ICARUS CYBER SHOW | War Robots Update 5.8 Overview

ICARUS CYBER SHOW | War Robots Update 5.8 Overview

Hey. Artemiy from War Robots team here! It is a pleasure to greet you at Icarus Cyber
Show. Here, anything is possible. Even if it means breaking the laws of physics
and meeting mysterious beings from other dimensions. Subscribe! Three platforms. One matchmaking
That’s right. You can now meet people from iOS, Android
and Amazon in the same match. And that’s just a start. We want to make other cross-platform interactions
possible later in the year. Things like properly checking people’s profiles,
making iOS/Android clans or running joint squads. New Equipment
This is Atomizer A medium-range energy machine gun with terrific
damage and accuracy. One thing: if you hold the trigger for too
long, Atomizer will overheat and become less accurate. Let the Atomizer rest sometimes, so your projectiles
don’t go all over the place. …Or just forget about it and shoot point
blank. Get my drift? And the paint jobs! Graphite Phantom is for those who prefer night
mode on their phones. And Sapphire Behemoth will look sublime with
4 Fluxes. Get all that loot from the Icarus crates during
the event! Pilot of the Month
Virginia Walker is kind, empathetic… and outstandingly rich Yan-di girl. She could’ve chosen a still, opulent life…
but everything changed for her once she saw walking war robots at the job. Although Virginia hates violence, she was
mesmerized by skyscraping machines exercising their ballet of destruction. That was the moment. That’s when she realized where she belongs. Nightingale — which is designed to save,
not hurt — became her robot of choice. Virginia will join the ranks of Legendary
pilots during the Icarus expo. Now, let’s not waste any more time. Join us at the Icarus Cyber Show! Here’s the link to the update notes. Subscribe. Hit the bell button. Happy hunting, commanders! And see you on the battlefield! And now the secret segment
Talking War Robots: Blitz! THRYLLR Gaming asks
This isn’t strictly related to the update, but remember last year when you talked about
the three big updates per year? Is this year going to be the same (three big
updates)? This year we stick with a “”release an update
when its ready”” plan. Same as before, we have 2-4 major features
set for 2020. Although this time we aren’t tying those features
to any particular part of the year — we will ship them once we are sure they’re ready. Lesser updates will mosty be connected to
the events. Lunar New Year, WR Anniversary, Summer event,
lore-focused Autumn event, Halloween and Christmas are our 6 major yearly events. But there’s gonna be more.” Lynn Diver asks
I wonder if EvoLife is thinking about making a Titan ? Hmm. Would be Wonderful
So do I believe. That WOULD be wonderful *AWKWARD WINK* C Daddy asks
There is a guy in my squad that sounds remarkably like Stan, it always make me behave a little
better when he is online, like Stan is watching ahahaha…. Hehe, that’s wonderful. any way I noticed that none of your robots
have Arms…excepting of course in the sense that they have Armaments. but seriously, shouldn’t a couple of bots
have arms? Maybe they climb stuff or can really extend
weapons up and/or to the side with arms? Nice observation! We’ve beat you up to this question though
— Kid has arms! Kinda. As there’s clearly more to try in arms — and
hands — department, we believe there’s more to explore than just boring old human-style
grabbers (Hope you like tentacles) Just a Husk asks
Will there be a spider titan or a fast titan in the future? Maybe! TheProGamer1
I really think this update is cool! The only thing I don’t really like is the
matchmaking, like when I was level 21 I had titans on the enemy team and no one had a
titan on my team and we lost, but overall the game is still good. Thanks for reading! We feel your pain and we’re working on getting
better here! First, let’s see how bringing iOS, Android
and Amazon together will help. It should help. Nunu Cashes asks
Can we get a black/African American legendary pilot ???
“Poor old Tobias Mwangi always gets sidelined… Otherwise, the answer is yes! Another African American pilot will join the
ranks of Legendaries very soon.” Razer says
The Bastions are coming. That’s why they made Titans. That… might be the case. See you soon, Commanders

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  2. This is a great update with new weapons and robots and especially the new handshakes. We can see that the new stuffs are becoming more advance and powerful. Will the slightly older ones be re-balanced to provide a good fight? DUTPDT iOS

  3. Will you make a robot that can summon drones like an army of its own, but maybe it can only use one weapon.
    Btw, I have been playing this game since 2014.

