Icchapyaari Naagin – इच्छाप्यारी नागिन – Episode 5 – 3rd October, 2016

Icchapyaari Naagin – इच्छाप्यारी नागिन – Episode 5 – 3rd October, 2016

“I am yours.
You are mine.” “We are made for each other.” “I am yours.
You are mine.” “We are made for each other.” “I am yours.
You are mine.” “We are made for each other.” “I am yours.
You are mine.” “We are made for each other.” Grandma!
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma! Oh, God!
What am I going to do now! Grandma!
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma, where are you! Grandma!
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma! Grandma! Hey..
What’s the matter, dear? Grandma, that girl.. Ichha isn’t a girl. I mean, she is a girl. But she’s also a snake. I saw her
turning into a snake. You have just seen one snake. I have seen many people
turn into snakes in my life! Didn’t you see Toofan Singh
at the arena today? He’d become as dangerous
as a snake as he was greedy to win. He’d pricked Mr. Babal
with a poisonous pin! Mr. Babal? Grandma, why are you
calling uncle as Mr. Babal? Mr. Babal! He’d won the wrestling match
today, right? So we’ll have to respect him,
here on. Grandma, forget about it. Please throw Ichha
out of the house. Grandma, I’m really scared. What if she bites somebody? No, dear!
She won’t bite anybody. Snakes aren’t fond
of attacking or biting people. Their history is centuries old. They’re peaceful animals. Forget whatever you have seen. What are you saying? I think,
you’re not keeping well. I’ll inform the other
family members. Ichha isn’t a girl. I mean, she is a girl. But I’ll tell them that she’s also a snake.
– Stop! You don’t have to go anywhere. Come with me.
I’ll talk to her. Come. Stop, dear. Hey.. Stay here.
I’ll talk to her. Grandma, don’t talk to her. Instead, throw her
out of the house! She’s a snake! I’ll have to ask her
what the matter is. Stay here.
Don’t you move. Okay? Careful.. Oh, God!
What do I do now? Grandma! Yes! Why are you irritating
my grandson? Grandma, it’s a fact that I am a shape
shifting snake. But I’m not evil. I’ll never hurt anybody.
I swear on the Snake God. Who’s that? The Snake God is our God. We never make false promises. Grandma, I’ve prepared
‘Halwa’ for Brother Babal. Please come with me
and taste it. Then swear on the Snake God that you wouldn’t trouble
anybody here. I swear! Fine. I hope, I never
get any complaints. If I do, I’ll throw you
out of the house. Come with me.
Please have a look. I’ll convince Appu not to share all
this with anybody. Will he listen to you? Why won’t he? He’s really smart. What is she doing! She should have thrown her
out of the house! Mamta,
it needs some more stirring! Why is grandma’s voice
coming from here? Grandma is inside the room. How can grandma be there
at both the places? How is she portraying
a double role! I have made her understand. She won’t trouble anybody,
here on. Grandma, she’s a snake!
Throw her out of the house! Have you forgotten
that Mr. Babal.. Mr. Babal.. I mean, she had saved
Babal’s life today. How can I oust her? She swore on Snake God that she won’t trouble anyone. But, Grandma.
I.. – Stop it! Enough of arguments. Go and play. Listen.. Don’t tell
anyone about her. Okay. Grandma, shall I
tell you something? – What? I heard your voice from there. If you were here then how did I
I hear your voice from there? You can hear my voice
everywhere in this house. Go and play.
– Okay. Go. ‘Now, I need to convince Appu’ ‘that whatever he saw
was just a misunderstanding.’ ‘Else, I’ll be in trouble.’ Grandma, you are happy that I didn’t bring shame
to the arena, right? If that wrestler
had not cheated then I would have hit him badly.
– Yes, you are right. Well, you.. You are very strong. And you look good as well.
– No, Grandma. It is the result
of your blessings. Don’t touch my feet.
I don’t want to be a sinner. Grandma,
we touch elders feet, right? I am younger, right?
– What! I mean, I am shorter than you. Grandma, what are you saying? Actually, you.. You won the wrestling. So, I don’t want you to touch
my feet. – Okay, Grandma. The headlight of the bike
is not working. I’ll go and get it repaired.
– Okay, go. Grandma, I love you. Leave it.
I need to handle myself. Forget him
and think about Appu. Before he tells anyone about me I need to make friends
with him. Who kept the mirror here? Prabal, remove this. I escaped! I did the right thing. Appu, good that you came here. Please save us. Dear, forgive me
for not listening to you. She is a serpent. Appu, why have you
dressed like a serpent charmer? What is he wearing? Mom would have told that today our kid has
become a serpent charmer. And one day he’ll marry
a serpent. And on the wedding day
everyone will play been. Brother, don’t think so much. That serpent will kill us
in a while. We won’t live to play been. Don’t worry. I’ll control her using this Been and punish her. You don’t need to punish her. She has decked up
