If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Sudan | The Daily Show

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Sudan | The Daily Show

If you’ve been online lately, you’ve probably noticed,
well, two things. One: it’s Keanu’s world,
and we’re all just living in it. (laughter) And two: everyone has been
posting about Sudan. WOMAN: People around the world
are using Instagram to raise awareness about
the recent violence in Sudan. There’s been a wave
of postings, using the hashtag
“blue for Sudan.” Actor and activist George
Clooney is using his celebrity to draw attention
to the ongoing political and humanitarian
crisis in Sudan. WOMAN 2: U.S. celebrities,
including Rihanna, Nick Jonas and Bella Hadid are using their social platforms
to raise awareness. Yeah, this is amazing. People are using social media to raise awareness
about the crisis in Sudan. And honestly, I never thought
I’d see the day where a thirst trap would be
used for a noble cause. Yeah. No. ‘Cause usually on Instagram,
it’s just like, “Look at my ass.
Now buy tummy tea.” But now, it’s like, “Look at
my ass and pray for Sudan.” (laughter) And you may be wondering,
what is happening that’s causing a crisis
in Sudan? Well, we figured,
let’s, uh, get into it in another installment of “If
You Don’t Know, Now You Know.” -♪ ♪
-(cheers and applause) To understand what’s going on
in Sudan right now, you have to go back 30 years,
when Sudan got something that almost always guarantees
oppression and unrest– a dictator. Omar al-Bashir came to power
in a military coup in 1989, and survived for 30 years
through cunning and brutality. MAN 2:
In Southern Sudan and Darfur, his militia scorched earth
and massacred his enemies. Hundreds of thousands died
and suffered from famine. He was indicted for war crimes, crimes against humanity
and genocide. Since 1989,
75-year-old Omar al-Bashir forcibly united Sudan
by waging wars while wearing a smile. You know, the only thing worse
than a dictator is a smiling dictator. Yeah, ’cause now you’re a maniac
with a creepy-ass grin. Like, we all know
how terrifying Hitler looks. Now imagine if he was smiling. Yeah. I-I can’t look at that. Take that shit down.
Take that shit down! So for 30 years, Omar al-Bashir ruled over Sudan
with an iron fist. And there were many failed
attempts to overthrow him. But it turns out,
the secret ingredient to a successful revolt
was bread. After 30 years in power, President Omar al-Bashir
has been forced out of power by the country’s military. The army has dissolved
the government and declared
a state of emergency. That’s right.
After 30 years in power, this dictatorship ended because
people didn’t have bread, which must be really confusing
to people in California. Yeah. ‘Cause they start riots
if you give them bread. (laughter) Like,
“This doesn’t have carbs, right? “Because if it does,
I will burn this (bleep) store to the ground!” (laughter) So, two months ago, the people of Sudan finally
got rid of their dictator. And you could tell
that it was a big deal, because people
were cheering online, celebrating in town squares and
even partying in the streets. I mean,
just look at that joy, huh? People were dancing
in the traffic! It was like an African
La La Land. But just like
La La Land’s joy at the Oscars, the people of Sudan’s victory
was short-lived. WOMAN: Sudan’s defense minister
said the military is suspending the constitution
and will take charge of the country
for the next two years. MAN: One week
after they deposed a dictator, Sudanese demonstrators
are still on the streets. They, too, want to replace
a military-led regime they consider corrupt
with a civilian-led government. That is such a horrible
and unfortunate twist. The military helped the people
depose the dictator, and then they decided
to take his place. Yeah, which is
a classic Lord of the Rings. Yeah, Gollum works
with the good guys to get rid of the ring, and at the end,
when he sees an opening, he’s like, “My precious!” So, now you know the basics
of what happened. The people of Sudan got rid
of their dictator of 30 years, and now, right now, they’re
fighting the military general who wants to be their dictator
for the next 30 years. And you may be wondering,
“Yeah, but, Trevor, how are celebrities
gonna help, huh?” Is the general
gonna check Twitter and be like, “Oh, no, Rihanna blocked me.
I’ll step down”? Well, maybe not. Maybe not. But already, the awareness
campaign is bearing fruit. The U.S. is sending
a special envoy to Sudan, and the African Union
has suspended Sudan until the military
gives power back to the people. Yeah. And it’s not
just up to celebrities to shine a light on this.
Any American can help. You can call
your congressperson, and you can urge them
to keep the pressure on Sudan. You can actually make
a difference, which is
especially important today because it’s World Refugee Day. ‘Cause while not everyone
may agree on what to do with refugees,
I think we can all agree that no one should have to
become one in the first place.

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  1. You heard it folks,and what a surprise! America is going over there to help,you know, as we always do. When are we going start helping our own Country?.PS. We should help people,wherever Country and Religion. Our family gives 10 dollars every Sunday at Church (it's going to the Red Cross). Once and a while when we miss Church,we doubled the money the following Sunday. Ten Dollars isn't that much,I wish we could give more. God Bless.