  4. Absolutely hate what you did to gust !!!! It should be an option not a mandatory change, a bunch of time wasted now , It sucks!! COD here I come!!

  5. Nice legendary pilots over all. Most of them still can't drive a HERD to the pasture…
    Honestly your missing, some that should be there part'ner.
    Like a real Cowboy, say'um are y'all gonna get sum real COWBOY Up in there?

  6. DEV TEAM: you should think about making the matches last at least 2 minutes longer. with the addition of titans. most of the matches end up too early and it is basically a run for the clock all the time.. not much of a tactical war game anymore…

  7. Is it possible for reduce cost for premium function?(same at the beginner of starting this game),thank you. ios X5P3FL

  8. when will it be possible to invite people from other plattforms? i would really like to know that as i want to play together with my brothers acc wich is android and my secondary acc wich is on ios

  9. I do not like the screen when I play a match when I use any jump robots it very moving as the screen keeps on moving pls change it

  10. Will titans ever drop special silver amounts for once they are killed? Also, I have various ideas for robots that I have sketched out, with ideas for abilities. How could I send these ideas to you?
    I would like having a Nightingale, if I win.

  11. When are you going to fix Phase Shift? If shot gun weapons are going to be ineffective beyond 300m, stop advertising them as a 500m weapon. But wait, fixing either of those would require knowing what you're doing and listening to players. You're just listening to your wallets so giving people what will sell well. Ao Jun with the pilot that has quantum radar while flying is abusrd. That is too powerful. Take away Ao Jun stealth to restore the balance.

  12. How do we get a refund for all the money we spent on shot guns for you to ruin them? We’ve surely been miss sold, purchasing an item that is no longer fit for the purpose it was purchased under. That is miss selling, you’ve just sold us shot guns in this months event that hasn’t finished yet and they are not what we purchased or we’re sold. Which is fraud.

  13. Bug Report: Titans (Kid) can get stuck in the platform in the middle of the Canyon map and are unable to move once stuck in the platform.

  14. it seems to me that storm, corona and halo have had a longer delay in shooting since the last update 🤔 also congratulations pixonic, another update that does not bring anything good … new design, unnecessary weapons and painjobs and the new map, as always, is a long time coming 😡 how do you do that over and over again? and finally a big thank you to the entire pixonic team for not listening to your users 🖕🖕

  15. How can you justify adding more platforms when the lags are so horrendous playing is practically impossible!?
    My first spawn is often at the 9:45 second mark or later. My runner is . Useless.
    Then, it gets blown away by everybody and their mother while all I can do is stand there and take the murder. Spawn after spawn after spawn.
    Basically, I pay for the pleasure of seeing my stats tank and my clan suffering.
    I truly love this rotten game, but now I'm sooooooo frustrated with it, the only "play" I get is to satisfy the dailies.
    It's friggin heartbreaking.



  17. you nerfed my light shotguns again. i swear to god i will not purchase your advanced $weapons. stop nerfing stuff i spent years upgrading

  18. the updates are super cool hair, you know i have already been playing war robots for more than five years but i can only play another account on android since today i have an iPhone and i can not charge it, it was good that the accounts could be loaded of android on an iPhone i would be very grateful if they did so in order to continue on the other account i have,keep it up they are the best and congratulations . iPhone ID: BKDOYB

  19. I don't think spider tittan and a fast tittan is going to be in the game Yet because the game can't handle the fps and game play.

  20. you managed to make the game worse than it was already this weapons nerf totally ruined the game you should find a way to improve the game not make it worse no one liked what you did fix it please the game is getting supportable with so much update

  21. Вы , ПИКСОНИКИ, уничтожили все дробовики , играть хуй знает чем, мошенники , нерф роботов и оружия – это незаконно , по понятиям, и вообще не честно в отношении игроков. Очень плохо дальше развиваетесь!

  22. What happens if I have an android account and am strictly iOS platform now? I have some evil robots on the old android system. Any way to transfer any of those robots to my iOS account?

  23. Can you tell me when your going to nerf the new cryo weapons and avengers, so I know when to stop wasting my time upgrading, 6 months notice would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Really, really, really upset they nerfed the shotguns! I spent months of time and effort to get my bots set up with halos and coronas so I could compete with today's meta… What a slap in the face for all the time I wasted!!!

