That line was not for breakfast And then she went on saying the
same thing Just louder and louder what? – Look, if my landlord
gets to know that you are here.. .. he wilI throw me
out and have you arrested what? – Yeah, you will
have to hide and go out what? lf I had known that, l
wouId have never come here l know
– what? l can’t find one shoe Go with one shoe then, you
wilI look like Cinderella what? Bye
– what? And this way l got rid
of probIem number one And now problem number two l want curtains flying Jay! Every morning l wake up and
pray to God forjust one thing.. .. that oh God please give me
the honour of meeting Jay today! Voila! here you are! Veer, actually..
– Get Out! A man who cannot
come to office on time.. Veer last night my cousin died! what? Yeah, Because of a drug overdose! These kids these days,
no family vaIues you know Uh, l’m sorry Jay, Jay, why don’t you go wash
your face and come, freshen up Even his eyes were red, poor guy Yes Sir, he must not have slept also,
he was on set till late last night Uh Jay, do one thing,
just take the day off Go home and rest Rest well and come tomorrow, its ok No, Veer actually she
is not in India so.. Oh, Oh ok come come come
join us, keep your bag Simran has made this new set lt’s beautiful! Look, look There is a
staircase inside the house And the staircase has a moulding too AbsoIuteIy new! These people are not rich.. .. but they shouldn’t be
too poor aIso, just right Beautiful, good job Simran! But Veer, J had not liked this model what? No, l loved it l had not liked it at first,
but then I thought from my heart To match Rajiv and Priya’s scaIe.. .. we have to have a
house like that onIy right? These windows are so beautifuI!
French windows How reaI! Surreal! My uncles house is just the same! And the temple, we will
have a aarti song here right? How.. different! Amazing! how one tragedy
has changed you so much Jay l am so proud of you Look at you, good idea, the aarti
should be here under the staircase That smiIe again, something
was going to happen for sure lt’s not a joke Jay! l had asked you to
bring a simple vase right? l don’t know what your problem is
– l’m sorry.. I No Jay, this is not
about just one vase Everything you do is wrong Look Jay, this is my set and.. .. l will make it
according to my sensibilities l do not need your expert opinion And if you cannot do things right,
then just get out of here! Kunal! Come on, lets go Jay, Veer has given
you a lot of chances lts time you pull up
your socks, otherwise.. what kind of a graph is this?
She has just got after me You ok? Coffee? But l knew coffee
wouIdn’t do anything Check her out! 7 on 10..
There 10.30.. 11 what the F.. what is she doing here? Lets’ get out of here And then something
amazing happened.. Fate Ah Sorry man! J? Shit! Sorry No, l’m sorry For that! And for this morning, I should
not have spoken to you that way No, lt’s ok No, even Veer got to know Simran, I know you did not mean it l know why you were so off mood Mr. Perfect is troubling you right? Listen, he is a nice guy Just explain to him
simply that he should not do.. .. time pass during work hours He will understand Everything wiIl be fine And listen if that does not work,
run away from home like me shhh Ok opening shot The heroine is
standing in the balcony right? There is a strong breeze blowing Jay! wow! You are Iate again today Come on boys! Give him a hand Give him a hand You know what in such a
situation I would scream at you But you know what, l
will not scream at you And you know why? Because you don’t
get affect by being screamed at Today, you will
stand in that corner.. .. like a school child with
your hands up the entire day. Ok? Looks silly right? Jay! Go! l am serious! Go! Actually Veer l had sent Jay to
get some properties Last warning well then we start with an O. S shot Here is looking at the heroine ok? Zoom in on the heroine, pan in and.. Simran! Uh Sorry
– Ok, we can do this. Nidhi, dialogue! Thank you Thanks Veer cant be trusted, he’ll
make me a chicken next time Thank you for last night’s speech l said a lot right?
lt’s the beer man, sorry lt was the first time you said
something that dint make me feel bad So, what are your
problems other than me? Huh?
