If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Australia’s Wildfires | The Daily Show

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Australia’s Wildfires | The Daily Show

Australia. It’s the country you go to when
you want to have an adventure but don’t want
to translate anything. Now, if you’ve heard
about Australia recently, it’s because
your social media feed has been full of people asking
you to pray for Australia. So, let’s find out more about
the crisis happening down under in our recurring segment,
If You Don’t Know, Now You Know. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Like many places
around the world, Australia has
an annual fire season. But thanks to climate change, this year,
it’s gone from being a season to a never-ending nightmare. Halfway across the world,
a catastrophic situation is playing out in Australia,
where massive wildfires are forcing thousands of people
from their homes. NEWSWOMAN: We knew
the wildfires in California were huge in 2018, and last year, the fires
in the Amazon were even bigger. But since September,
the fires here in Australia have already burned
more than three times both those events combined. NEWSWOMAN 2: Firefighters
facing a relentless battle. Skies thick with smoke
and glaring orange. The fires generating
so much heat, authorities say
they’re creating their own weather system, including
several fire tornadoes. Holy shit, fire tornadoes? You know climate change
has gotten bad when we’re getting
disaster mash-ups. Like, you realize
if we don’t do something about climate change,
this could become the norm. Like, super disasters. You know, like tsunami volcanoes or blizzard earthquakes. The most disastrous combination
of all, The Emoji Cats Movie. (laughter) And these fires… These wildfires have been
catastrophic on many fronts. They cause dozens of deaths. They destroyed thousands
of homes, and they have been
especially devastating to Australian wildlife. Firefighters are racing
to save the wildlife amid those wildfires
still raging. The staggering toll
we’ve been reporting on here, now an estimated
billion animals lost. NEWSMAN: Experts say 80%
of Australia’s wildlife can only be found
on this continent. Many are now threatened. NEWSMAN 2:
And as temperatures soared, koalas face dehydration. This firefighter
lent a helping hand, and this cyclist gave water
to a koala who just couldn’t drink enough. Aw, man. That is just heartbreaking. And not just because so many
animals are being wiped out but because Australia
has the coolest animals you can’t find anywhere else. Like, no one else has animals
with a built-in fanny pack, huh? Which other country
has an animal that looks like
a beaver banged a duck? And, of course, Australia’s home
to the rarest species of all, the Hemsworth brother.
We need them. We need them. I also have to say
it’s heartwarming to see people, you know,
coming to the rescue of animals. Uh, quick heads-up, though.
And this is completely true. The koala population is riddled
with chlamydia, so I’m just saying you may want
to scrub that water bottle before you, you know,
have sex with it. Uh, yeah, you don’t want to get
your own personal bush fire. -(laughter)
-Now, Australians… Australians aren’t just hurt
and scared because of these fires
right now. There’s also a lot of anger
in the country, and a lot of it is aimed at the Australian
prime minister, Scott Morrison, who many Australians feel
hasn’t handled the situation like a leader should. NEWSWOMAN:
This nationwide crisis started back in September. The prime minister
continues to face backlash over the response. NEWSMAN: Morrison
has been heavily criticized for insisting
that the responsibility belonged to state
rather than federal government and for vacationing in Hawaii
during the fires. I get it that people
would have been upset to know that I was holidaying
with my family while their families
were under great stress. NEWSWOMAN 2:
Scott Morrison set out for a prime ministerial moment
on the fire’s front lines. Instead, rejection. A firefighter refusing
the prime minister’s handshake. Other residents
heckled the prime minister… Don’t come back!
You’re not (bleep) welcome! …until he drove away. Are you from the media?
Tell the prime minister to go and get (bleep)
from Nelligen. We really enjoy
doing this (bleep). Wow. That is an angry Australian man. And usually, it’s hard to tell
when Australians are angry, mostly because their accent
always sounds upbeat. You know, it’s just like,
“Hey, mate. I’m gonna stuff a bloody dingo
up your ass.” You’re like, “Oh, thank you.” (laughter) So, Australians are angry
at the prime minister because he was on vacation
during a crisis, and he didn’t want
volunteer firefighters to get paid even though
they’re risking their lives. And while Australians
are accusing their prime minster of not stek… stepping up,
the rest of the world, luckily, is trying to help
in a major way. NEWSWOMAN:
Apocalyptic destruction and a global reaction. The largest Facebook campaign
ever has raised more than 30 million
U.S. dollars for firefighters. NEWSWOMAN 2:
Music star Lizzo took a break
from her tour in Australia to help pack meals
for fire victims. NEWSWOMAN: On Monday, a crew
of 20 veteran firefighters from California
who fought some of the state’s most devastating wildfires suited up
and shipped out to Melbourne. NEWSWOMAN 3:
Kaylen Ward. She’s a model, and she’s now known as
“The Naked Philanthropist.” The 20-year-old was offering
to send nude photos to people who made a donation
to relief efforts. She posted on Twitter
that if they made a donation and they sent her proof, she would send back
a nude photo of herself. She says the idea
has helped raise $1 million in donations. Wow! This woman raised
$1 million in donations with nude photos. Really shows you we can solve
all the world’s problems if we can just harness
the power of horniness. Yeah. I mean, imagine
if people got a nude picture every time
they recycled properly. People would get very diligent
about sorting their trash. Be like, “What the hell
is wrong with you, man?! “Put the plastic
in the blue bin! I want to see that ass!” (applause) And, now, despite everyone
who’s chipping in, Australia still needs
all the help it can get. So, please, if you can, go to the websites on the screen and donate whatever it is. You can donate money.
You can donate time. You can adopt a Hemsworth.
Every little bit helps. But the big thing
we’ve got to remember is that, unless the world leaders take
climate change really seriously, situations like this
are just gonna keep happening. And if you don’t know,
now you know.

