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  1. I like how there's a neon sign that says "band" with an arrow pointing to the band as if the various instruments and musicians playing said instruments aren't enough for people to know there's a band there.

  2. Iliza is one of my favorite comedians out there right now. Her material is hilarious and her act is excellent. All her different characters that she does are great, the monster woman and the witch-hag are the best.

  3. "it doesn't make you a bad feminist its biology" but that's also an admission that women and men are biologically different and thus the goal of making them equal is illogical

  4. I don't understand why she's funny. It's like Iliza relies on obnoxious noises and impressions, and assumptions to be funny. Nikki Glaser, to me is actually funny because when I'm trying to listen I can't help but laugh. Nikki doesn't rely on sounds to be funny, she relies on content. if that makes any sense.

  5. Im confused, she is a "feminist", but she is "not fat", "no dyed hair", spilled "no hate to men", "talked no politics", and the most statistically unsound thing of all "she is funny".
    This is not a common thing, i don't even click in female stand ups because its so predictable, sexist, hateful against men, and strongly boring.

  6. Another example of why female comedians are NOT FUNNY. Living oxymoron. Female comedians are good at one thing: inducing CRINGE….

  7. She's witty. Obviously she's very intelligent, and has thought a lot about these topics. It takes more work than just making pussy fart jokes for six minutes.

  8. Gorgeous… Made some very relatable points. But Not funny. I.M.O. But she explained women emotions perfectly to describe my experiences with them. It was like confirmation for my speculations.

  9. LMFAO at the Herbalife reference in a comedy routine 😮 my GAWD this woman is clever! just so quick with the jokes, so hysterically funny w/ the voices and everything – DAMN! this must be why she won the TV show Last Comic Standing many many seasons ago

  10. At least she speaks the truth AND she's funny. No wonder dating coaches advise against dating single moms and women over 35.

  11. Maybe if y’all weren’t walking the problems from your old relationships into every new relationship they’d last a little longer.

  12. Patrice O'Neal was right. She's pretty but thats it.

    Maybe one day Ill find a female comic who isn't just a good storyteller.


  14. Everyone's talking about the witch pose/voice but when she said "OK, so, chapter 1: in the 7th grade I showed an aptitude for the clarinet" I JUST ABOUT CRIED 😂😂😂😂😂

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  16. So I was watching South Park last night and Eric Cartman said women aren’t funny I I thought about all night and I was like holy shit women really aren’t funny so I looked up female comedians and I saw this and yeah women aren’t funny

  17. "He broke up with me over breakfast so now I don't drink milk and I'm annoying!!" Hahahaha! Not even the best line, but it still killed me!

  18. For a feminist, she likes mocking girls too much. The girls she depicts sound really stupid and it's sad, I don't know how anyone find this funny.

  19. I want to see her in a bikini. That's just the way that is. That being said, this is the least funny skit I've ever seen from her.

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