If The Boys was made in India – Amazon Prime Video

So Manish, What are your superpowers? Ma’am, my superpower is that I can see 5 seconds into the future Will you be hired? Of course Okay, you’re hired And your superhero name is Reverse Ghajini Next! So Vaijanti, What can you do? What’s that? I can turn this book Into a PPT Next! I have high power light beam That can turn people blind You’re hired Thank you! Next! Rajeev, what are your powers? I… Can turn grapes into cucumber Wow, means that you have the powers to transform almost anything? Nope! Only grapes into cucumber Cucumber into grapes? No, just grapes into cucumber Next But he’s an MBA Hired Thank you It’s India, the police can’t be everywhere, So, to help them… we’ve got more than 200 superheroes stationed all across the country. And unlike other superhero conglomerates, who focus on commercializing their heroes, our #1 priority is to curb rising crime and our second priority is ka-ching! By 2025, we’ll make India crime-free. Because we have India’s #1 superhero team The Saptam Now!as per data, news channels are more likely to report crimes that happen
in cities. They manage to report small town crime Only when reports visit their families in
those areas. SoBhaktLaunda, You will focus on crimes happening in… …areas like Colaba and Vasant Vihar But ma’am what about cities apart from Delhi
& Bombay? I mean what about the other areas Rajeev… How much does Mumbai pay us to For BhaktLaunda’spostingin their city? Ma’am 50 crores And how much did the BhilwadaGram Panchayat
offer? Ma’am, 2 goats And half a kilo bajra And now that we’re talking numbers.. Look here! The US superhero team ‘The Seven’ Reduced their crime rate by 36% And here, in India, crime has increased by
40% Please! Being an American superhero is Is a different ball game all together! It’s very difficult being a superhero here! Now, last Diwali, I was in New Delhi Just when I started descending from my self
flight My red super beam Turned black, thanks to pollution! And have you seen how well taken care of,
they are?… They wear spandex suits What is this pyjama string, huh?! No guys, seriously? What is this! Guys, guys, guys It’s an emergency! 2 people are stuck in Mumbai floods Let’s save them! Let’s go? She’s a newbie! Poor thing… Dirty places like ravines Are places for humans to work Not superheroes Guys, guys… Guys! Before we move on to brand collabs, I have some good news to share Rajdhaani’sfanclubs in Ambala have built a Temple in his name His fans think is he an incarnation Of Vayu – the lord of winds Guys we have to double our work with brands
this year We have bigger goals on company profits Rajdhani, your next brand endorsement is… Download the Famigo app And enter the code RAJDHAANI30 To get your food delivered by me In under 30 seconds Famigo… Are you hungry? Adhrishya, Your endorsement… Zeno LED Bulbs So bright That you’ll finally spot me! And the rest of your endorsements… Starting with Blue Pink Shampoo For strong hair Because you are A strong, Independent woman Golden Brew Coffee Wakes you up, Just like you wake up everyday As a strong Independent woman Raja Potato Chips So crunchy that it makes a sound, Just like the sound you make While voicing your opinions Like a strong Independent… Guys that’s a bit too much no? Shut up, you girl! JLK Cement, Even we can’t handle this! so strong! Just like how you are A strong, Independent Cut

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