ICM : Thoughts When You Upload an Instagram Picture | Latest Funny Videos | Indian Comedy Meter

ICM : Thoughts When You Upload an Instagram Picture | Latest Funny Videos | Indian Comedy Meter

Thoughts When You Upload An Instagram Picture This picture? It’s too… …political. This one? This is not your vibe, bro. Give me. This! This is nice. 200+ likes for sure. Okay. So the picture is decided. Now let’s decide filters. Thoughts When You Upload An Instagram Picture …and set! I’m done applying the filter too. What should be the caption? Be real, be yourself! It’s too cliche. Bro, give me a caption. Ma Lyf, Ma Rulezz Too shady. Felt cute will delete later. Something meaningful. Like this picture or 10 years back luck. Alright thanks, bye! Done It’s 5 in the evening. People will be active at 6. I’ll upload then. But the maximum crowd comes at 9. But it will seem too desperate.. ..which I’m obviously not. I’ll upload at 9. It’s uploaded! Hold on a second. Is this the wrong picture? What is this filter?! What is this picture!? What have I uploaded! Shall I remove it? Riya’s comment? “Wow, looking like a model!” It must be true since Riya said it. I think I should apply for Mr. India 10 likes in 2 mins Talk about being an Influencer! Who unfollowed? I’m sure it’s Amit. He’s just jealous of me. Disha’s liking everyone’s picture except mine. Ravi, comments won’t help. Like the picture. Shwetha, put up your Instagram stories later First see the picture. But honestly, do these like really define me? What if these people don’t like me as a person? Shouldn’t that be the concern? Who cares! I just hope I get likes. I think I should chill. It’s just a picture. No phone, only project work for the next 2 hours. Thank you for your compliment You are very cute too. Should I ask her out? 60 likes in 3 hours. 70… 80… 90.. Yes! 100 plus likes within 24 hours! Wow! I should be trending! Now that I look at it.. It’s not that great. I could have done better. Should I remove it? I can also archive. I think I should archive. Done. Bro, shall we go for the party? Yeah sure. We’ll click pictures for Instagram, bro.. We sure you would have experienced some of these thoughts when you upload an Instagram picture. Subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon.

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  1. Thoughts When You Upload An Instagram Picture | Latest Funny Video

    How many times have you checked a picture before uploading it on Instagram? What are the thoughts that you get when you upload an instagram picture? Well, if you have made your list, we would like you to check out ours.

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