‘I’m Here Too’ – Short Film on Teen Suicide Prevention

(wolves howling) (heart beating) (serene music) [Claire V.O]
– I once thought it was impossible to feel alone. I mean, how could I? I’m surrounded by people. (group chatting) I have the best group of friends that anyone could ever ask for. They are loyal and encouraging. And my boyfriend, Jacob, is
the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. – [Jasper] What’s been happening, bro?
– Not much. What are you guys talking about? – [Claire V.O] My older sister, Brooklyn, is inspiring and supportive. My mum and dad are still together and in love, which I admire. And my younger sister, Emma,
who despite her typical sarcastic teenager attitude, I cherish more than anything. (group laughing) I have the perfect life. Or at least that’s what other people see. Or maybe it’s just what I want them to see. ‘Cause it’s easier that way. Easier than telling the truth, and being judged and ridiculed, and made to feel isolated and secluded. Made to feel like I’m not
normal, whatever that is. (sombre music) But the truth is, I’m at a point in my life, Where I’m tired of pretending. I’m tired of feeling alone. I’m tired of… living. And I know what some of you are thinking. She’s just looking for attention. What gives her the
right to feel depressed? But see, that’s the funny
thing about depression. It doesn’t give a fuck what you think. (keyboard clicking) Dad? Dad?
– Hmm? – [Claire] Can I talk to you for a sec? – Of course you can, baby. Just give me like an hour,
and then I’m all yours. (keyboard clicking) – It’s kind of important. – Well, so is this, Claire. This actually puts a roof over your head and food on the table. Not just some argument on
Facebook about some boy. – It’s not about some boy.
– Claire, what did I just say? (phone buzzing) Hello, Patrick speaking. Yeah, I’m aware there’s a deadline, okay? I’m doing the best that I can. Claire, I’m sorry, okay? We’ll talk soon, I promise. No, I’m here. I’m sending it through as we speak. (knife chopping) – Mum? Mum?
– What? – [Claire] Can I talk to you for sec? – You can see that I’m busy, honey, so. – It’s kind of important. – And cooking dinner for the whole family after a long day isn’t? – I didn’t mean it like that. – [Eva] Not now, okay, just… – [Claire] Can I help? – You can help by getting
out of the kitchen. Look, honey, I’m sorry. I’ve just had a really long day. I’m stressed. We’ll talk later, okay? – Okay. – Go.
– Em? Emma?
– What? – Excuse me? – What do you want? You just made me lose. – (sighing) It’s just a game. Why are you so angry all the time? – Why are you such an idiot all the time? – You know that if
there’s something that’s making you angry, you
can always talk to me. – No, I can’t.
– Why not? – Because your an idiot,
and I don’t talk to idiots. (knocking)
– Brooke? Brooklyn? – What’s up?
– Can I talk to you for a sec? – [Brooklyn] Of course,
what are sisters for? – Lately I’ve been feeling–
(phone ringing) – Hold that thought. Hey Cass. Oh my god, tell me all about it. No, I’m serious, I want
to hear everything. We’ll talk later, okay? – It’s kind of important. – Okay, well I’m on the phone right now. So, it’ll have to wait. Stop being so selfish. No, I’m serious. No, No, tell me. (sombre music) – [Claire V.O] I don’t want you to blame anyone though, it’s no one’s fault. Sometimes we just get so caught
up in everything around us we forget about who’s
right there in front of us. ♫ Too many liars ♫ Too many fires ♫ Someone to always start it ♫ Too many places ♫ Too many faces ♫ Used to take up spaces ♫ How many criers – [Eva] Claire, honey, dinner’s ready. ♫ Haven’t I shaken ♫ Haven’t you taken ♫ All the love I gave you, wasted – No, I’m not kidding. No, that is so true. No, really. – [Eva] How did you go with that deadline? – Yeah, I got it in. – They still gonna pay you? – [Patrick] I’ll have to wait and see. As long as we’re together, right? – [Brooklyn] That’s so true. Oh my god. (sombre music) – [Claire Voiceover]
Some of you will say this is just a cry for help, but you’re wrong. You only cry for help if you believe there is help to cry for. – Not on your phone at the dinner table. – [Brooklyn] Mum’s being
a phone Nazi again. I’ve gotta go. – [Patrick] Not at the
table, you’ve been told. – [Eva] Well, if I’m a Nazi,
that makes your father Hitler. – [Emma] I can agree with that.
– Can you? (repeated gasping) (heavy breathing) – Could you please go and get your sister? – [Emma] She’s right there. – [Patrick] Your other
sister, smarty pants. – I don’t know where she is. She’s probably still
being an idiot somewhere. – Don’t call her that, she’s not an idiot. (loudly crying) (gagging) (crying) – Claire! – [Eva] Don’t scream,
I could have done that. – Why didn’t you then? – Please just go and get your sister. Okay, I’ll get her. (repeated coughing) – You’re so lazy. – You’re so ugly. – You’re so adopted. – Dad. – Don’t tell her that. She’s not adopted. – (knocking) Claire? Claire? Oh my, Claire, Claire, Claire! Oh my god, Claire! Oh baby, no, no, no, no. Oh my god, oh my god, wake up, Claire! Wake her up, wake her up!
– Claire! – Wake her up, please. My girl, no (crying)! No, no! – [Brooklyn] Call an ambulance! – Get her up!
– Baby, wake up, wake up. (group crying) – [Brooklyn] Call an ambulance. – Wake her up, wake her up! Go baby, go baby, no, no! Wake her up would you, please. No, no (crying)! – Claire, baby, please? – No, no, no! Get her up, wake her up! Wake up, wake up! No, my baby, no, no! – Claire! She’s okay, Claire, please baby. Baby, open your eyes. – No, don’t stop, wake her up. No, no, no! No, no, wake up, wake up! No (crying) no! My baby. Wake her up, please, wake her up. No, no! (serene music) – [Claire V.O]
Pain is only temporary. But the decisions we make are final. (crying) There are no second chances or do-overs. And it’s our family and friends that have to live with those decisions. A decision that I wish I could take back. – Come on, that’s really enough. – I’m fine. – [Claire V.O] A decision I wish,
now, I didn’t make. – I’m fine. – [Claire V.O] And although
it may be too late for me, it’s not too late for you. Because despite everything
that has happened, this isn’t a sad story. I don’t want you to
cry for me or feel bad. I don’t even want you to think what you could have done to save me. Because this story isn’t
about me, it’s about you. All of you. And even if you don’t
see it straight away, someone is always watching,
listening, and caring. So don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t ever give up. And when you’re at your lowest and you think you can’t go on anymore, just remember, you’re never alone. It’s not just you, ’cause I’m here too. ♫ I’m never alone in my mind ♫ ‘Cause you’re always
here right by my side ♫ And I know it’s true ♫ That I never loved anyone quite like you ♫ And I know it’s true ♫ Wherever you go, I’m here, too ♫ Wherever you go, I’m here, too ♫ Wherever you go, I’m here, too

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