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  1. I love that He has An Answering Machine , When there’s Internet ? like they have Twitter , Why can’t they just Use Text Messages ??

  2. When Calls the Heart is actually kinda good ngl

    Also it’s Christmas Special, just hallmark being shitty at English

  3. Lol. . It's a good Christian Christmas family merry movie & their talking about Fucking . Always gets better, So moral & wholesome. #MAKE A. G. A. MY ASS🖕

  4. When she spoke Chinese… she didn’t speak Chinese. “Da Jie” doesn’t make any sense there (unless I’m missing something, but I’m pretty sure…)

  5. I went to see what Rotten Tomatoes rate this movie… they haven’t but ppl give it a 36%. Also, did Drew write this review on IMDB-
    “1 | This is horrific
    The acting is HORRIBLE! It's like they just found people on the street and handed them a piece of paper and said "HERE SAY THIS!". The music is weirdly mixed. The editing is laughably bad. The characters are cliché and make me uncomfortable. It's like the actors look like they're being held at gunpoint. Why does this exist.” 😆

  6. Fun fact: if you look at the IMDb Parents Guide (content advisory) under the Violence and Gore section it says "Characters have an extremely violent fight with sprinkles."

  7. Are we not going to talk about how there’s a movie called “A Shoe Addict’s Christmas?” What does that even entail?? Is someone addicted to buying shoes??? Eating shoes?? Fucking shoes?? Is this movie about this person getting over their shoe addiction? Or is this movie just about how someone with a shoe addiction celebrates the holiday (I’m afraid to ask how shoe addicts celebrate)? I have so so many unaddressed questions.

  8. Something I didn't really think about is why the fuck is he picking up parcels and letters from people's houses? Is this an American thing? are there no post boxes or post offices?

  9. Somehow you perfectly appeal to my sense of humor because you saying alright bye to the phone when you’re talking to your “uncle” (who might I add has a striking resemblance to you) KILLED ME. SENT ME. 🤣🤣🤣

  10. “When’s the last time you had saxophone practice” (keeping it family friendly)
    Me: stops my every move and almost spits out tea

  11. I've watched this vid at least 10 times and every time the background in the movie looks more and more like a green screen

  12. these movies are obsessed with having a black woman sidekick to the white woman lead

    also all these hallmark movies has anyone noticed a weirdly high trend of one half the couple being a writer of some kind?

  13. Uncle: Child were having dinner
    Emily: YAYYYY misghetti
    Emily: Hey can we have something different with the missghetti?
    Uncle: Sure what do you want carrots, bread,-
    Emily: Misparents.
    Uncle: Oh shi-

  14. I stayed up watching this and I'm gunna stay up longer to rewatch it. This is hilarious and the more tired I get the funnier it gets

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