Idam Malayalam Short Film

Idam Malayalam Short Film

(PHONE CHIMES) Hello Yeah, It is okay. Oh is it? Sreekanth, you know the character you auditioned for… its been finalized for another actor. We are almost done with casting. Will let you know once the next project starts. Small roles? Hmm… Everything is almost fixed. Now the only characters left are that of IT professionals. But it requires someone with a clean shaven look. And we are looking for youngsters. Also, there is another problem. Our director has recommended a few people for that character. I think they will be doing it. So there is no point in trying for that. If there is anything else, I will let you know. Okay? May be next project. Okay? Don’t worry. If anything comes up I will call you. I am a bit busy now. I will call you later. Okay, take care. Don’t worry. Bye Get the hell out of here. Your worthless cinema, theater and whatnot. Do you have any idea the time you’ve wasted? While all of your friends are well settled with their own lives… …you still run around chasing your stupid dreams. You are a bad example for your siblings who look upon you. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? I am ashamed of a son like you. You stupid retard. The only ones who can live by my rules can stay under my roof. Others can just leave my house. [Murmurs in Background] Bro… where is Sreekanth? Where else? Chasing some director’s tail. Just saw him reading some sleazy film magazine. He has totally screwed up his life, man. We did our Engineering degree together. Hasn’t got placed anywhere, nor has he even tried for it, how can he even live on? Who knows? Shaven head, face full of beard – He say its for his role. Disgusting! Yeah, the guy has just screwed everything up in totality. Idiot! I don’t what’s the future in acting and cinema? I’m clueless. [Murmurs continues in the background.] [Music plays in background.] Thank you. Sree, I’m trying to tell you something serious and you are not even bothered. It’s irritating me beyond belief. How long should I wait for you? Can you please tell me? One year? Two years? Tell me. You’ve got nothing to say? Why can’t you understand, Sree? Why can’t you understand my situation? How should I explain this at home? It’s been three years? [Voice Fades] [Dramatic Play] It’s been ages… Got it? Last take, come on! Okay. My love! It’s been ages… Rubbish!!! I’ve been waiting for you, my love! Got it? Ready, once more. You are not made for this job, man. You’re doing it completely the wrong way. [Radio plays in background.] Yeah, good morning. Who? Yeah, my associates. So? Photos? Oh, photos…. Just pass this on to my assistants inside my office. They will let you know the details Just speak with them inside. Okay. Let’s go. It’s been an absolute nuisance, these actors. [Phone rings.] Enough of fooling around. Where’ s my money? Many Sundays and Mondays have passed by. It’s been two months. I need the money tomorrow. I’m going to rough you up good this time. Not happening, boy! When I say tomorrow, I bloody well mean it. I need the money tomorrow. You know me well, right? Don’t try to fool me this time. My men will meet you up tomorrow. Get me my money. Understood? [Phone rings.] Hello? Hello? This is Sreekanth right? I’m calling from Rajiv Ravi sir’s office. My name is Shivraj. You had applied for a casting call, right…two week’s back? Sir liked the photos that you had sent. So, you need to the come to the office for a bit. Our next project needs four lead characters. You’ve been considered for the role of one of the leads. Kindly come to the office so that we can take your audition. If you are selected, you’ll be playing one of the four leads in the film. Okay? So, when can you come here? Can you come next Monday? Please be in by 11 am, next Monday. Please take two costumes with you too. Come fully prepared. Hope you know the way to our office. Come fully prepared. We’ll chat more in our office. Okay? Okay, take care. Bye. Best of luck. How can he be so stupid? We get him every time we prank him, man. Poor guy. Can’t laugh anymore, man! Idiot! Life of Sreekanth still moves on. An unintended joke has somehow brought him back to life. It was just a phone call that brought a new ray of hope to his life. Maybe another phone call awaits him that will really change his life. It’s that hope that pushes him forward. It’s all our hopes that moves all of us forward. We are lost souls in search of a place that’s meant just for us. We all are destined to that place. EDAM (Place) The End

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  1. I love your work Shanoob ji. Always classy!!! The ending always surprises me… Wishing you all the very best!

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