  25. Plz all players who are not happy with the latest updates, especially for.nerfing shotguns plz file a complaint to custumor support…if you upgraded ur weapons to mk level ask for the 500 gold refund…dont know about you guys but i dont like beeing treated like a donkey…peace to all

  26. Pix sucks! Just money grubbing blah blah blah, pix doesn't give a @#$, what players opinions are, just going to nerf what we want so you keep spending money…..

  27. In at least 100 battles not 1 at the moon map. But dead city 3 in a row. Canyon 4 in a row. All maps 2 in a row well in to 2nd day and still no moon map. This game has BECOME sh_t because of nerfing when Ao Ming should never been put in this game. And the rest of your out of place Titans. And you're nerfing the shotgun weapons like they're the problem. No it's putting out content too fast that's the problem. Well one of them. Not getting any silver for taking down one of the stupid Titans that's part of the problem. The problem is greed. I hate your fucking Titans.

  28. The new paint jobs are cool I hope I win both of them I have behemoth and phantom and I need the new atomizer to replace my storms and coronas ID:6VDVP0/IOS

  29. I have been playing war robots for more than two years but the most redicules thing is that the rewarding system is waste of time every time I open the 100 key chest I only get 30 gold I don't understand why there are other rewards then this is the most redicules thing in this game so pls try to resolve this

  30. Shotgun nerf was like going back in time 2 years, all I see are orkans and tarans, why do we keep giving these commies our money?

  31. I have a problem I joined a ffa game and went to the near end of the match and I just got damaged out of nowhere like if a player was hitting me btw there was me and another player but they didn't hit me and suddenly I died same happend to the enemy and they were confused and were looking around at times I kept on seeing a second enemy arrow on the edges of the screen I'm scared lol but no this actually happend!

  32. We need more long range maps, for longer more strategic gameplay. Plus the potential for more damage output!

  33. Question: The youtubers who have promo codes show them but i never know where to put them. BTW call me K-gamer plz

  34. Here's something make better matchmaking I am tired of facing play with titans even though I don't own a dam titan so fix matchmaking you idiot's why didn't you think about it and atomizer sucks it's a more expensive craper magnum

  35. What is the Cycilic rate of the Mollot Vs the Punisher? And how much damage do you get out of a full magazine from both ?

    L4FCMJ/ Android

  36. 😫🙏🙏💓Please read this😀😀😀😀
    Hey War Robots you'll have made Lightning, ICE and Fire weapons any thought on making more weapons with elemental visual like earth, water and wind😀😀😀😋 please do they would make cool weapons 6VDVP0/IOS

  37. To resist on this game you need to have guts, be ever brave and fight all matches as if it will be the last one. Be on 1st or 2nd places even on defeat to win trophies and keep evolving on rank. Yes you need to spend money to be incredible. And accept that you won’t be so good without contributing to Pixonic company. They need money to survive too. We are all addicted to it because there is still no other mobile device software to substitute it. I hope they will invest the real resources we are paying into creating new stuffs not only Robots and weapons. There should be a practical area for testing our stuffs with dummy bots without requiring other to join a specific room. The maps were not all adapted to Titans we want more options. There is no auction room for selling items we need to sell bots and equipments for miserable silver. Others could be using them instead of throwing into trash. Being killed behind a wall because some stupid is shooting a Leech that is using its ability on you was the worse acceptable functionality ever released to a shooting game. They created Phanteon bots with invincible shield and after too many players spent time and money on them they came with the shield breaker. But people got used to it and simply forgot. If you create something extremely strong you need to create its counter like a shot that could make a robot stop shooting. Pixonic you need customers to survive and take a real good care of us but we are getting to our limits. Think about it !

  38. Question:
    Stan you mentioned having a cross platform with amazon, android, and IOS what about Facebook Gameroom?

    Pilot ID: P795MT Platform: Facebook Gameroom

  39. This aholes wont be getting a cent out of me after this update i deleted the game the bs coming out of this little russian mans mouth needs a nerf, op for sure.

  40. I have been playing for YEARS by now . I am ALWAYS matched with players stronger than me, better weapons, better bots, better Rating. Teams may be balanced overall but I am always the welkest. it is clear that this matching is not random but puts you always in a weak position to make you buy upgrades. This is absolutely not fair.

  41. I just purshed a ballista with real money and i did not get it! 😡
    Give me my ballista!

    Gamertag: TygoGamerNL2

  42. Vaya mierda de nerfeo alas paralización ahora son un mierda asta las orkan son mejores pixonic sean actriz porno creo que van a ganar más mucho arruinan el juego

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