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  1. If the democrat climate change operatives would stop setting fires you wouldn’t have any problems. Sad it’s come to this.

  2. This is disgusting, Hope this asshole is joking, But, If not, Take your ass there and help, O wait, They may think you are a runaway slave, Shut the fuck up, You are not funny,

  3. 😲❗ So, obviously the U.S.A. isn't the only (1st World country) that elected a Climate denying, Self-serving, Scumbag as its leader. INTERESTING.


    CALIFORNIA (2018),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……………………,..1,800,000
    AMAZON……………………………………………………. 4,600,000
    AUSTRALIA (SEP 2019- JAN 2020) (SO FAR) 14,500,000



    Certainly, ALL Wildfires cannot ALL be blamed on Climate Change (and its subset, Global Warming). Yeah, some are the result of arson, or maybe a truck hit a rock and "sparked" a spark. But the drought from Climate Change created conditions where even a small "spark" can be disastrous.

    But that does not mean we should go to the other extreme and ignore the:
    > Wildfires, (in California, Amazon, Australia, but also in Sweden and GREENLAND (yes, THAT
    Greenland, the one usually covered in ICE.)

    >Ocean Acidification (as the Oceans absorb 25% of the CO2 we emit, causing the Oceans'
    projected Ph to move in a more Acidic direction, from 8.1 to 7.85 (a lot on a Logarithmic
    Scale) ) (SEE: Scientific American Magazine and Science News),

    >Oceanic Oxygen Depletion (as the Oceans absorb over 90% of Man-made heat from burning
    Fossil Fuels, threatening the Oceanic Plankton that produces at least 66% of the Oxygen you
    and I and even my friend Sean Hannity breathe). (SEE Nov 2015 article in "The Bulletin of
    Mathematical Biology")

    So, should we ignore all that and more, just because some Scientists made a mistake about predicting a "Pending Ice Age" in the 1970s that never happened, as my friend Sean Hannity keeps shouting that we should? As if the CO2 cares a hoot about some mistake made over 40 years ago!

    Well, I suppose as long as my friend Sean Hannity on Faux News, "makes" $36 million a year spewing such nonsense, I guess it's working out pretty well for my friend Sean, but for the Planet?

    MY FRIENDS, (Including my friend Sean Hannity), at some point, as a Nation and as a Planet, we will have to stop adding five and eight together and pretending that the answer is seven.

    Speaking of "SPARKS" igniting fires, there is another kind of "SPARK"— a spark that ignites a fire inside of human beings. It's a "fire" that causes people to take action.

    This is what Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in 1861 about a famous Ride in 1775:
    " . . . A hurry of hoofs in a village-street,
    A shape in the moonlight, a bulk in the dark,

    And beneath from the pebbles, in passing, a ___SPARK____

    Struck out by a steed that flies fearless and fleet:
    That was all! And yet, through the gloom and the light,
    The ____FATE____ of a nation was riding that night;
    And the_______ SPARK______ struck out by that steed, in his flight,
    (https://poets.org/poem/paul-reveres-ride) (MY CAPS)
    But, some will say: "The Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit 29,000. It may close at over 29,000 today and, in the next few years go to 30,000 or 40,000 !"

    But, if you are like ME, you are thinking: "what good is a 40,000 "DOW", if the Planet burns up and the Oceans turn into Acid?". Of course, that's just ME!

    To paraphrase Longfellow, the ____FATE____ of not just a "nation", but the Planet is "riding"
    on how we vote on November 3rd, 2020.

  5. While media is showing heartbreaking thirsty koalas, Australian authorities has been mass-killing by machine guns more than 100,000 camel.
    Very caring for animals indeed…sigh

  6. Countries on the 25th latitude: Australia, Argentina, Chile, Madagascar, Mozambique, Brazil, Paraguay, South Africa all combating fires unseen in current media.

  7. That "man" is a traitor to the United States. Poor youthful minds in the nation tune in to his rhetoric regularly. His farce and ill-intentions of spreading bogus propaganda against the commander and chief of our wonderful nation, have not gone unnoticed. It's ok though, there is still another decade of votes of less indoctrinated people.

  8. Usually i love your sense of humour but not this time. You talk about very sourious eco problem and second later – untasty jokes. The audience is happy. The problem doen not concern them. Nooo! usa is on oposite site of world.

