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  1. I'm only 10… But… I had suicidal thoughts… Even tried to kill myself… Not because my family… Because… Words… Every time someone called me a name I had in the past… I think all the words that bullies called me… I tried to choke myself… I have even tried to cut my wrist… Trying to cut my wrist was scarier than trying to choke myself… When I tried to cut it… It left a red mark… It faded a few hours later… So… Don't try to to kill yourself…

  2. Tons of people in the comments are making jokes, can’t we take this video seriously, it’s supposed to help people with similar issues.

  3. *goes to mental hospital when 11*
    This is confusing
    *goes to mental hospital when 12*
    I was so young, I didn't really know what's going on but now I'm fully aware

    *Me: GIRL, YOUNG?! YOU WERE 11*

  4. My older sister went to one. We called it the 'blue hospital' it was always terrifying to go there..

  5. AMEN! Thank you for clarifying that! I went to one and that’s exactly what it was! I hope you are doing well!

  6. People with mental illness or Mental Disorders always have been there a lot, since they’re hospitalized because of difficult adolescents. People deserve love, not abuse. If you have a difficult situation of taken away freedom or anything that was related to Mental Illness, please get some help if you wanna go home. Friendly Reminder: Do not visit the Mental Institution, as an opinion of this. Hurting anyone that was conflicted or self harm can be a conflicted situation of Adolescents, and we’ve always been there. If you need help instead of calling an Emergency for an Institution. Have a friend or a loved one that cares about you or a therapist to help. The world is rough, which is why taking care of yourself or taking care of each other is a good thing.

  7. Honestly, as a person who has been in a mental hospital before I can say that what she said about it was entirely true. Everyone always thinks the worst when they hear the word mental hospital, they think like she said they think strait jackets, padded rooms, or psychotic people but that's not true at all, there was a quiet room to go to if you needed to calm down but no one was every chained to their bed, and if someone did get mad it's not as bad as you think, I mean it was really frustrated at times.I was in the hospital for almost three weeks, and I was there for depression, anxiety, suicidal and homicidal thoughts. In the unit I was in everyone was there for suicidal reasons or self-harm, but truthfully it felt really nice to be around people who understood what you're going through, and can relate. Every one might have been different ages but not one person judged each other or really cared what age you were. Just like the girl in the video my favorite form if therapy was creative because I loved how it felt to just imagine and creative. As much as I would wish I got to go home sometimes I kind of miss it because it felt good to be mentally cared for everyday and have groups with amazing people. I am now on new medication that has really helped me thanks to the hospital. I haven't self harmed since I've been discharged and I can feel proud to say that my stay there was really helpful.

  8. The mental hospital I went to wasn't this good, it wasn't horrible but it kind of sucked, we didn't have activities often and the beds were shit, and we weren't allowed into our rooms unless it was night; when I came back I was still depressed and traumatized from some of the experiences, though I was legally forced to get a counselor which was good

  9. i ben to a mental hospital to i tried to run away on easter few months ago and i tried to kill myself because everyone in school bullies me and calls me emo and demon and devil ps im 12

  10. At first I thought I was just being dirty minded when it said "our secret game" but I realized that I was not being dirty minded

  11. I was a medical student when I kept ending up in psych units due to depression & eating disorder. There were many educated people, residents even university professors were hospitalized. Most of us were suffering from depression & suicidal thoughts. It’s nothing like what they show in movies. I got more help from the patients than the staff. It’s just super boring but not scary at all

  12. Who made this the girl speaking I am sorry for your wounds… Just always remember in order to have the testimony you must survive the text

  13. My mental hospital was tarrible and people telling people being rude and it helped me by nothing I got into fighting for my anger and they didn't care about me at all I still have depression and cutting problems

  14. Her family were extremly horrible to her. I hope this is not the norm for familys an is the exception.

    She had a right to be angry. Im glad she is ok now.

  15. I've been to a mental hospital before, and there is no such thing as a padded room or whatever you said. There's a such thing as a conclusion room, but no padded room.

