IMAGINAPPED (Imaginary Friend Kidnapped) – Children’s Fantasy Short Film

IMAGINAPPED (Imaginary Friend Kidnapped) – Children’s Fantasy Short Film

-Once upon a time there lived a magic warrior- -He protected the kingdom from evil creatures- -And kept the Princess safe at night- -But within the castle walls- -An evil plot was taking shape- -Unseen by all- I’ve secured a perimeter around the camp. You should be safe for the night. And our schedule for the morning? There are reports about toads under the bridge. We’ll explore it. Oh! And we have another request from Mr. Everett… …to join his gang.
No. That boy’s an utter imbecile. Please ignore him. Well, he keeps sending all these letters. It could be nice to have some company for once. The only company I need is you. I’ll never want to hang out with Everett unless… Olivia! Stop talking to yourself and go to sleep! Goodnight, Milady. Goodnight, Freyr. -Door opens- What about the girl? Leave her. Master say ‘Just the soldier.’ Freyr? -WE HAVE- -FREYER- -WAREHOUSE 2PM- -BRING- -5LBS OF- -CANDY- -OR ELSE- -AAAAAAAAAAAAH!- -Phew!- -Pew-pew-pew-pew- -Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew- Yes! Where is he? What? Let him go or I’ll slay you! You stay out of this! What’s the problem? This! I’m not playing your stupid games. What does this have to do with me? Well, the signature has a *slight* similarity to to THIS. Honestly, who signs a ransom note? Oh, so you did get it. Hm What? You never replied, so… That’s not the point. I’m just saying it’s kind of impolite. See, this is exactly why I didn’t respond. Where is he? Look. It’s similar but not the same. The ‘r’s go the other way. Do you really thing we’re that dumb? This is obviously someone trying to frame us. Not the first time this has happened. Oh. Although we might know who took him. Desmond Farrely. He’s not quite right in the head. So neither is his warrior. He runs a gang of fourth-graders down by the warehouse. They’ve been known to kidnap other warriors. Brainwashing them to join their gang. I’ll break his legs. Even with Freyr there’s no way you would be able to take him. Your best option is to pay the ransom. I don’t have that kind of stash. If only there was someone you could ask for help. Someone … smart And righteous… Handsome. Powerful. Hm… ADHD. If I eat too much sugar, it gets messy. I flip. He flips. My mom gives me five dollars a month if I don’t eat any. Easy Um… Wow. I’ll take it. Oh, we have a lot going on today. Well, I don’t need you guys to come, I just need your… But I guess I would want something in return though What? You see this? -Metalic taps- You and Freyr have rejected our invitations so many times stabbing us in the heart, we had to put in a metal plate to protect it. What do you want? You and Freyr ride with my gang for a month. Taking orders from me. Not gonna happen. Okay, I guess we’ll just take the stash and give it to the homeless then. Hello! are there any homeless people out there? Okay. Fine. One week. Three. Two. Deal. Where is he? Let me handle this. Where’s Freyr, scumbag? Freyr! He’s strong, this one. Do you have the stash? -ahem- Now hand him over! Or else! Actually, I’ve decided to keep him. What!! You can’t do that! We shook on it! Wait! You shook on it? What do you mean you shook on it? Your new friend here’s been keeping something from you. It was you? -Write the ‘r’ backwards- Yeah. Everett hired us to kidnap Freyr. We had an agreement! We changed the deal. It’ll take us a few months, but once we’ve broken him he’ll be loyal to me. You… Scorpio, get him! Oof! He’s either with us, or he dies. Which one do you prefer? Olivia!! Olivia!! Where are you going? I’m gonna go home to get a bat. Then I’ll break his kneecaps, then I’ll break yours. But he’s crazy! He’ll kill you! I DON’T CARE! Okay, I have a plan, let’s go undercov… I swear, if you don’t leave me alone, I will punch you in the face! Would it help if I gave you this? You’re unbelievable! Okay, I’m sorry, but it is kind of your fault too, you know. MY fault? This is all, absolutely 100%, your fault! Well, yeah, but… you never responded to my letter, so I had to do something, and I thought we could… You shouldn’t think! You’re an idiot! You’re friend here’s useless. You don’t have to be so mean all the time you know. Okay, I’m sorry, it’s just… there’s no way you could be of any help. Unless… Uuuuurgh! Uuurh! Uuuuuh! Uuuuh! Oof! Do you love me yet? Never. AAAGH! Let me teach him with the axe of Netovelio. No. Just a little poke? Yeah, just a little poke! -Chorus of ‘Yeah’s- I wanna join your gang! We told you a million times, we don’t want you. But I have way more dangerous powers than he does! Everett! I know you’re hiding somewhere! -sighs- Make him hurt. -whispering- agh! aaah! aagh! Eat it! This is gonna end badly! Oh no! Taste my axe! Huah! Hugahhh! wuh! -shield- -double shield- -hyuah- -Wilhelm scream- -screams- Kill him! -suspense- So, what are you gonna do now? I don’t know. I guess I’ll be eaten by monsters at night. Goodnight, Milady Good night. Good night, Master Everett. Good night. Good night, Olivia. Good night Everett. Psssst You made it! -It hit the plate- -Play dead- -Okay- I can’t believe it worked. We’re finally hanging out with them! Imagine that.

