IMAGINE – Short Film (2015)

IMAGINE – Short Film (2015)

Hello My name is Millie. I am 10 years old. This is me when I am 3 years old. I love to play and dance. I have been coming to hospital for a long time after Mummy told me I was born with a big tummy. I am afraid the results are conclusive. What is it? It’s Niemann-Pick Type C. That’s a type of neurodegenerative disease which means that Millie will start to decline both mentally and physically eventually. Jesus we have been passed from pillar to post for years, and now – It can’t be true. He’s wrong isn’t he? I want a second opinion. Of course, you may have as many opinions as you like and I’ll help organise that for you but I have to say, I think the results will all be the same. I am so very sorry. They say there isn’t much wrong with me. It’s nothing bad. They have done lots of tests, and now they know what is making my tummy so big. Everyone is really nice to me at the hospital. Mummy cried that day. So did Daddy. I don’t know why. Daddy never cries. Mummy says he’s not crying, he’s laughing. It’s a strange laugh. Hello, my name is Millie. I’m 10 years old. I am older now, and I am finding it so hard to learn. To concentrate. I feel strange sometimes too. I’m ever so clumsy. I can’t run as fast or climb as high as my friends. My legs get wobbly and I have to take my medicine. I really want to be a dancer when I grow up. But I can’t dance now, because of my wobbly legs. I am not sure what is wrong with me but I know I am not like the others. Mummy and Daddy think they gave it to me and that makes them sad. Come on let’s go! But it will be alright when I get better. They will be happy again, like they used to be. You’ll see, everything will be alright. Hello, my name is Millie. I am 10yrs old. I keep coughing when I am eating and drinking and I keep forgetting things. I have to have physiotherapy now, because of my hands sometimes they do things I don’t want them to do. And I have to have speech therapy too, as they can’t tell what I saying. We have taken blood and done some other tests. And what will that show? Perhaps how fast the disease is progressing. Perhaps? Well you have to understand, not many people have heard of this disease. Even doctors. There are only 80 cases in the UK. Perhaps a thousand worldwide. How are the seizures? She’s having 5 maybe 6 a day. And how are you coping with them? How do you think? Well we’ll take a look at the medications whilst Millie’s here. And you, how are you coping? Tablets help me sleep, sometimes. I work part time now we have to be there for Millie as much as we can. You need to make your memories now, for the future. Leave it. You will only upset yourself again. No, I need to stop being in denial and face this. There are trials in America, something called cyclodextrin, we could go there. You know as well as I do the damage done is irreversible. Maybe so, but they might be able to stop further progression. No they won’t. I’ve told her we’re going. How? We can’t afford to go to America. We can remortgage! No I only work part time, we can’t afford this. Don’t you want to help her? Of course I do. [CRASH] Life began to get really hard over the next few years. And Mummy and Daddy got me a wheelchair, because I struggle to walk on my own. Eating my favourite food is not so much fun anymore because I keep choking, and it scares Mummy and Daddy. I used to love to dance and sing but now I struggle to remember the words. And I need help with my speech. Mummy says I can fight anything if I just keep going. She cries alot. Why is everything becoming so hard? Each year it feels like I lose another part of me. I can’t do the things I used to do. I went to hospital that day, and life changed for me. That hospital visit was followed by many more. Hello, my name is Millie. I’m 10 years old. I’m older and feel strange most of the time now, not like myself. Like I am a different girl, not Millie anymore. Hello, my name is Millie. I’m 10 years old. I’ll always be 10 years old. ‘What have you got?’ ‘Pack lunch!’ ‘Are you going to have a fun time?’ ‘Yeah!’

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  1. when she said, "I'll always be ten years old" I cried. When I was six I had appendicitis. They waited overnight to operate, and I was so scared. My sister said she dreamed of my dying, and I thought I would. My mom had just had a baby, and she couldn't stay overnight in the hospital, so my step dad did, but I felt so lonely. I can't imagine what it's like for kids who always have to deal with that. Since then I've had dreams about dying, and had really bad depression for ten years that made me at one point consider suicide. Believe me, this life is not for throwing away. Watch this film, share it. Understand that every moment is precious and that you can't take them back. Love you're life, and help others live theirs happily and full of every adventure there can be.

  2. i really pity for the daddy… i could fell his love eventhough he looks like annoyed…maybe bcoz he need to be strong for his two girls…

  3. Through out the end stance sequence all i could think was of her growing up and achieving great things, falling in love, getting married, having children, growing old. All things she never got to experience, the world is cruel.

