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  2. 6:08 "Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshi-"

    6:53 "You gotta be fucking kidding me, give me a break people!!"

    8:03 "I HATE MY LIFE!!!!"

    I'd probably hate my life too if it involved rescuing morons racing in go-karts above the endless abyss.

  3. Toad: " you know before eatch race … Mario'd sneak a birdo into his car … And while he was idling in eigth place … He'd have that birdo give him a rhod blow … "
    Blue shy guy : " what ? A rhod blow ? Ahahat those speeds !? "
    Toad : " couldn't resist the high of it … You ever got a blow from a birdo ?… Feels like you're impregnating a black hole … Like you're just … Pumping litte babies out … All over a galaxy you'll never visit …
    Red shy guy : " well that was … Descriptive … "

  4. Toad : " just between you and me … The bastard got glitched … "
    All the shy guys taking a step back .
    Red shy guy : " wow … "
    Blue shy guy : " that's a bald accusation … "
    Green shy guy : " how do you know for sure ?! "
    Toad : " because … I was there … I was in this shit … I WAS the shit …… "
    Guitar plays in the background …

  5. when i was 8 or 9 i use to be TERRAFIED of chain chop he was VERY terrafying to me i died many times from him sooo yeah :3

  6. I hate this animation s much it's FUCKIN shitty and has a style that just doesn't work.. And toads voice is gay. It's like a wanna be Lego movie

  7. I actually played the other only level games first, and I think it was a lot easier than the later levels. Only had to check the walkthrough for one level.Run 3 is best game at 88kgames

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