  16. A few years ago I was in really bad shape (keep in mind I am only 15 now). It all started when I was small, maybe 6 years old. After going to a birthday party I got the stomach bug for the first time….. and it traumatized me for life. I HATED throwing up, I was terrified of throwing up, so I developed one bad habit, then another. First I was convinced that the reason I had thrown up was that I had eaten too much, so I ate barely anything for a long time, and got so skinny that I could've died. Then I became a germaphobe purely because of the thought of getting the stomach bug again. During those times I had much anxiety, and a bit of depression. I was starting to recover when my Nana died. Then I was the worst depressed I have ever been. I thought the universe hated me. Just being bitten by a mosquito or getting a splinter could set me off crying. You would think my mom going to school for 9 years to be a psychologist would help, but it didn't. She just bought me books about being yourself and stuff, but tbh they did nothing. I never had therapy or anything, but I made it through on my own. I also had a fear of loosing my baby teeth but I don't think that is related. The girl in the video saying most people in the ward weren't crazy but just depressed or traumatized makes me wonder if I would've benefited from being in there. What do you think? (Btw sorry that was so long)

  17. Brother: we playing a secret game now! Don't tell anyone okay? Touches a poor girl

    Me: OUHHHHHHH i SeE STuPIdddddDDD~

  18. When I watched movies with mental hospitals I usually thought it was jail. Okay, I've read more books written by other people than Hollywood. 😆

  19. “I was in a mental hospital, it’s not anything like the movies”
    *Girls who are “depressed” and watch movies that make them “depressed” have left the chat*

  20. I can definitely relate to this. I've been to 7 mental hospitals within a year. It really helped this last time. I can understand how this girl feels, for sure. It's not fun, but it helps. Though I still wish that nobody else had to go through this. I wish good luck to whoever is going through depression right now. I love you all.

  21. I've had a few stints in the nut house. I didn't like it but if I hadn't gone, I wouldn't be here for sure.

  22. i was 53 times in different mental hospitals and hospitals bcause of several reasons yes it was everywhere different but how in the movies? okay it was in europe not Disneyland…sry usa

  23. Yep not true u just got a good mental hospital i unfortunately didnt i woke up to someone trying to strangle me with a pillow and i cant remember what happened next

  24. I was put in a mental hospital for similar reasons and it was the first time I felt understood by people around me

  25. You know what I've been to one of those and she's right I kinda did same thing but I was younger instead of a knife I used scissors I felt like I should have never been born I did not spend a night there I was in 2 grade now in 2019 I'm going to 4 grade only sometimes I do it but only when I feel like I should not be born I've tried to kill my self but now I try to cut my self but don't do this!🙅🙅🙅🙅


  27. Step brother: age is just a number

    Me: well guess what I only have one hole down there

    Step brother: wait what the fuck!

    Me: yeah im a dude

  28. I was put in mental ward for my mental issues and my grandfather drinking problems abuse cause I try to defend my grandmother from him getting physical but I end up getting abused for defending my grandmother but since CPS came and threatened him to get jail time if he does it again or do it again and he stopped abuse but not the drinking problem and I struggle with depression,anxiety and ADHD… I been through it

  29. I've gone to a mental hospital when I was 8 years old and it was awesome. And I was there for 3 days. My sister gone there when she was 9 after writing bad stuff on her arm and terets.

  30. Yeah my friend was in a mental hospital because she was in Chester Jordan, she was making jokes of her killing herself, they sent her to the mental hospital, she was scared and got beat up by a older lady, her mom slept in the car she was scared i sad I’m sorry for her.They also toke a lot of blood she fainted , she said it was like this.

  31. I know how you feel girl… big brother said the same things to me… he touched me untill I was 4 but I can’t imagine what it was like going untill 11. But it turns out that my brother is kind of crazy..but I’m ok today I promise!

  32. I have been to one too but for depression instead I was put in the adolescent unit for full time and then to adjust to go back home I was sent to partial program in the child unit all I can say is it's scary at first but it's kind of fun too plus everyone liked my singing and in the adolescent unit I helped people with their issues too

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