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  1. bitch my Imaginary Friend was OP 50 feet snake aka the Titanoboa we would murder anyone that would mess with me or just me punching them

  2. Congratulations, fully professional. PistolShirmps are indeed on the way to the stars. Maybe you will some day make a full movie. The theme can be almost anything from humor to fantasy. You deserve more subscribers and viewers.

  3. This was great, the quality is fantastic (apart from some pretty noticeable CGI on random characters), and I can't believe this doesn't have a million views by now.

  4. I absolutely loved it guys ! I hope we get to see more works like this from you. It would be a pleasure. ❣️
    Keep up with the good work !

  5. You guys should create your own TV show on Netflix. I'm pretty sure it would be really popular. I love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  6. Wow, Oona Laurence has serious range as an actress! Here she’s a sweet little girl with an imaginary friend and in “Lamb” she’s a neglected 11 yo who is friends with guy who may/may not be a paedophile (it’s deliberately ambiguous).

  7. This is basically like the golden compass as everyone has a person with them but just that there not connected or real

  8. Everett was a complete jerk, but Olivia doesn't seem to mind that – look at her smile at the end when she finds out that Scorpio is still alive. It's Olivia's decision if she wants to be friends with him. Besides, being friends with a jerk is a huge ego boost – I speak from experience.

  9. Well, that was damn fine child acting. And why the hell is Disney not on to such an idea for a Kids movie? It is Genius.

  10. the only thing i didn't like is how manipulative that fucking bastard kid is… i mean, wtf's wrong with you, kid? how many times does she have to tell you to fuck off and just leave her alone for god's sake? you're a fucking stalker and a psychopath! you're fucking willing to get your crush's imaginary friend kidnapped and hurt just to force her to spend time with you and pity you? what kind of bullshit is that? what do you think will happen if she finds out you're just fucking lying, you dumb shit?! she'll fucking hate you more because of it! and why does she have to apologize to you? it doesn't make any sense… you're the one that should apologize to her for all the things you've done, you narcissistic prick

  11. Probably be another year until they upload.

    ….been a year and nothing.

    Will probably upload stuff for a bit then disappear again for another year or two, becoming dead once more. Dunno why I stick around hoping for anything.

  12. Dude >>> What is this? >>> I need this to be full 2 hours or something, this is amazing for children, come on, what it this?

    Those children are awesome, they know how to act like if it was real life.

  13. I want this to be a TV series or a movie. Love it. Interesting that they call the imaginary friend a "warrior"

  14. Yo guys this ain't funny, where are you? If you see this give us an update, don't keep us hanging! Hope you're okay😄

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