  2. Can you please Talk about our Dictator ?i send you His Pictures (His Name is Iseyas Afwerki in The country Eritrea east Africa 🇪🇷🇪🇷

  3. At 3:26 it is Algeria not sodan is we have prove look is thar 2 flag amazig ♓ and flag of Algeria people why didn't talk about✒ Algeria 🇩🇿✒ we have 6 month wihe Peaceful march The first march in the world without violence until now Our goal is to change the system

  4. It's all so werid, look,
    Those who run for power have the money the resources, some people were greedy and made the wrong decisions that's why they have the money BUT

    What about people like me? People like my family who are not rich but we help everyone and we strive for all to be equal, we listen and reason, we ask eachother.

    I feel if I had money I could make a difference but lack of money gives the illusion that I am unimportant that others who would or could make a difference that they are insignificant.

    Well we are not I believe when the time is right we will be heard . Every good soul will be heard. We will stand up for those who have lost hope.

  5. The footage on frame 05:17 is from an Algerian protest…in Algeria 😂 This is what happens when you leave video editors to their own devices 😜

  6. The whites people have alot to do with it, they don't want to see oil in the back lands, they are just like mouse you can't see them but they there.l

  7. "until the military gives power back to the people"
    what's actually on the screen "African Union suspends Sudan over violence against protestors."

  8. These counties are so bad nowadays because they have special thing that the biggest countries want, oil.. Large countries dictate small countries that have oil.. And that's the truth, i think you understand.

  9. even bad Bread calms the stomach, good Bread lifts your mood, really good Bread can cause peace xD
    take away Bread……and people take away your Head

  10. Call your congressman / woman or whatever …….

    Because this dictator DIDN'T hook up Hillary & the Gang … didn't buy US made weapons …. not playing along .

    IGNORE the vast List of corrupt DICTO cracies all over Africa sponsored by US & the Hedgefunds that creep George the Clowny is vested in

    Trevaaaaa … Why you why you why you sell out your own

  11. ننتظر المزيد من حلقات البرامج عن السودان ،كان هذا رائع حقا شكرا لك

  12. I am from Sudan 🇸🇩 Darfur but it’s still life is harsh in there !! My family is refugee in eastern Chad 🇹🇩 2 yr ago I arrived in USA 🇺🇸 to help my refugees family little bit !! Thank u Mr Trevor Noah to showing my home land to the world to know about it

  13. Do you Americans really think that posting tweets about Sudan will change anything?
    You know so little about situation tere but still won't hesitate to judge.
    And dictator is source of all evil.
    No poverty, crime rate or hunger. If they fight dictator everything will magically transform.
    Just go there and bring your marvelous democracy.

  14. Iam not good in English but I will tray .. One think you should know abut Sudaniss that we never retreat from a fight and we are strong and unaited more than ever .. We will prevail no matter how and we will have or Civilian Government and our Freedom .. Many of us have been killed for freedom, so don't worry we will die as we fight for our freedom and we will not become refugees for no more.

    Segint by :
    Not Refuge – From Sudan

  15. Usa cant even get their shit together, and now being busybody on other countries problem..the fact that usa have trump as the president shows enough evident how messed up the country is..

  16. In another Sudan news: 27yr old woman mother of two awaits her death sentence by hanging. Her crime: converting to Christianity.
    This society is rotten from within if they are killing people for religious reasons.

  17. It was not only about the bread the economy is run down there is no cash in banks, runaway inflation and fuel unavailability… Now you know!

  18. Great coverage & comment … yes please put pressure on congresspeople to help end the military coupe in Sudan, they don’t have to suffer as the Egyptians😥

    Thanks a lot from Cairo, Egypt

  19. In the minute 3:46 that’s not sudan that’s Algeria that’s our manifestation with our flags that’s a big mistake

  20. I don’t understand why there’re some videos taken in Algeria while talking about Sudan.
    U can clearly see the Algerian flags and the difference of skin color.

  21. The problem is that some western governments are still supporting the dictatorship in Sudan but we hope that one day all poor countries can escape it

  22. Are u stupid? West helped sudan to get divided into two parts, and now, it's going to harvest it's fruit, oil 🙂

  23. So California has the best bread! On the bread front California actually ruins you. After you've eaten California bread there are very few places left (at least in the US) where you can tolerate the bread. This Californian eats tons of bread in California, but has to abstain when living elsewhere just because of quality. She wished she could eat more bread.

  24. Hey Trevor, at 3:48, you've showed two sequences from the current Algerian Revolution started in Feb 22nd, 2019. It wasn't Sudan. BTW, why don't make something similar about Algerian Revolution? Isn't the largest African Country and a strategic player? #YetnahawGa3

  25. Movements that start from the top with government officials or popular celebrities are usually illegitimate. Tread lightly!

  26. I love you so much ms.trevor
    it has been a sort time that i know you but i feel like I lose many thing bacuse i know you later.
    excuse me for my bad Language bause english is not my mother tangue.

  27. for fuck sake realy guys….3:47 is not sudan its algeria , they are waving tribal amazigh flags and algerian flags, i love this show but just make sure you show me the right african nation when you talk about one ,dont show me "fake news" lol ;p

  28. it's not because of bread, it's because bread is the cheapest thing they could afford and not it's now becoming a luxury, the increasing poverty is what triggered an uprising… not bread

  29. I blame you for the big mistakes at that map of Sudan 🇸🇩 at your back. Especially boarders between Sudan 🇸🇩 and Egypt 🇪🇬. You have to check ✔ it

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