If I Killed Someone For You – Gacha Life Music Video || GLMV

If I Killed Someone For You – Gacha Life Music Video || GLMV

yummyummy blood pffft no u aint you better wash em then ugly mirror shot mood WOAH THERE BUSTER lmao u didnt learn nothin yah huh ok then wow youre getting blood all over ur pants now i have to clean that smh blood doesnt wash off that easily no shadow o_o umm creepy fElT nOthIn aT aLLL wth where did u go where are you she never called *cries in lonely* no im arresting u woahhhh creepy shadows mmm spook yum ew clean ur eyeball huge bowling pin arms EDGY chunky animation poor mini mason got brutalized before he could tell salem ): 1 liek=1 savior for mini mason jk hes a murderman mmmyuppers wanted for being an orangepeel OOOOOIHHHHHHHH HES UNDER YO BED teacher what the frick are u doing as a reporter why do you have 2 jobs glitchy mmmyum nIGHTMARESPOOK SNATCHED where r u taking me sir yo u big loser does my hotness remind u of anyone *wink* REJECTED haha my hairstyle’s different OHMYGAH WHERE U BEEN BOI shuddap u idiot heh not at all glow eyes mcgee wOuLd yOu lOvE mE mOrE shadow puppets again would u hold my bowling pin “mason change ur name to hyeon u filthy commoner” “ok dad” hey i heard u ordered a cheese pizza can i have some pls im very hungry no? ok ): *cries in poor* bLINK gurl u better run hey i’m sorry i ate all your pizza plOTTT TWISSSTTT being a happy soft boi uwu edgy old man>>>:((( stalked u cuz im lonely gASP twitchy oof im getting bored writing these aaaaahhhhh *sniff* feed me pls *drinks the air* *gets arrested in japanese* boogeyman aw what a nice hug O_O UH OH

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  1. I feel like it should be Salem x Mason, because he did so much for her and even changed himself for her. It would be all for nothing if she chose Levi. I feel like you should give them equal attention, not all eyes on Levi.

  2. oh no,, this is dangerous because if Salem liked back Mason then Levi will never trust anyone ever again, but i doubt she's gonna liked back Mason tho
    (my thoughts)

  3. I'm deaf so I don't appreciate how you changed thevl captions.. I understand it was just a joke but pls remember the actual purpose of them ty ^^

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