– Love? Raj? Dholakia? l love Raj l told you, you are ill,
you need help He is very nice, if l
fight with him even a littIe.. .. my entire day gets spoiIt! But, fights happen,
you know how it is! Yeah That is why l
don’t have a girlfriend Really? Hmm, in my film there are just
one or two meetings and then.. End titles Listen if you have any
hot friends then.. – No I do not want to show
any girl such a bad film Fine! why did you leave home?
– Oh God! lt’s not that dramatic! My parents Iive in long island.. .. and my dad wanted me to
join the family business l wanted to be a director There were fights
at home, l left home That’s it! And you? you live with Raj? Raj and me have known
each other from childhood Family friends son!
Perfect match! That’s it! No, no, no, no So which film have
you jumped out of? Guys! It’s a wrap, we
finished long time back! So, you don’t
believe in Iove stories? lt’s a practical world yeah There is nothing
like Iove lt’s like.. it’s like we have been conditioned.. .. from childhood to
believe in something Like.. God Now what is your problem with God? How can I have a problem with
Something that does not exist! what nonsense! Have you seen God?
ls he your neighbours? Look Jay, – I’m sorry, it’s my
fault, of course you believe in God You consider Raj your God You see you God in him!
– Shut up! Love Guru, I see Meena
everyday at a grocery store See? I mean did you hear? Perfect! Everyone’s love is perfect at first And then you need to
go to such cartoons l think this is a sexual problem,
you should excite Meena Raj and me have known
each other from childhood But our love has not changed Really? we like the smallest of
Things about each other Just like it happens in films Oh God! Come out of
your Filmy world, Simran! Do you know there are
a lot of things other.. .. than this love of yours!
– Sex! Sex! See! Hatred, Jealousy Ok if Raj sees me
drop you home he will.. Nonsense, Raj is not like that Thank you
– See, l’m a very innocent boy! which film’s set is this? Shut up Simran! Gabbar Singh! Simran.
– Raj! what are you doing here? You hardly meet me so l came
to tell your parents goodnight You are so sweet! See J, this is what I call love Hey Jay, what are you doing here? l have come to say goodnight to you! Take care
– Bye Guys See You
– Raj! Nice shirt Thanks why does he talk to you this way? wassup Gabbar? Are
You in a bad mood? Did Basanti Bhabhi,
your wife run away? what was happening? was J right? was my perfect life
actually not perfect? Thank you
– Anytime But something was happening..
J was changing J! Do you want to
join us for dinner? with your parents? l promise, you wilI not get bored why haven’t you got married yet? Mom!! No aunty, l haven’t found
anyone special that is why Can l heIp? Mumma! what Mumma Mumma? You don’t get married yourself,
why don’t you Iet him get married? wilI a Gujrati girl do? Mumma, you know what
l’m leaving ok? Hey, hey, hey calm down! Actually aunty, there was this girl Oh l really really Ioved her Ok But my mom did not like her why dint she like her? Because she was bisexuaI l mean, she batted for both teams But I like girls
that like girls, I’m ok Mom, J is joking, he is
not interested in marriage.. .. and he does not have
any serious girlfriend Oh wow! Your a Casanova type? ln my time, even I was
like you, like a tiger Really? But nowadays, I stay
at home like a housecat l think l need another drink Cheers! Don’t worry, it happens,
it happens with everyone Son, I thought you
were going to kill him No Uncle, when someone
behaves badly with.. .. their staff l don’t like it Now means? Nikhil, he wants me to
go back to the office. Problem? Hope not SuddenIy l felt like I
was standing there alone why? Mozart, Beethoven.. right! Hi Veer You just disappeared? Have
you joined Simran’s team? Veer you only asked me
to join Simran’s team Don’t argue Go get ready, the actors are
coming to read their dialogues Rajiv and Priya?
– Yes Guys now this was an epic,
we are making a saga.. Guys meet Jay, new AD Uh Jay, so Jay J Jay J
– Jay Yeah Jay who takes the auditions here? Nikhil
– So where is my best friend Nikhil? Taking auditions Of girls? No kids Jay Jay Jay, are the kids’ moms hot? Rajiv come on lets do this now Yeah yeah..