  9. Bro we already knew about wildfire just help them we don't need your news it's already been shown at live news channel multiple times

  10. It’s nice to know about the kangaroos and Koalas, but no word about the thousands of camels shot from helicopters for drinking too much water.

  11. Those fires were set by humans. 24 people charged with setting the fires. And yet the truth escapes these morons. Pathetic. The fires in California were set by environmental stupidity applied to a utility company.

  12. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I knew it! I knew he was going to blame it all on climate change!
    Never mind the banning of controlled fires to prevent even bigger fires to spread all across the country in the heat season. Nooooooo it wasn't the idiotic policies the greenies who cried climate crisis made up, it is all climate change. Now give us half of your income for us to bust on pointless things!

  13. Motivation to donate because 1/7 of the earth’s landmass is on fire:

    Motivation to donate because you’ll get a nude pic: take all my money

    That says a lot.

  14. On a Good Mode, i thought i could bare watch this Black Adder Character in a suit ( "Black Adder," a UK-made comedy show & character.)
    but no, two meanings in to the show, he blames everything on climate change, and i puke up all the lies im being fed after only 15 seconds
    (fun fact, did you know that the word Climate means "Change" in Latin? – So to say Climate Change is like saying "The La Trattoria", you wrongly repeat the same word twice )
    But then that errored title suits the whole climate change movement well…

  15. 1:26 "Tsunami volcanoes". It was probably funny to some people but it was reality today here in my hometown in the Philippines. A volcano spewed ash, destroyed homes and killed animals when it did an initial eruption last Sunday. I live just 25 km away and more than 100 thousand people have been displaced, a lot of them evacuated to our place. A hazardous eruption is imminent and could happen anytime now. Earthquakes every 30 minutes too. PHIVOLCS has just warned people of a possible lake tsunami. That one is actually real Trevor.

  16. Wow this guy is an idiot….Media Puppet!!. Ignores the fact that 28 ECO-terrorists were arrested setting these fires!!! MORON!

  17. This is just horrible and I keep saying this but climate change is really getting the hold of us and we really need to do something yet we’re all selfish to think about ourselves

    I mean it’s already the beginning of the decade imagine what it would look like in 2045 it’s truly heartbreaking

  18. Climate change is fake people don't understand how the earth rotates planet migration or the moon I getting further from the earth every year pretty soon we will have a ice age not because of climate change cause it fucking happens over and over and over we just don't know how insignificant we are as humans we might be the only intelligent life or we might not be either way it doesn't fucking matter cause time goes on and on and on

  19. Dang trevor this wasn't mature of you at all, i respect that you want to enlighten people about the fires, but joking around is just too much man, wheres your heart at?

  20. I dont understand why they are so mad?! Its not like the dude was gonna help fight the fires himself!! I do think its fucked up tho that he didnt want to pay voluntarily fire fighters!! Just like I think its fucked up that in California inmates can choose to be voluntary fire fighters and get paid $1.35 a day & then cant even become fire fighters when they get out of jail!!

  21. I have NEVER clicked on a Trevor Noah youtube video on purpose, yet they are ALWAYS next on my auto-play list for some reason.

  22. I feel super bad about the common people, trees, plants, and the animals BUT again why is the prime minister blaming on China? Or even bought up China?


  24. I honestly don’t know if this is due to climate change. I believe climate change is real. But I still want evidence that this fire is due to climate change.

  25. Its a shame on developed country becuase India is no. 9/62 in world in least carbon footprint country and 🇺🇸 is no. 62/62 also top 3 spots are vacant so technically India is on no. 6 right now.

  26. If you didn't know…over 183 arsonists have been arrested for starting these fires. Its NOT a climate change issue…now you know.

  27. i liked the dude because im SA aswell and have a swiss father but he has become a system whore!!! Shame on you trevor!!!
    The fire isnt as near as bad a the one in 1974 you ignorant easy to manilpulate poeple.
    Over 200 poeple are accused for arsoning a FIREFIGHTER got arrested!!!!
    The politics of the green movement prevented doing fuel loads. Its over blowen up the whole story!!

    Its tradic i agree but has nothing but nada to do with climate change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Fire tornadoes. Has the US federal government been helping yet? California Oregon and Washington have incredibly good Fire Fighters. This is a cataclysmic event.

  29. You know is everything happening in the world at least Donald Trump hasn't told the Australians they should have raked their Forest to prevent forest fires

  30. Everything's ready for the new Australian Railroad. The Greens did not allow it to be built because of eucalyptus forests, koalas and kangaroos and camels…now that there is nothing. Look, he's got the construction site ready. Everything is crystal clear !! And people are stupid and silly, the truth is elsewhere, hidden, I can't be fooled, me no!

  31. Global warming where 16-year-old underage women travel the world in first class airplanes and speak in the Senate and Congress and the United Nations. Who pays you the bills little girl ha ha

  32. No idea what he’s talking about, nothing to do with climate justice/emergency/change/warming or whatever it might be today, has the cunt ever been here?

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