  4. Ah man this world is fucked up. Thanks for bringing this issue to us though. I would’ve been completely ignorant of this before hand. Thank you!

  5. That was kinda rude “ u need to make ur mermorise now…for the first.., so is she gonna die!

  6. Wow! I'd watched documentaries on niemann pick type c before, and I had no clue this would be on it! Excellent one.
    Great actors, too.

  7. She will not always be 10 yrs old… Her body was 10 yrs old. The part of us that thinks, hopes, fears, loves, that is our spirit, and that part of us lives before we're born, and after we die. When resurrected (thanks to you know who), Millie will get a perfectly healthy 10-yr old body and will learn and grow to adulthood. Only without illness, old-age, or mortality. That's God's plan for us. Perfect, isn't it? #planofhappiness #planofsalvation

  8. I'm sorry, this is too sad. I can't finish it. Very well done so far though. Keep up the good work and in your kind efforts to raise awareness.

  9. It's as heart breaking as it is great. Few times i've seen a film or short film that acomplishes this level of intensity in such a simplistic (nevertheless meaningful) way.

  10. Now I just feel lucky I don't have that desease 😞💔 I feel bad for those who suffer rest in peace☮️and I mean it ♥️🌹

  11. i understand how she feels. each year I get worse but from different disabilities. each time I find something to relieve some of the pain(with no help from my noisy neighbours and govt) because I remembered God said that there is a cure for everything on earth, we just have to find it. so don't stop looking and asking God for help. it's why we must stop the pillaging of rain forests and we must stop pesticides and pollution/chemicals which affect the unborn and more. people like Trump send us back .

  12. when i first watch this, i was thinking "no way thats a real disease" and then at the end it shows footages of children who is suffering from this disease and i start reading the description and the comment. good job, you are accomplishing your intention in making this short film.

  13. "Hi, I'm Millie. I'm 10 years old. I'll always be 10 years old. "
    I never cry for anything. But this gave me a strong stab in the heart that expanded its "pointy needles" feeling til my cheeks and I had to hold back a tear. What I like about this is that her innocence never faded, and she vanished knowing nothing about why she did, but she fell in a surreal dream that others couldn't see. I like that.

  14. This brings home the heart wrenching truth about life. We all think that we are hard done by when most of us really have nothing to whine about.
    These kids show more bravery and grit to shame most people for their shallow self pity.
    If this didn't bring a tear to your eye then you either are not human or think that hardships are boats made of steel.

  15. This is also my story but I didn't die at 10, but I do suffer from a degenerative disease which has affected my walking and speech. Sometimes I feel like it would have been better if I had never been born.

  16. Watch$ this Short Film >>

  17. we all should feel Blessed and Live our life at fullest. I feel very sad For kids like Millie. I will do something for kids in need 😢

  18. I don't get it. How can she tell a story like that when she can hardly put her thoughts together? How is she narrating this story and why is she always 10 years old? If she's talking about her mental age, clearly she doesn't sound like a 10-year-old. Also, if she's getting worse wouldn't she be more like a 6-year-old, then a 4-year-old and so on? I'm not trying to ruin the movie. I'm just trying to make sense of it.

  19. If this was set in America, it would've included the obligatory healthcare critique scene with the parents drowning in hospital bills and the fights getting even more atrocious.

  20. I mostly feel nothing about everything but I am sure that this video will make others feeling and stop making jokes about a person that have a weird way of walking or a weird looking because he may be dying

  21. She was born with a grave disease , that there is no cure for… She dies in the end. Stay away from having kids folks

  22. 👎👎👎Why, oh why a sad short film again??? Most of the short films are depressing! Why? And why got this one so many awards? 👎👎👎

  23. Sometimes you wish you had magic powers to cure someone of any disease or disorder to prevent such sadness.

  24. My son has NPC. he recently had pneumonia and never recovered. He has trouble swallowing and can’t walk anymore. Please help!!! Today he was supposed to go to school. I just didn’t have the energy to put his leg braces, pull ups, helmet and carry him to the bus. Why the fuck is he even in school?????

  25. hello! Do you also make fiction movies ? I have a a short film I would like to share with you 🎥; you could just search for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on YouTube or maybe send me a message to give you the link, Thank you very much !!

  26. *daughter dies

    Parents: “Oh, well… Let’s start over!”

    *Grabbing each other’s hands they go to the bedroom where they get straight to business.

  27. This kind of art helps on so many levels. It really helps raise awareness but on a more personal level it helps us parents who are suffering with our affected children to articulate to others what it is we are going through.

    Thank you @cinebites

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    Good luck and God bless.

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