– Positions now come.. Sanjana is getting
married to someone eIse Everyone is celebrating karvachaut And at that time,
Sanjana’s house catches fire Sanjana’s dupatta gets burnt And now Sanjana is in a coma She is fighting for her life And at that time RahuI comes and.. Get up Sanju, Get up l know you can hear everything.. .. yourjust acting to
fight with me and trouble me Get up Sanju, say something pIease l love you Rahul what can l say Simran?
Look we do have problems But why, I don’t know Nowadays I.. Anyway.. l’m going to Delhi tomorrow when l come back, please
give me my Simran back PIease This was not fate! I’ve got into the habit
of going home together Raj and you have fought again right? How do you know? The glasses, you are the filmy type whenever l am sad.. l don’t know Jay,
everything was normal up till now But now l feel like
something is missing The magic? Yeah J, the magic, the love.. l don’t know where
it has disappeared The magic has disappeared!
How tragic! There is nothing like
magic Simran, its in your head You need to keep the spice
fresh in every relationship So all these people need your help Yeah and you too This must be a joke for you,
but l know what this magic is You know even PC Sarkar must
not beIieve so much in magic l don’t want to argue with you All l am saying is
that l was happy first And you are not now, obviousIy what does that mean? Ok, to be happy you need to
be a littIe carefree but you.. So many tantrums,
so many boundaries, Like there is some big walI and
you are stuck in it like Anarkali Break that waIl Simran, Break free Sex, Every problem has just
one soIution – How? – Have Sex Do you have this everyday? No, No, Normally we have beer, But today for the first time
– shots why? Guaranteed drunkenness!! Don’t you think only
one of us should rink? See, this is exactly
what I’m talking about Come on, Let go! Come on.
– Ok Next one next one l love shots Peter! l love shots From today,
l’Il have shots everyday So tell me, what’s the problem? l forgot Shots! Ok look, l’m not
saying that you.. everyday You will become Devdas But sometimes it’s
good to loose control will you dance?
– No You should dance Excuse me, my friend
has a huge crush on you No he is lying, he
has a crush on you No no what was that Ok will you dance with me?
– No – Come on No way
– Come on – No No No Guys, excuse me l just found out
that my wife is pregnant Ask her to dance with me, come on l told you, l am an innocent boy That’s it? what else do you want to do? Hey gabbar Gabbar Singh! Your mood
is not good today also? Basanti ran away right? why don’t you make do with Dhanno? Look, Look, Look my first
girlfriend was from your village we were neighbours ls your mustache real? For the first time I woke up
in the morning and thought what has happened
to my perfect life. l love the rains l’m shocked Shut up Hey that’s a nice one yeah,
can l keep that? l wiIl never give this to you Have a look at this sir, the
water is falling really welI Looks ok, we will have to make
someone stand in for reference why don’t you break your walI? wow, you look.. fugly! Raj will just not recognize you l thought about you everyday, Simran But you are going
away from me.. why? Am I doing something wrong? PIease give me one more chance PIease, let’s try
and make this work But the problem was mine, Sometimes, colours also look good Red is my favourite colour Raj always gives me white flowers He loves white Do you know, l hated your smile And now? Jay! what’s happening? Just
concentrate on your work No, Veer this is for the scene Shh, Anyway the
rainfall is too heavy l want just 4 drops of water.. .. to falI on Priya’s face 1,2,3,4 drops And concentrate God! The world’s worst dialogues They are not that bad Everything was fine tiIl yesterday,
how did this love happen? l Had never imagined
that this would ever happen How did this happen? wow! Not bad Any one will launch you. So now do you
believe in Iove stories? l want to say something to you PIease don’t misunderstand me l have faIlen in love with you l cannot Iive without you Even I am just yours
Sanjana just yours l have to meet you, urgently Going to the Marriot,
Coffee shop see you there And right there one more
love story had been created l had fallen for Mr. wrong l dint know anything what mom and dad would say what wiIl l telI Raj? what wiIl our future be Nothing That wall had fallen down And l had fallen in love with J Hey wassup what was so urgent? ls everything alright? what is all this? who is that? who? She’s a friend what kind of friend? what kind of friend?
