You´ll float down here. Look there’s a clown down here guys come check this clown out! Wait! No! Shh, Shh, No! No! No! I love Clowns! 🙂 No, STOP it! Stop it, Georgie! How did you know its my birthdayyyyy? Quiet! Quiet down damn it! Can you make me a Balloon Doggy? What? No, no, no, You should come play with us Mr. Clown come on! – No, Just please, leave me alone! CLOWNS x14 (Slowly emerges in the sewer) What happened to you??? Oh, I, uh, broke through the glass ceiling. :/ What do you want? – Ma’am I’m with Child Protective Services, I’m gonna need to take your children. – Okay. Kids? Go in the car with the strange man and stop playing with Machetes! *savages* O.K MOM!! Come on, both of you.(JOJO reference!) Man, little kids never have anything good in their backpacks, Oh.. hello Hi Mom!! Mom, we slept in a cage with a Fox in it and now were home! (I didn’t know what he said) Yeah! And just in time for Christmas! Uhm, did you want to see our Christmas list? No no, I got you guys something! Uhm… Cigarettes! YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!! You did it Elsa, you restored summer to Arendelle! Girl, that wasn’t me that was climate change. Well, I’m still really proud of you and so is Olaf (Naruto) *gasp* O MAH GAWD OLAF! He’s been dead for a while sis, move on. (crying) awwhh why D: Tremros Avade? Where are you? Sorry, – I believe my sister will volunteer for me, – that’s not true, I don’t even know her! That is so sad. Passport? – Yes, I’m Prince Aki? Erotism on this throne? – Yes, you know me! – Yes, you’re on the travel ban list, Security! OW! MY LOYAL PENIS! Hey, Roberta! My purse! – I’ll stop him! Bob, is that you? No, I’m Mr. Incredible No, but I know it’s you how you have is this tiny banner on your face, I know it’s you man, I think you’re mistaken, – Really now? I mean that’s a terrible disguise, my daughter wears an eye mask to sleep every night And I don’t mistake her for somebody else like oh, that’s so stupid. Okay, look. Do you want me to go get the purse or not? – No, it’s okay, It’s not really mine I stole it. Wow best video of all time! it deserves every award, To watch the juiciest best video ever though, Watch every action movie ever click that box on the left and to watch if people act like animate click that box on the right, It’s actually the best video of all time trust me. I know I’m a doctor Subtitles by Mikaiver, Maanvir Singh & Others!

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  1. 0:28
    Kid aka shayne: How”d you know it was my birthday?

    Me: dude we were born on the same date 😀

  2. For the “a bad moms Christmas” movie. I heard Kieth say “mom we slept in a carman pftwhdgdjsj and now we’re home”

  3. I’m watching on a PACKED train any one else as well though you guys our problely not but anyway tell me if you are lol

  4. I looked to see the date of the video , found out it was on the future 28th, then released it is 0:20am(BST) and just thought fk guess it's time to crack open the 3am recommended videos

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