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  1. пацаны, поставьте мне лайк что-бы иностранцы подумали чо я что-то охуенное написал!!

  2. Did you know mental health all time high in human history never see so much chronic depression it’s like disease spread earth wide

  3. I was not at all expecting a video for this song, but this was super impressive. Although I found the dancing to be a bit odd, the visuals were absolutely amazing and must have been incredibly hard to achieve. This was very well done.

  4. Oh god why is the world way it is why can’t we all live peace and harmony I just don’t understand the purpose live anymore

  5. Out of this world choreography, filming, concept and execution!! Outstanding dancers!! 👏👏👏👏😍👍🐉🐲

  6. If u r going to give us videos with old songs i could wait for u guys with no pressure. Just pls now make a video for TipToe, Im So Sorry or Monster

  7. You will never cease to amaze me, surprise me💜 … You are wonderful💪, you create great music with which I always have shivers all over my body🥰 ….. And the film has no words🤗🤗🤗 …. Wonderful😍😍😍😍, tears in my eyes🤭🤭🤭💕💕💕💕💕

  8. It took me awhile to figure out they edit dry dancing scenes in with water scenes. The blended of the two was really well done.

  9. Me under the water: holy SH*T. I'm gonna die.( rushing for oxygen) Imagine dragons under the water: let's make a legendary music video

  10. Imagine Dragons 2012:
    Imagine Dragons 2013:
    Imagine Dragons 2014:
    Imagine Dragons 2015:
    Imagine Dragons 2016:
    Imagine Dragons 2017:
    Imagine Dragons 2018:
    Imagine Dragons 2019:
    Imagine Dragons 2020: hey let's make the video now

  11. Pero si yo ya había puesto mi respectiva f en las publicaciones de su separación y montan un nuevo video no mamen ya voy a quitarlas

    PD: like si eres latino y no entiendes ni merga de los otros comentarios :v

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