She’s a friend Simran And me? You what? what’s going on? Am I nothing of yours what are you saying? l thought you loved me what? when did l say that? No, You dint but I thought ls everything alright? Yup.. ahh 1 sec Simran, I don’t know what to say You here like this l know J, its my fault Simran l just thought that you aIso
love me, its not your fault l don’t know why you thought that Even I don’t know but l just though we spent so much
time together that why what? At work? Yeah at work Jay. Simran, I was always your friend l have never looked at you that way l know that J Come on you know how it is Your not my type And for God’s sake you are engaged l know J, But l
had left everything.. .. forgotten
everything for a new life You were right, all
this just happens in films lt’s not your fault J, l’m sorry You know why all this
confusion has taken place? Because of those stupid films, that
love in which you believe so much l know J Simran there is nothing like love There is lt has happened with me
and I feeI like a fool. Simran’s smile had disappeared She had fallen in love And unfortunately l had
become a part of her love story Hey, Simran’s girIfriend has come Dude, the schedules
getting over, you should join.. .. a kitty party with her Shut up Jay, Simran has requested
for 2 girls as her assistants Just hand everything over and
come over for some real work Holy Shit Dude, what just happened? I knew it, l knew
there was some problem You did something
with her sister right? what? No she does not have a sister. Then her best friend? No Kunal Oh, then l have no interest J! l was just going to come to you l wanted to say thank you
to you for all the hard work You were right l had gone mad l was living in some dream world l’m sorry PIease forget
whatever happened between us Let’s just be friends wilI you be my friend? And don’t worry I have realIy
praised you in front of Veer lt was the best way to
say thank you to you Thanks Everything had
changed in just one moment And all this because of the
one thing I hated the most Love There was nothing
left to say between us But I had to tell someone the truth l have thought a lot Raj l think we shouId
go our separate ways PIease don’t say that, Jaan You don’t know what
has happened to me And l don’t even want to know we are here again,
together, that’s all I.. Raj, you are not understanding So why are you trying to
make me understand, Simran? Simran, l want to give this
relationship one more chance And l am willing to
do anything for that l just need your support How could l say No to Raj, lt was time to reopen this door I told you earlier that
Simran’s graph was wrong lt’s not about the graph,
she is a nice girl, that’s all wow! For the first time
you are defending a girI what’s the deal?
– Don’t be stupid Shots for you, sir Are you crazy? Have we
ever had shots till today? what are you doing man?
Get us some beer, regular l want to gift you something today There, 9 on 10 How are you?
– l’m fine. Not interested Kunal what? Keep it, I’m
going to keep the 16 8 + 8 both! Not in the mood
– RealIy? Yeah
– Sure? – Sure So then wear this.. what?
– Just, just wear it Hi Girls This is my blind brother lt’s his day out today,
so l have got him out Oh How Sweet Hi, l’m Tina Kunal. Jay Michelle He is so handsome,
how did this happen? Poor thing, he went to watch Black He came out of the theatre,
and everything was bIacked out Oh so sad Black is such an awesome movie Totally
– Yeah Uh, Can l buy you girls a drink? l’m sure you drink wine How did you know? when l Iook at you, l feel
like I know everything about you That’s so cool All girls drink wine! Here you go.. Did u just see that? Oh! No l am really blind You creep! what did you just do? what’s wrong with you? l told you l was not in the mood Jay, whether or not
you know anything.. .. this was your natural talent! How can you not see this? You are screwed! You’re dead! And the killer is Simran
– what? You’re in love, you
have falIen in love! Don’t be stupid, you
know I’m not like that Jay, she is pIaying on your mind lt’s a sign, everything is so cIear Your garage now has a board for all
the other girls that says No Parking And that’s why Jay what are you doing?