and she’s waiting for you. Dear, untie this rope. I’ll teach her a lesson. Grandma, let it be. Hadn’t I told you
to oust her from this house? But you didn’t listen to me. Appu, why didn’t you tell us? Stop talking nonsense. Appu should have told me
about her. Even if I had told you,
you would have gone to grandma. And then you would have
listened to what she said. So, I thought of telling
her first. Appu, come here.. You are so smart. If she had not tied me,
I’d have hit you. The problem is upstairs. Untie us before she comes
downstairs. Grandma, don’t worry. I’ll play this Been because of which the serpent will go from this house dancing. Listen..
Appu, listen. Firstly, go to Mr. Mishra’s shop and get some sesame candy
and peanuts. – Why? It is fun to have them
while watching dance. Shut up! Dear, untie me. I need to do something. Else, everyone will be killed. Okay, Grandma. Hurry up.
Untie me. Stop right there. She is right. No one will be spared today. I’ll kill everyone like..
– Why will you kiss? We won’t let you kiss us? Brother,
she said that she will kill us. Okay, it is her work to kill. But tell her not to kiss.
I am warning her. Brother, she’s enjoying
the music of been. It won’t help in any way. She’s enjoying
the music thoroughly. You will save the family! But you will need
to be saved first! Appu! I’m sorry. I couldn’t save you people. No! It was all a dream! Before the Serpent Ichha
makes this dream come true I should do something. Let me ask Mr. Babal
about Appu’s likes. Ichha, I was thinking
about you. I want to tell you something. Even I want to tell you
something. – Shall I say first? Thank you. I want to say I’m sorry
for misunderstanding you when you’d come. No problem, Mr. Babal.
It happens. Most of the times, we tend
to understand people the way they won’t be in real. And at times, they turn out
to be against our understanding. I didn’t get anything.
– No problem. Tell me something.
What does Appu like? – Appu! What would Appu like?
– It’s my question. You need to give an answer. But you are asking the same..
– You can speak softly, right? Appu likes playing,
wrestling, food.. Apart from that? I don’t know. Ichha, I seriously
apologised to you. Mr. Babal, it’s okay if you
don’t know about Appu. Ichha, not for that. Ever since you have come I have been scolding,
doubting you.. But you don’t deserve it at all. You are different. Well, I know that. But I don’t know how
to win Appu’s.. What happened that you
want to win Appu’s heart? You can speak softly, right? What happened that you
want to win Appu’s heart? Just like that.
He’s such a lovely kid. So, I want to do something
that he will like. Ichha, go to
Sister-in-law Mamta. She will know about his
likes and dislikes. – Yes! That’s right.
I’ll go to her. – Listen. Did you forgive me?
– Mr. Babal.. Don’t say so.
I’ll ask Ms. Mamta about Appu. So, forgiving you
isn’t in the picture. Ichha, not for that. I’m apologising for the way
I have been behaving with you ever since you have come. Mr. Babal, I don’t remember
how you behaved with me. Anyway, all of you are so good that your mistakes
don’t make me feel bad. So, forgiving isn’t there
in the picture at all. I simply wasted my time. She doesn’t remember
anything at all. Tell me, Appu.
– Sumit, what are you doing? I’m going to ride bicycle. Listen, I need a favour.
– What? Do you want Math homework book?
I’m not yet done with it. Sumit, I don’t need
Math notebook. Is it English homework book?
You can take it. I’m done. I want a mongoose
and not homework book. Did you want mango juice? It’s mongoose and not
mango juice! Mongoose! There are many in
your uncle’s farm house, right? But why do you want one? My friend, I’ll learn the method
to fight with serpents. Do wrestlers
fight with serpents? Keep quiet.
Don’t think too much. Quickly get me a mongoose. I’m coming to your house.
Make sure you arrange for one. Okay.
I will. The fun begins now! What happened? Why are all of you standing
near the door to the Earth? Sipli, the door is not opening due to a technical error. What do you mean? I mean, neither can
anyone enter Naagistan nor go to the human habitat.
– How is it possible? My daughter, Ichha
is in danger over there. And you say nobody
can go from here! Calm down, Sipli. We understand you.
But if the door isn’t opening.. Hail God! Guru, the door has been strongly
attacked with mortal rays. The effect of the rays
will reduce only in the night. Only then the door will open. It’s either mischief
or mistake of a serpent. But no one in the Naaglok
can make such mischief. I am sure it must
be an accident. By the time the door opens all the doors will
be closed for Ichha. My plan will work out
for sure today! Ichha, once the mongoose
attacks you you’ll have to quit the mission
and run away!

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