I made a LEGO spaceship for Xfinity’s new short film “A Holiday Reunion”

I made a LEGO spaceship for Xfinity’s new short film “A Holiday Reunion”

this video was created in partnership
with Xfinity for their new short film a holiday reunion the film is part of a
global campaign centered around the premise of the return of ET the
extra-terrestrial originally introduced in the 1982 Steven Spielberg film ET is
coming back to modern-day Earth to reconnect with Elliot who has now grown
up and has kids of his own including a son named Elliot jr. I designed and
built this spaceship for Elliot juniors room LEGO fans will recognize that this
is heavily inspired by the line of lego classic space sets that were on store
shelves in 1982 a creative choice I made to give special reverence to the era
even though the new short film and its spin-offs in the campaign are all set in
the present I did not know exactly how and where this would be used as a stage
prop so I also built an adjustable stand to allow the filming crew to pose it
however they chose well they could also take it off the stand and flick down
some very basic landing gear to display it by itself it can even stand in a
vertical position this project was on a tight timeline but I did my best to
incorporate a respectable level of detail in case the cameras gaze happened
to make a close pass I also engineered the model to be sturdy enough to be
handled without any fear of breakages or loosening parts there was no requirement
for any interior detail but I tried to go above and beyond to the bare
necessities by including a trunk with Elliot’s old red bicycle as well as an
opening below cockpit with three special passengers and some small additional
Easter eggs the pilot has consoles and controls et has his iconic potted
flowering plant there’s a bag of popcorn to represent cinema in general et has a
red phone and there are a couple of microscale representations of action
figures here’s the official Lego eet from the lego dimensions line a custom
young Elliot senior in the middle and an astronaut pilot who represents Elliot
juniors vision of a possible future career for his little sister
it’s a reunion 3 million light years in the making you can find out more about
this campaign and see the full short film by going to Xfinity comp /et thanks
for watching you

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  1. Best little Christmas commercial I seen in a long time and sweet build you should try and send that as a Lego idea project

  2. Xfinity/Comcast is a mega company….the fact they picked you is pretty epic and shows Jang is really well known and his love for lego and skills with Lego is getting recognized by even massive conglomerate corporations.

  3. I was trying to spot the build in the video, tucked away somewhere in the background. I was happily surprised when it appeared right in front of us, even with the camera focused solely on it before shifting it to the kid. Awesome!

  4. The Xfinity site blocks my country. The video is up on youtube "A Holiday Reunion – Xfinity 2019", I suggest adding that link to your description as well?

  5. For those interested, Jang's SPACESHIP! appears at 2:47 in their commercial here

  6. Fanstastic work Jang, especially given the ridiculously short timescale you had to deal with. The end result looks amazing 👍💙💛💙💛💙 Gotta love those Classic Space colours!

  7. Wow. Yet another commission. Good on you, Jang.

    The ship itself is nicely made, and seems really playable and swoosh-able.

  8. Congrats Jang. I've been looking forward to this since you announced it. The ship looks beautiful and it's a proper modern homage to classic space.

  9. Wow that's so cool for someone who I assume was a fan of yours to reach out to you and for you to get some recognition even though it's only in one shot that's AMAZING it's so cool you were able to do this jang

  10. You KNOW something is up with Lego's business reputation when a major company asks a fan to design a model for an ad instead of a worker at Lego. By the way, I saw the ad during the Macy's parade, but I'll have to re-watch it to find this ship. Congrats on getting a commission from such a big company.

  11. Is it called the sponsor"ship"? Badum tchss

    But i reccomend you keep doing sponsorships because after coppa your income wont be as high.

  12. I saw the commercial, paused it and rewound just to study the Lego build. Had no idea it was my fav YouTuber. So cool. Great job.

  13. First, as soon as I saw the Lego model in the short I know it was you. I like the Classic Space inspiration and the Easter Eggs. Second, the video itself is great and I'm glad you were a part of it

  14. Awe, nicely done Jang ! Great looking build, and great job adding that crew to it. I think that would be a set I would actually buy !

  15. This whole thing warmed my lego-built heart and I'm going to tell everyone I know…they won't care or understand what I'm talking about but… 👀♥️

  16. JANG, you did an awesome job. It looks like how I imagine LEGO would create an official, modern-day Classic Space set. I was happy to spot it in the short film. And I know it was just an Xfinity commercial, but darnit if it didn't make me blubber like a baby.

  17. Sturdy, sleek, and ample detail. I love watching your videos, but your MOCs are always extra inspiring.

  18. Soo please tell me you are selling build instructions to this? It’s awesome and I’m sure a lot of AFOL’s would love to have this

  19. I was looking forward to seeing this after you talked about it a few weeks ago. THIS DID NOT DISAPOINT… very cool retro look spaceship

  20. Saw the short before I realized the lego model was your creation. It was prominently displayed and looked great. Well done.

  21. Fantastic moc and happy to see it in the commercial. Nice work and nice adding in extra references.

    Hope this rests somewhere near the planetery defence force in the future.

  22. Wow I saw this short at a preshow at a theater! Can't say I noticed your model, but it's amazing you got this opportunity!

  23. Phenomenal! The attention to detail is amazing, especially considering the timeframe. I wish Lego would abandon Star Wars and all of its licensing fees and return to its space themes from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The same with pirates and knights. Bring back non licensed themes!

  24. This really looks like the toy that came with the 2014 Santa Workshop (10245). Check the review video on that set at 8:48 – https://youtu.be/PjKRq1_K-aM?t=528

  25. That is great for the amount of time you had to make it. If only Lego would do a classic space set as good as this (just a one off set).

  26. After seeing your commission video, I thought you needed and where going to built and insanely fabulous inspiring and pro-builders LEGO-moc. But, it is only a small spaceship…don't really see what all the fuzz was about :/

  27. Good to see that your skills have finally been recognized by a major player.
    You have given them a seriously beautiful (and sturdy) spaceshipspaceshipspaceship with more extras than they could rightfully have hoped for – especially given the tight schedule
    VERY WELL DONE, good sir!
    On the one hand I would love for you to get more of these assignments – On the other hand this would probably affect your creative building for yourself and your ability to do reviews on a regular basis in a somewhat negative way.

  28. Great vid and amazing model. I saw the US ad and thought of you when I saw the model. There is a UK version of the ad for Sky TV but don't remember if your model was in it. Either way really good.

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