– Calling Simran Leave it man, l was just joking Shut up and stay out of this Don’t say anything and
just listen to me, ok Have I ever told you
that l love you? No Have I ever given
you any wrong signal? No, So then why are you doing alI this? l was just your friend And, and, and let’s
get one thing straight You have not
brought any change in me And l don’t love you, lnfact you love me! You understand? Yes Son Good, enjoy She called me “son”! l don’t know how this happened mom Raj is perfect And Jay is a Punjabi! So is the Punjabi right? And perfect wrong? Child, Relationships cannot be
made and broken off so easily Many lives are attached l hope you know what you are doing But I did not know anything That is why I decided to face
this problem for the last time She left! How can she just go away? She has just pre-poned her trip,
why are you overreacting so much? Are you carrying her
child by any chance? l wanted to say sorry Then call her again May be this time her Dad wilI answer what is this? Oh this! Cliches The love barometer Those foolish things
that every hero in love does Like fights, drama, taking
lover type photographs.. .. running behind the
heroine to the airport He laughs, cries what’s your point? Today l can see a new hero Simran’s hero what nonsense! You know that
there is nothing like that Test it, close your eyes
and if you can see her face.. .. then it means you love her Shut up l’m serious, it works! There is nothing Iike that l’m telling you at least try it once At least try
– Stop it l wiIl never give you this Try it what happened? Did you see her? Simran? Preity Zinta what? This scene is from Dil
Chahta Hai.. you idiot! Yeah Guys! Nidhi forgot to
take the production charts Kunal go to the
airport and give it to her Me? Can l go? l’m just going to say sorry ok Yeah yeah How could Simran just leave? l had to meet her I don’t know why..
but l had to meet her Hey thanks Jay, l
thought Kunal would come l’m sorry Simran l called you yesterday but..
– Don’t worry J, l understand You are ilI, you need help! l’m sorry for everything Jay l hope you can forgive me Simran why are you doing all this? Because this is it J we have some really beautiful
memories of our friendship And l don’t want to loose them May be the end credits
of our film should be here And the thinking
in bed started again The only difference this time was.. They were very beautiful memories But now aIl l can remember
is the moment she was leaving I will pray to God
that Simran kisses you You know, I just
love when two girIs.. Has someone died? And once again, we had
nothing to say to each other Someone, somewhere is made for you But how will I know? wilI she be standing with a board
with my name on it in her hand? How will l recognize him? ln whom will l see God? Thank you God, l
found my God! thank you So many signs, what is happening? what’s happening? Something happens Rahul,
you wont understand lf she loves me, then she
will turn around and look Turn around, Turn around,
Turn around l am going
– Bye Don’t ever say goodbye, when you say goodbye, the
desire to meet again dies Oh Jay, my friend!
How are you doing? You are coming for the party right?
– Yes lts been 2 weeks since
we have been shooting So l forced Veer that
he has to give a party l am looking cool? You know, girls really Iove my butt That is why l have worn
tightjeans, to enhance them working? Yeah
– Cool right? You should also try it Tight Jeans, works, man! l know what girls would say what an ass! FamiIy films are made like this Boys! Alright guys! Tonight
everyone’s getting drunk, ok The bar is that side get your drinks No Veer I’m not drinking
we are shooting tomorrow what?
