I’M ON A GAME SHOW – Jason Farone

I’M ON A GAME SHOW – Jason Farone

myself in the eye my eye is red now but I don’t really care I’m going to keep going anyway because this one is being good would you leave me golden and chewing on his board good boy these are rare moments that I have to take advantage of boom Doug actually he’s just tired out right now I just dragged him I would say I took him for a walk but it was more of like a drag slash pull from here the mailbox so now he’s just he’s down for the count yeah sacred moments for day good morning everybody aren’t supported yet what the fuck was that I didn’t ask for TV schedules I said good morning everybody and Google just chimed in quiet bitch alright so yesterday my manager emailed me and he was like hey do you want to be on a game show it’s about pop culture and trivia stuff I’m like I know nothing about that so yeah yeah put me on it so last minute I got an invite so I got to run over there but first I have to shower and I will see you in the car and I’ll talk to you more about it then okay see in a minute I would get the pants it’s okay stay right there I’ll be right back it doesn’t matter if it’s like 1 hour or 10 hours I’m like I’ll be right back he’s like um define the right back I do not know this time so this is a nice new development in my day I’m pretty sure I lost my American Express card I don’t know what the fuck happened put in my pocket I went for a walk but you know what ever since I’ve been walking with Mickey I’ve got like a leash in my hand the phone I got poop bags going in and out of my pocket and I think maybe I probably pulled the bag out and the credit card I like how I’m driving down the street half-assed looking at the sidewalk like I’m gonna spot a credit card don’t come on that damn things now whatever all right I’m off to awesomenesstv in Santa Monica that’s by the way when I mention my managers my youtube manager over at a TV that has this game show and I guess it’s in coordination with the ego 90 app are you guys familiar with that and the name of the show by the way is tap that app this is nice just kind of floating around still you’re a floatie camera today real slowly come on everybody let’s dance all right I think I’m here it’s a good Josh getting to where they’re shooting I think I’m in the right spot here we see this is high shooting yeah shooting for the game show right yeah okay cool are you felling yeah oh cool all right thanks can I access the car if I need it in between the shoot yeah I can get back and forth right okay cool thank you I don’t think I need anything in here already hit the weed here you go perfect thank you so much we are okay what’s up how are ya I’m Jason I’m on the gang sure thing today okay yeah thank you I notice all today you wanna say hi here I think the only rule he’s telling me the rules right now well I’m not even sure if they are the real this is really cool dad to sell yeah you can’t shoot the scores I don’t put as far as onward yeah then kind of all heroes it’s fine I think yeah yeah this is really cool but yeah other than that I’m not you’re going to go I to this final I know and how are you off this is my buddy Anthony overhead awesomeness is a I don’t like to meet you guys it’s kind of like I are in great hands with this one he’s also like oh you’re like a YouTube therapist by the way I’ve sent you a couple shatters you’re like a life there but it kind of is I know I missed my calling oh you’re doing a great job with me thank you of course you mind if I watch everyone blog all right and you said you I want some face I definitely want face if it’s in basement which is it sounds like a g-rated version of do you want head it’s like a nice way – say do you want to face the frontal it is water ah would be great room tone Mary all right Kari oh this is so nice I’m an allergy to coconut oh really is it just pure coconut not me look it I love this one over here is miracle yeah my face under now looks great no I don’t know you tell me I love to lip balm pop my lips can you do the ones that have that little bit of poison in it that we’re actually allergic to the Vicki Paul because the reaction really is what it is girls were just poisoning themselves yes that’s exactly what it is Oh heaven it does not help coming home yeah because just because it’s angles do that’s a reaction to it pumping that’s the reaction to the peppermint that makes the conflicts tickling happy as if she’s like what is superglue I really hit the gym she’s like a new it’s this song okay she could okay you’re done get out of here thank you so much love you oh hey how are you we’re doing some vlogging okay what are you gonna mic me yeah but on the inside we sure color it’s always like it’s a turn out the water never I need an extra arm to do this vlogging 20 pounds we don’t like more than engine on us pics you are sure I wouldn’t leave home before that you are telling everybody would know okay so speak at the level a dynasty get on stage is this loud enough yeah man do I got a normal of our high high high but now a large this is me this is man-made this is very very great here’s your my truck right here helping me possibly win the game and beat you over here but you will not yeah your one last time every winner whatever happens just buzz it yes just take a elephant doesn’t matter just say so good yeah really creamy do I need to play giving the shocker Tina and Mickey plastic why don’t you say you did here good you do the SMS special began I just talked everyone have you been to any of my self sorry guys I’m just leaving the studio now wow what a lot of fun that was I’m not allowed to tell you by the way if I won or not but let’s just say my charity will be happy okay that’s it that’s it that’s all you’re getting I will let you guys know when this airs I have to head back to West Hollywood now and go pick up little new coupons and see if he made peepee poo-poo alright see you at home okay hey guys alright I’m back home I had a great day and I actually on the way home I got an audition from my agent so that’s pretty cool too so I can’t have like a wild leg because I got to be sharp for tomorrow you look how the completion of every vlog is me like coming home to make it down I feel like that’s a good little end point right it makes sense to me Oh Mookie sorry that’s right okay say goodbye that’s it your little your little goodbye cameo mmm bye everybody

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  1. Hi Jason,The studio is not as scary as I thought it would be!:) The people are kinda cool.
    I'm glad they picked you and I know you'll do well.Bigger and better things to come!:)
    MikeyPants is your new Good Luck Charm!:) Thanks.

  2. Jason, you're so good around people. You bring out the best in everyone.
    BTW, I love how you drive down the street looking at the sidewalk for your Amex Card with no hands on the steering wheel. Such talent!! Be safe! We don't want to loose you, buddy!

  3. Jason, what happened to your posts? I am subscribed to both channels and haven't seen anything in about 1 month? Did I miss something?

  4. i screenshotted 15 pics of you in the shower, and now its my background image on my chromebook!!!! thank you for the peepshow! i love you like whoa! your a diamond in a rhinestone world!

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