I Shouldn’t Have Sent Selfie Pictures To My Boyfriend

I Shouldn’t Have Sent Selfie Pictures To My Boyfriend

So it all started off with me going out
with this boy that was head over heels with and one night were tasting cuz you
were kind of going out at that time but it was kind of like on and off, you know. And so, he asked me for a pic, and I was dumb enough to say yes cuz I would literally do anything
for him. And then I sent something and it wasn’t full. It was like just half pic so
it wasn’t that bad but he said he wouldn’t show anyone. But then one of his
friends took his phone and sent the picture to him and then sent it to a
whole year. And so vivid memory that I have is just coming into school and
seeing everyone had this picture of me on that phone that was meant for this
one person. And then like all my confidence was just completely shattered
by this stupid picture. I felt broken. I was so hot inside
and so I dealt with it for two weeks and then the teachers found out and had to
get called into the heads office. And they had told me I had to go and tell my
mom that will happen and my family. And the police were they gonna get involved. it just started bursting out crying when I found out because I just never would
have imagined myself with the police, with this stupid mistake I’ve done and
this picture getting circulated I’ve been practically getting cyberbully by
these stupid boys who thought they had the power of me. And so I had a meeting
with the police they already kind to me saying “this happens all the time like
don’t worry it’s not your fault that this picture got circulated it’s the
boys fault” And so boys got really really badly told off. And I thought they’d
learned their lesson. So months passed I the stupid thing that I did and
said I kept going out with this boy because he apologized
and I thought you meant it. So one night were texting and then he just sent me a
picture it’s saying #sendnudes with laughing emojis.
I’ll it she started crying and I was like would you do that to me and I was
just swearing and I was just like so mad at him for saying that after what he put
me through. And so he said “this was not on my fault
it was all your fault for sending it” and then he blocked me on snapchat and then
like unfollowed him on like social media. So I’m still to this day he’s speaking
so bad about me behind my back calling me you know shallow, calling
me horrible words but I would never say about him. And I wanted to post this
story because I want to like one girls in the world but this could happen to
any one. Just be careful I hope this can teach you a lesson.

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  2. Damn that's tuff
    I'm happy I'm low-key and never sent anything that you could save I got the ammo
    And I don't use my power for evil😎

  3. Ok first the reason it spread was not his fault it was the friends fault but what happened after was completely on him


    Me: "I'm gonna go to school

    *During class *

    'Smacks teacher with chair'

  5. so that’s why in our country we don’t ‘date’ so easily…or bring cellphones to school…we don’t even get a cellphone once we’re like…18?

  6. I honestly can't comprehend why people, like the boy, do this. When you're given trust, you should respect that at least, if you can't return it. I hope someday this boy feels what he has made the girl feel.

  7. When you think that storybooth finally publiced a new video, but then you realise that they just changed the title…


  8. “It’s not your fault, it’s the boys fault”

    I mean she chose to send the picture. Yeah it’s sucks that they shared it but again, it was her decision to send it.

    So blaming it entirely on the boys is just wrong. Even if they were d** she had the choice not to send the picture.

    Now what the boy did afterwards deserved a smacking.

  9. If he asks for nudes you send him a picture of a Nude makeup palette.

    If he asks for hot pics you send him a picture of a fire or something else that is hot.

    And if he’s like « Send me real nudes not your stupid makeup » then say « You don’t get it…. It means NO. » and then block him.

  10. Okay but is it just my school but when someone nudes get exposed people only care for 2 days and then everyone is over it

  11. If I was that girl's Father this is what I would do;
    1. I would scold for this
    2. Then support by embracing her in a hug until she stops crying and calms down
    3. Tell her what is likely to happen and how she can push back from this
    4. Then proceed to get a gun, a shovel and find a large area of land in order to hid the (soon to be) dead ex boyfriend

  12. my science teacher accused me of filming her when i was checking the time in class. i got sent to the year coordinator and he said if i find any footage of you filming her the police will be called and she said “you filmed me! you should be ashamed of yourself” and i said “ashamed of what? learning nothing because you can’t control your class” and i got suspended for a week

  13. I got to say something about it to keep do too much that's why I don't even like myself he little b######### pussy is that and I'm mad at you Kizi f######

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