– Isn’t the call time late? Jay the new serious attitude No No actually he is pregnant Don’t be siIly Kunal, for
that Jay has to have some sex And he runs away from girIs He doesn’t run away from girls I have seen him
constantIy looking at one girl So then he is a lesbian Keep quiet, lesbian, keep quiet Stop making fun of him,
Jay come with me Come on sit She is beautiful who? ME. So beautiful The same girl who you
are sneaking and looking at No, there’s nothing like that Jay, l am more experienced
than you in this business And l am not taIking about films Simran’s that smile had returned l think she was over me Come on go for a shot l am not in the mood Devdas Iooks really
funny without alcohol Come on, go for it And then, that night Yeah Girls are like buses One goes and then another comes But amongst all these buses There is just one
bus that takes you home And you should not miss that bus All the other buses are pointless Only that one bus why haven’t you found your bus? Because l don’t travel in buses But you don’t make this mistake She’s just a friend
whose gone far away from me So go, remind her
about your friendship Don’t let her go Forget everything, just listen to me l realized that what you see Does not always have to be true! May be Rajiv wasn’t such an ass Guys, excuse me excuse me l just found out my wife’s pregnant And she won’t dance with me.. Can You help me out. l do not remember anything else l just had to talk to Simran Go How are you yeah? Don’t look so surprised l was missing Simran a lot That is why So how is my shirt? Perfect, just like your timing! Thanks yeah lll see you around right? where the hell did this
white flower come from? Simran’s choice is
quite bad, don’t you think? l am not talking about you what was l doing in this story? The story is always suppose
to be Raj and Simran’s right? May be that is why fate
was also on their side Jay! Dude, we really
have some connection You are sitting and eating aIone? Anyway now we are
here to give you company No, l don’t want
to ruin your romance Oh come on, even l have
barged into your outdoor Am I ruining something? Coffee? Have a seat ill get it for you wilI you have something? Sure? You’re looking very happy Your love is here J why are you saying that? Baby your coffee Are you sure you don’t
want anything? – yeah So Jay, what are
you doing here alone? l mean a guy like you,
without a girl? what does that mean? Look fried, you are not
going to fall in love right? So you know your kind of girl Actually there was this one girl Really? But she had to go home
very suddenly – why? She fell down
somewhere and broke her leg what? I hope you at least
took her to the hospital? Yeah You know long back, even
Simian has hurt her leg I used to go meet
her 3 times everyday Remember baby? But you don’t Iove her right?
It’s different You haven’t tried your coffee yet And that’s a wrap! Go and teIl her No veer – No Veer there
is nothing like that.. ..you are misunderstanding me we are just friends You were going to
say just this right? Dude, l have made a lot of fiIms And have watched
more fiIms than that No matter how cooI you are, Your story is as filmy as that Now you have done everything You have fought, run to the airport You have got drunk and fallen down Have a sung a song? Look if you don’t tell her
what is in your heart today You will loose the little
chance that you have also Go tell her. Forget everything,
just Iisten to me Go Hey! Need to meet you urgently Sunset park 9 o clock Everything had changed,
I had falIen in love, And this was the
world’s best feeling. Magic! That magic has happened Simian l have faIlen in love The thing that l made fun of,
laughed at, dint believe in That has happened l love you Simran And I realised that
when you went away from me Everything is red, there is music,
you are here, I am here l know that Raj is also here, but lf you are with me
then nothing else matters Say you love me Simran, say it! No J Today that you have
said that you love me Should that make me
forget everything? J, even l had said
these same things to you But you did not understand lt took a lot of time for
me to get back to normaI And if you laugh at this
love story again tomorrow l will not be abIe to
come back to normal again But Simran – My Raj, has forgiven
me, how can l do this to him? How can l do this with myself? l don’t have the
strength to love you again l’m sorry J But I love you So does Raj! And in just one
moment my Iife had changed l was alone even today Don’t ask my friend, The thing that I was scared
of actually happened – love! ln every bad fiIm they say.. The thing that I was
scared of actually happened l had fallen in love And my heart was also broken.. And when the heart breaks,
the pattern is fixed The person stays in bed all day He takes the help of drinks You know she is so beautifuI And when she smiles, it’s beautiful And your own friends
remind you of her. l ate my food first,
then I brushed my teeth And then I ate my food again! So sweet! Tries to work but
