-I need to get buff. Montage time! [rock music plays] -Shut up! -(TV) We can’t keep cheating death. The fact that we’re in this fireworks and bomb factory– -This is so dumb. I hope nobody actually believes that they can get some sort of premonition and somehow use it to avoid your own death. -Of course not, man. It’s just the movie. Can you imagine how stupid it’d be if movies were actually realistic? -Ah, die, you aliens! [gunshots firing, yelling] Huh. [zap!] -Oh, my God, the monster’s destroying the city! Whoa! Whoa! [making weird noises] -No, I am your father. -No… it’s not true. It’s impossible. -The results are in. You are the father. -Oh, f–k you, you … piece of s–t! -Oh, hell no! -Once this baby hits 88 miles an hour, we will travel through time. -Oh… you better hurry up, Doc. There’s a building up ahead. -86 miles an hour. 88 miles an– [crash!] [monkeys screeching] -This planet sucks. -[sighs] -Elliott. -[shrieks, gunshot] [sighs in relief] I thought you were a black midget. -Oh, hell no! -So glad I took the blue pill. -You wanna know how I got these scars? -Uh… acne? -How did you know? [calm music playing] -Wait. You’re poor? Ew! -What are you– wha- waahh!! [splash!] -Oh, hell no! -Yeah, I guess that would be pretty stupid if it was realistic. -Yup, like always. -Oh crap, I’m gonna be late for my date. -Lunch with your mom’s friend does not count as a date. -[whining]: Yes it does! Hey, Mom. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be right there. Now you’re sure Mildred will be there, right? [truck horn honks, crash!] [gasps, heart beating] -Lunch with your mom’s friend does not count as a date. -[thinking]: I have to find a way to cheat death. Oh, I know. Hey Anthony, I dropped a quarter in the street if you want it. -F–k yeah! [laughs] Are you sure? I don’t see anything out here. -Are you sure there aren’t any, like, firetrucks or any– [truck horn honks, crash!] -To see bloopers and a deleted scene from Avatar and Predator, click the link in the description below! Thanks for subscribing, especially if you’re a black midget! -Oh, hell no! [Captioned by SpongeSebastian]

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