iKON – ‘뛰어들게(Dive)’ M/V Making Film

Get ready, showtime! – Hello, we are…
– iKON! After what feels like ages, we’re shooting our music video. We perform powerful dances working hard to show you guys our amazing work. To emphasize the diving motion, we worked out jumping scenes. The blindfold means that I want you even if I go blind. That I’m going to dive for you. And despite the sharp pains, I wanted to express that I’m okay. – We jump three times!
– Yeah. We captured that in our dance. Where are you going? Come back! The choreography takes up a big part. We hope the motions we do look awesome on the music video. And I hope you enjoy watching it. This isn’t as scary as it looks. It’s super fun. I’m excited for another take. So much fun! Thank you. The most beautiful scenes are put together for all our fans. So we always want to do more. JAY always comes over and monitors my personal shots. “Try it this way.” “It’d look better like this.” I’m grateful for his feedback. Way to go! That was perfect! To show that I’m caught in your world, you see me in a picture frame. Broken glass with flowers. You don’t think they fit together, but they actually do. “I’ll dive anywhere for you.” That’s what the scene speaks out. Like smashing walls. So many dynamic movements. I feel a little pressured. Action! With our new track “Dive,” we’ll dive your way. I hope you have fun with us. Please give us your love. Thank you. We’re iKON! Thank you. [iKON ‘DIVE’
3rd mini album ‘i DECIDE’
2020.02.06 at 6pm] Great work, everybody!

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