remembers her even then.. And sometimes she comes herself That is why Veer
decided to help me out Strip club? Veer how do you
know about this place? Someone had told me about it Though even l have come
here for the first time Hi Veer, long time no see But the truth was that l was
much more broken than this what could l do? I
couldn’t understand anything Hello Mom? Jay? Jay, son how are you? l am fine, how are you? l’m good, I had called you but.. Yes, l was a little busy Son, are you ok? Ya mom, why you asking me that? You have called me today,
that is why Very funny mom Kill you ego son, tell
me what has happened? l cant understand anything mom How did this happen? How
did everything change? The thing l have always made fun of That thing has shown me my place And l don’t know what to do, mom what is the girls name? lt a girl right? Yeah, Simran! So why are you
overacting so much son? Jay, just because your dad
and me could not be together Doesn’t mean that every love
story wiIl have the same ending what is the problem son? She is with someone else So she loves someone else? No, she does not love him So she loves you? Oh god! Such a clinched problem And you have aIready given up? what has happened to you? You are crying Iike
a girl over the phone Come on get up, go Go and fight with her Make her reaIise
what she is missing Fight for your love son Make it happen l love you mom l’m sorry, l should not
have left home like this l have hurt you a lot right? No son, you have not
done anything like that l love you very much, Jay Miss you Mom had shown me the way l was going to fight for my love Kunal shut up man! This is serious! My friend, my hair have gone
white listening to your story Forget her, she is history No, my mom has said
that l have to fight lf you have to fight then join
some boxing club or a karate club Shut up Kunal, Jay you telI me l wiIl tell you from the beginning Simran feIl in love with you,
and you rejected her Then you fell in love with
her and she rejected you Now what should we do further? Thanks! The point is That even I don’t know
what she should do further Hmm.. I don’t know, l
couldn’t understand anything That is why, once again l decided
to make the call HeIlo Love Guru? Hello Love Guru? My name is J, actually Jayant Pandey we met on a film set, she
loves me but is upset with me now I cant understand
how to convince her Should l play a song for her? No, every problem
has only one solution Just have sex! But that is too far fetched Uh ok then jealousy Jealousy? Jealousy! Hmmm Jealousy You think that will work? Forget everything son,
just listen to me Hey! Giselle, please don’t do this Listen to me why should I Iisten to you Jay? why? Just get out of here Giselle please, see
what l got for you Giselle please, forgive me Now that l have understood what
love is, l couId only think of you You thought of me? Yeah, what? No, no no no l don’t love you l love Simran but l just
need some help from you Giselle? You must be kidding You want me to help
you fool some other girl? Giselle please, open
the doorjust once And you will know how serious I am That’s KunaI, that’s Nidhi They have a plan PIan? How did you know l would agree well, he told us that
you are quite stupid! Hey Simran, recognize me? Hi You know, l aIways thought
that Jay was madly in love with me But that dog!! Now l have fallen
madIy in love with him And that mad guy has
fallen for some other mad girl l want jay l’m ready to give him
my weaIth and body.. .. and you have to help me l cant do anything Oh come on Simran don’t be mean l just want his phone number PIease, please, please, please Ok Got it! But what will GiselIe talk to them Anything, how does it matter? Blah Blah blah blah Giselle? Oh How sweet! Have you seen J? J. l have just watched
this romantic movie with J Romantic movie and J? Yeah, I love him and his shirts And like Kunal said the
other things did not matter Blah blah.. Blah blah Hey baby, lets go Of course 2 popcorns This plan will work right? Of course, Giselle is
acting so well Thank you After the movie theatre, dinner! Giselle! You are not following us, are you? Uh Just kidding! l have come
with J for a candle light dinner How romantic! And the rest of the
things were not important.. Blah blah Hi baby! For you
– Thank you Bye! Are you ok? And then a party! Super, but where? Your house! what? Take the screenplay
a little forward lt was time to get close to Giselle Blah blah Jay, Jay, Jay ldiot over here! Look at what is in your hand She’s way hotter than Simran Take her instead,
– thanks. Blah blah Hi! No No No its not like that what kind of
a rubbish plan is this? Shut up But Kunal was right Because l thought a lot That if J Ioves me, what
was he doing with that girl? Just one last meeting,
Simran will break down Then you can go and propose to her Really? So now? But l was forgetting a
main character of the story. what’s up? what are you hiding and looking at? Um.. Um.. Uh Jay wanted to buy some clothes what? Yeah Uh, Raksha
Bandhan is around the corner what?
– Yeah Anyway, Guys! l have
a surprise for you l am going to
propose to Simran tomorrow, She has agreed to marry me! But, it’s a surprise so
please don’t tell anyone So boys, come over
tomorrow night we will celebrate l am going o see my
wife happy after very long lll see you guys later, take care! He doesn’t know what out plan is! we don’t have any plan what? She wants to marry Raj, Kunal Don’t be stupid, you know
that she doesn’t want that! So then why is she doing this? How do I know? He loves her and.. Exactly even Raj Ioves Simran And I may love Simran
way more than Raj does But who are we to decide that? we are not deciding, its
Simran who is deciding this.. But we are
influencing her decision right? we are confusing her ls this the right thing to do? Jay, what are you saying? Simran has agreed to marry Raj,
l just want her to be happy And if her decision is wrong,
the nothing will happen She will not go anywhere.
She will come back And if she does not
come back then.. l don’t know whatever happens, please
don’t tell Simran about this plan Surprise! Only for you Simran l wiIl send you white
flowers everyday till the day l die Everyday! Raj you don’t need to do this l know how much you.. How much I love you? No Simran, this is only.. ..because I know how much
you Iove white flowers Complimentary shots
from the bar sir Thanks, but we
don’t drink on weekdays l do I cannot lie anymore
and keep you in the dark l don’t Iike white flowers l drink on weekdays! And my favourite colour is red what are you saying Simran? l really tried to like white But white is perfect
and I don’t like perfect l love red So that’s fine, from tomorrow
l will send you red flowers No Raj, I need to
tell you something But I was Ieaving
everything and going home So like every hero l
had reached the airport Go from there! what game was fate playing with me? lf fate was on my side
then why wasn’t J on my side? HelIo
– Jay? what’s up? l am so happy son,
finally you are coming home Me too, why is there so much noise? My friends have come over for Iunch Even Mrs. Chopra is here. Her daughter is very beautiful,
should I talk to her? what? Mom l don’t want to get married Crying for Simrans loss? Mom stop it! Oh Ok Ok, O tell me what are
your plans after you get here? l don’t know, l think l
will join a film schooI Hmm, keep your Saturdays free I have found a very
good psychiatrists for you For what? For you? what? why? Because your in depression, son! l’m not depressed mom You haven’t noticed,
whenever you call you are crying where am I crying? l
am completely normal! Please Jay please, leaving
everything and coming back, Crying on the phone,
acting like Devdas Do you call this normal? So what do you want?
what do you want me to do? How does it matter what l want jay? l had asked God for a son,
but l got a daughter what? Girls cry on airports, not boys! And if you have to do all this drama
then go do it in front of Simran! Now tell me quickly,
are you even coming home? Jay, Jay are you coming home? No So then where are you going? To do some drama She loves drama l love you mom. In every climax the
hero runs to the airport But I was different Taxi! Don’t run away with my bag!
l have noted down your number Stop stop stop
– where are you going? Do you have a pass what pass my friend? lts my film You cannot go inside Rajiv! Rajiv
– Sorry Sir You have the best bum in the worId! l do, l do No, No he did not mean that Hello? Hello? Simran! Sorry! Sorry! Magic! The thing that l made fun,
dint believe in That has happened Simran Everything is red, there is music You are here, l am here The Iast time l gave
this speech you ran away This is me Simran l have done everything a
cartoon madly in love does But my feelings haven’t changed l cannot think of any new dialogue Everything has been used You know I am not perfect My name is not perfect l am stupid But if you are with me then my first
and last love story wilI be perfect l Iove you Simran, l
love you very much l love you too!! Come on! THE END

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